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  1. As some of you may know we lost one of our SAU NSW family members David Hennessy last month so as this cruise also falls the day before his birthday we will be dedicating this cruise in his honour. One of David’s legacies that he had built just before his passing with his best mate Pat Elliott is their VX Holden Commodore sporting a turbo LS1. We are honoured to have David & Pat’s FCNCER car along with David’s wife Anneke and a few of his close friends as special guests on this cruise to raise awareness and celebrate his life. And to give back to the people from the MacArthur Cancer Foundation that have helped David and his family, we’ll be raffling off 3 x Nulon & SAU NSW prize packs to help raise money that will be donated to the MacArthur Cancer Therapy Centre. Tickets can be purchased at our first 2 meeting points and the raffle will be drawn at our final destination. Tickets will be sold for 1 for $2 or 3 for $5.
  2. Forms and Supp Regs for the Motorkhana. SAUNSW_Supp Regs_2018 SMSP Motorkhana.pdf SAUNSW_Entry Form_2018 SMSP Motorkhana.pdf 2017_Vehicle Legal Owners Declaration.pdf
  3. Ok here is an update on all the forms, supp regs etc. SAUNSW_Supp Regs_2018 SMSP GP_Rev 04_16052018.pdf SAUNSW_Further Regs 01_2018 SMSP GP_Rev 01_03062018.pdf SAUNSW_Further Regs 02_2018 SMSP GP_Rev 01_03062018.pdf SAUNSW_Further Regs 03_2018 SMSP GP_Rev 01_03062018.pdf 2017_Vehicle Legal Owners Declaration.pdf SAUNSW_GP Entry Form_Rev 01_08052018.pdf
  4. Entry list has been updated. Here are a few forms for the day: 2017_Vehicle-Legal-Owners-Declaration.pdf SAUNSW_GP-Entry-Form_Rev-01_08052018.pdf SAUNSW_Supp-Regs_2018-SMSP-GP_Rev-04_16052018.pdf
  5. I've seen a few people use a tow strap for the front. It looks like a seat belt type material.
  6. We still have plenty of spots, we are at about the 1/2 way mark.
  7. I will have 5 put to the side. When they pay for their entry, let me know and I'll then allocate a day licence to each name. That way the sign on desk, will know on the day.
  8. We can supply a day licence. Could you please let us know how many you would require (even if it is a max amount) before this Friday 20/4. This is because we need to ensure we have enough available.
  9. I'll need to find that out for you, from the club executive in charge of that department. I will follow that up and get back to you with a reply.
  10. Information change on 1st post. Because CAMS is more accepted at venues, the committee has changed the licence requirements to CAMS LS2 or higher.
  11. CAMS is more accepted at venues and events.
  12. With the change of venue to the wet pan, those rules will be re-examined.
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