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  1. still got the ross trigger kit??
  2. kev_31t

    lol, maybe so, doesnt change the fact i need a cool car or 2
  3. kev_31t

    obviously, but unless its a crazy 33 im not keen
  4. kev_31t

    haha just not my cup of tea in stock form lol
  5. kev_31t

    WEDDING CARS REQUIRED!!! Does anyone have any R35, R34 or even tuff R32 gtrs available too do a wedding in gippsland victoria, in late januray next year?? happy too negotiate fees, or even if anyone has connections with anything jap or euro, any help would be appreciated cheers guys
  6. kev_31t

    this thing is crazy, good work man
  7. kev_31t

    watching this build, looks insane mate, love the leopard print, and exterior color, i have a zenki aswell thats getting a 30/25 put in, would love something this clean, top work mate
  8. kev_31t

    are ls coils much hassle to wire up?
  9. hey guys, i have a haltech equipped 25/30, i have the choice of either series 1 coils or series 2, as i have to buy new ones anyway what would be the better choice?? really after some reliability from them, ill buy the loom to suit which ever would be better cheers
  10. kev_31t

    so is it ok to T into the turbo drain? as the 30 block only has one drain where the 25 block has the vct drain bung aswell
  11. kev_31t

    at the moment it is plumbed into the turbo drain, i wasnt to keen on that idea as it runs real close to the manifold
  12. kev_31t

    my 30/25 has a rear oil drain fitted, as i have seen heaps of people say these are useless whats the best thing to do with it?? cheers
  13. will u sell throttle body with tps seperate mate??