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  1. Chasing a clean R34 GT-T must be a coupe and manual. Preferably located in VIC.
  2. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Never had issues with with using a heat gun as long as you give it a decent amount of time to cure. I've used a similar method in the past with a heater and its made the part come out patchy. Definitely follow the instructions and paint in different directions between coats too as this can effect the finish. As far as curing it goes it sure does stink!
  3. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Yeah there's a bit of a trick to getting it consistent, there's a post on here somewhere where someone went into detail coating some RB26 covers which is good for some pointers. A heat gun is a must imo. As for the T3 slotted cant remember exactly how much they cost, my missus works for an auto parts store that stocks them so I got them for half price luckily.
  4. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Bit of a picture spam tonight but I also added a HDI inter-cooler while I had the car apart. Cant recommend the kit enough especially for the price, everything bolted and fitted up perfect. I'd recommend changing the rubber joiner in front of the throttle body as seen in my last post, mine was all hard and deteriorated and i'd imagine most others would be in similar condition.
  5. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Been a few months since my last post but I got the turbo back in the car a lot easier than I anticipated and have since put a few thousand Ks on it. Definitely has a bit more go on the fast pedal and no more Dyson vacuum noise thank god. Pretty stoked with how the wrinkle coat came out as well as the overall tidy up of the engine bay. Would have been nice to go with Tao's bigger turbo but considering this is just a daily i'm trying to avoid getting to carried away. Also got the R34 calipers on the car along with some QFM HPX pads and DBA T3 rotors. This is by far the biggest improvement on the car so far considering how woffle the stock brakes are on these things, wouldn't mind swapping out the mastercylinder in the future to make them feel a bit more touchy but for now im very happy with the improvement.
  6. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Without out it's counterpart* bloody auto correct. Anyways, whilst the cars off the road I thought I'd tidy up the engine bay a bit and do some painting, gotta love wrinkle coat Also got these delivered today and gave them a good scrub, got them for a sweet deal just need pads and rotors. Well they were cheap until i knocked one over on my brand new iphone 7 and smashed the hell out of the screen, thats gonna be costly :(. Now to decide what colour to paint them..
  7. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Now now guys play it nice... I'm gonna stay out of this one, time will be the judge. Anyway Tao the turbos at your P.o box today I noticed. Got any front pipes with cats made up yet Scotty? My dump pipes feeling lonely without boys counterpart.
  8. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    So this happened on the weekend.... Safe to say that's a job I'd rather not do again any time soon, sent it off to hypergear today and i'm already eager to get it back.
  9. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Still in the process of tidying up the car, repainted the grill today as it was done pretty average and had a bunch of chips. Pretty happy with the result now to wait for it to dry.
  10. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Two muffler's would look boss, please do it!
  11. Damn that's rough mate, write off for sure!! I had Troy from iron chef try to source me another clean bayside GTT for around 6 months with very little luck before I called it quits, hopefully you can find another one!
  12. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    datmoo's all over it!
  13. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Picked up this bad boy over the weekend! Definitely sounds a lot better, just need one of Scott's front pipes now and the exhaust side of thing is sorted.
  14. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Will hopefully be sending you the turbo next week Tao.
  15. Pearcey

    My NM25 build

    Yeah he did mention something about another bloke doing high flows, is there much difference from the hypergear?
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