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  1. crashdown

    Entry list has been updated. Here are a few forms for the day: 2017_Vehicle-Legal-Owners-Declaration.pdf SAUNSW_GP-Entry-Form_Rev-01_08052018.pdf SAUNSW_Supp-Regs_2018-SMSP-GP_Rev-04_16052018.pdf
  2. crashdown

    I've seen a few people use a tow strap for the front. It looks like a seat belt type material.
  3. crashdown

    We can supply a day licence. Could you please let us know how many you would require (even if it is a max amount) before this Friday 20/4. This is because we need to ensure we have enough available.
  4. crashdown

    I'll need to find that out for you, from the club executive in charge of that department. I will follow that up and get back to you with a reply.
  5. crashdown

    Information change on 1st post. Because CAMS is more accepted at venues, the committee has changed the licence requirements to CAMS LS2 or higher.
  6. crashdown

    CAMS is more accepted at venues and events.
  7. crashdown

    Entry list has been updated.
  8. crashdown

    With the change of venue to the wet pan, those rules will be re-examined.
  9. crashdown

    Entry List. 1. 2. 3. Booth (C) 4. Nilsen (C) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Jebud (C) 10.
  10. crashdown

    EVENT: SAU NSW MotorkhanaLOCATION: Sydney Motorsport Park wet pan.DATE: Sunday July 22nd 2018WHAT IS IT: Motorkhana courses marked with orange things that we'd kindly appreciate if you drove around rather than over.Entry Cost: Entry is through the SAUNSW online store, entry link is!/SAUNSW-Motorkhana-July-22nd-SMSP-Wet-Pan/p/77640896/category=10151434 SAUNSW members: $70 Entry fee Entry cost Non SAUNSW members: $85 Entry fee (If you plan to enter more than 1 or more events with us it pays to be a funded member)Spectators: Free to watchPassengers: $10 which is cheap compared to other clubs and events, (SUPPORTS OUR CLUB!!!) , MUST sign on, MUST wear wrist to neck/ankle clothing with enclosed shoes and approved helmet, same as drivers. Courses: Released on the day at sign on First timers: Don't be shy, you'll love it. Those of you that have been to one of these before will agree, this is the best money you can spend as far as driving time for an event. The event will be run after run until 3.30pm, and considering most runs are under 1 minute AND that we're kicking off at 9am, that's a lot of runs This is a safe event where you only go as hard as you want to, there's no pressure, one car on a course at a time. Perfect for beginners to have a first try at driving their pride and joy off the streets. Motorkhana is a low cost way to get involved in motorsport. You can get your first taste of motor sport in your standard road car, but this discipline also caters to the most skilled and experienced of drivers in highly modified or purpose built Motorkhana specials. The competition is designed to test the acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability of a vehicle and the skill and judgement of the crew members. A motorkhana may be conducted on a sealed or unsealed surface and involves manoeuvring through tight and twisty tests marked by flags. Cars will be started individually and there will be one car on course at one time. With that said, there's usually some friendly competition between mates, which is great to watch SAUNSW Members Championship: More information can be found in the Championship thread in NSW events section. This is the 3rd round of the SAUNSW members championship. Timing for the day: Scrutineering/sign on starts - 7.00am Scrutineering/sign on ends - 8.30am (don't show up at 8.25am, come with plenty of time to spare) Drivers brief - 8.40am (mandatory attendance all drivers) Runs start - 9.00am Lunch approx - 12.30pm depending on how the day is going (One hour) Runs stop - 3.30pm (Approx) Gates close - 5.00pm Entrants please note: -You do not need to own a Skyline, all makes and models are welcome to enter. -All entrants under 18 years old must have parental permission. -Passengers must be 15 and over. -Drivers must be 17 and over. -All entered cars must arrive in time for and pass scrutineering, no exceptions. -All drivers must be licensed (CAMS) and show valid licence and expiry date at sign on. -All cars must have an insurance approved fire extinguisher secured within drivers reach. -Yes you can join SAUNSW on the day (allow an extra 5mins at sign on) Regarding your motorsport licence: CAMS license is required One of the things that really sets our club apart is our commitment to being true enthusiasts. When on normal roads we strive to maintain good relations with the authorities as well as the public in general. When attending one of Skylines Australia NSW events please try to: * Be aware of surrounding environment and act accordingly. * Drive courteously on the state’s roads as a true enthusiast should. * Understand how important it is to maintain the good name of SAUNSW and thus, treat others accordingly. * Any misbehaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. *** Details may change. check back regularly. *** On the day please bring your Motorsport license as we need to visually see it, We will have you fill out an entry form and waiver form on the day. Any questions just ask.
  11. crashdown

    In as well.
  12. crashdown

    Yes, we will extend members prices to SAU VIC.
  13. crashdown

  14. crashdown

    Dates for the 2018 SAUNSW Members Championship. April - 22 - Track School Track Day ( Book directly through Track School) June - 11 - GP Track Day. Link for entry:!/SAUNSW-GP-circuit-Trackday-Monday-11-June-2018/p/101073457/category=10151434 July - 22 - SAUNSW Motorkhana. Link for entry:!/SAUNSW-Motorkhana-July-22nd-SMSP-Wet-Pan/p/77640896/category=10151434 Sept - 15 - Track School Track Day ( Book directly through Track School) Nov - TBC - Bathurst Hill Climb (details soon) If you wish to enter this years SAUNSW Members Championship, Please let us know in this thread, with which class you will be running. (Must be advised of class before event) Any Questions just ask.
  15. crashdown

    SAUNSW 2018 Members Championship. These rules only apply to members who wish to participate in the 2018 SAUNSW Members Championship. Points structure awarded is 20 points for 1st descending to 1 point for 20th. Only the top 10 will be shown in championship standings. Safety Apparel and Safety systems like roll cage and harness are recommended. The Classes are Street and Open. The Class rules are (subject to change) Street: 1. Must use street style tyres with no less than 140 tread wear rating. Must be suitable for track. 2. No semi slick or slick tyre. Must be full treaded tyre like Hankook RS3 or Advan AD08R 3. Full interior. Including door trims, dash, carpet and 2 front seats. Rear seat may be removed. 4. Front splitter/undertray may only extend forward 50mm from front bumper and no further back than centre line of front axle. No wider than oem guard's. 5. Rear wing element cannot be higher than roof line. Element must be over boot and cannot extend wider than body of car. 6. Carnards/Winglets are not permitted. 7. Rear diffuser may only extend inwards to centre line of rear axle and no further rear than rear bumper. 8. Must have full exhaust with effective mufflers exiting from original location. 9. Ride height of car must be no lower than 80mm at lowest point. Only the exhaust can hang lower. 10. Top 1/3rd of tyre must not protrude past guards when wheels are facing forward. Wheel flares are permitted. 11. No sequential gear changing systems unless OEM. 12. Car must be registered for road use. 13. Fire extinguisher must be fitted to vehicle in reach of driver. 14. Car must be presented in a clean state and prepared in a manor safe for track use. 15. Scrutineer has final say and cars can be judged in case to case basis. 16. Must be an SAUNSW financial club member. 17. Supplementary Regulations must also be met. Open: 1. Open class is for race cars and those that don't meet street class. If unsure check with SAUNSW Exec. 2. Cars must have front and rear guards attached 3. Fire extinguisher must be fitted to vehicle in reach of driver. 4. Car must be presented in a clean state and prepared in a manor safe for track use. 5. Scrutineer has final say and cars can be judged in case to case basis. 6. Must be an SAUNSW financial club member. 7. Supplementary Regulations must also be met.