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  1. Boiracer i'm headin there now i can meet u at aspley hypermarket if u want to cruize there!!!! Hope i can pay at the door when i get there!!!!!!
  2. In with a +1 for the misses!!!!! Gettin off work early so will be there for the whole weekend......
  3. Will come on sunday 2 spectate if its fine haven't had the car out in 3months..... Also need 2 pay membership and for the club t-shirts if this is possible can some1 tell me???
  4. Can't make the 11th not back in brizzy till the 20th.....;(
  5. Will be available from the 20th of Feb for 9 days.... Hopefully u's have it then;)))
  6. ^^^^^^^^serious GTR:)))))))))
  7. Shame bout the sd card!!!! Yeah really would have been good 2 c them there altogether like the way the scubi's were.... My car was the blue lm beside the white GTR....
  8. Did u go 2 downshift???
  9. Yeah 99% sure i'm goin haven't been yet... Will go to this 1.......
  10. Will try get to this 2morrow arvo if i'm back from mx ridin in time!!!! U could c the car in the flesh instead of pic's thats if ur goin???
  11. Can't post pics from my fone... Mgs me ur number and i'll txt u a few!!!!
  12. U could use mine if it made the grade and if i was off work when u are doin it... R33 GTR
  13. http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/01/speed-challenger-the-bensopra-380sx/
  14. Cheers buddy.... Yeah will be goin again soon!!!!
  15. It sure is mate.... Only reason i went down there 2nite is i seen this thread and said i go for a spin and check it out!!!!