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  1. Finally got my car back from my tuner after 7 MONTHS! LMFAO (shouldn't have told him im currently unlicensed and to take his time but on the other hand freed up garage space) managed to acquire a few parts in this time as well just put in BC BR Gold coilovers so i finally have some adjustability as well as camber arms all round swapped out the craft square mirrors for some east bears finally got some plates to match TKR32 - TommyKaira R32 Apexi exhaust R34 GTR Vspec II front seats (yet to go in) Greddy Front brakes and Greddy 2 peice rotors (yet to go in) GFB G-Force II boost controller Ended up going with a Microtech LT-16cbecause of the price difference and how much easier they are to tune time wise Ended up with 400HP at all four which isnt as high as i was after but it is a fairly safe tune with room to tweak with someone who knows GTRs better Heres some pics with it pretty low and wide since its not getting driven much
  2. yeah just for now because i want to get it running mint so it can at least be driven but will go haltech later once i have the money spare, need to sell one of my other cars
  3. just gotta get 1 more afm and am just going to get the issue sorted, swap to z32s and a bigger fuel pump which should get to 400hp which will do for now, but first gotta pay rego in like 2 weeks and im now doing uni so my weekly funds from work have become a lot less so might take a month to get around to everything
  4. still havent hide time to get the tune done but did mess around with some bits for fun and finally got a camera to play with
  5. id prefer to keep it stock for less engine bay clutter, had a dodgy set up before and i went back to stock
  6. at 4000 rpm the afms are on 2.0 volts, didnt test what they were on with the old afms because they were reading a difference in voltage even on idle so knew one was bad, and i cleaned these ones before putting them in so dont have a reading from before hand, and now the voltage is much closer only ever out by 0.1 V if that so im assuming these are good, and have never had oil dripping out of the bovs before either, is there really much point in running a catch can set up or is the factory return set up fine?
  7. so im still chasing this little issue before i take it back for a tune, got some second hand AFMs cleaned them and put them in but still have the same issue, they are a lot closer in volts compared to the last pair so im assuming there good and its something else thats causing the miss when boost comes on around 4k maybe spark plugs?? as coil packs are less then 5000 ks old? will get in there in the next couple of days to have a look in the mean time can anyone think of what else could cause this, also just replaced the TPS
  8. soo has anyone had their wiper washer bottle keep draining in less then a hour and not leak out of the bottle at all, im 99% sure theres no leaks out of the bottle pulled it out and tested it and put it back in and filled it up and can watch the water go down but not not a drop in the engine bay under the reservoir ?? so must have a leak in the line right? but i cant see any drops of water come out under the car so not sure if its worth getting too deep looking for it haha. i might just do a relocation to the boot like this guy http://www.skylife4ever.com/2011/01/washer-bottle-relocation-and.html and run the rear wiper spray to the intercooler with all new lines throughout
  9. figured out one of my AFM's is acting up and thats whats messing with the tune so im just geting another pair to wack in and get the car running mint again for the mean time while i save, also noticed a bit of oil in the intake piping is there a reason to worry? previously had a catch can set up but removed it
  10. so i have a slightly new plan after calling up some tuners and having a chat, going to run a haltech instead of microtech swap out the manual boost control for an electronic duel stage get the new mafless tune and just got for a single 044 intank fuel pump because i dont really need the full fuel set up for a streeter, now just need to save the pennies!
  11. yeah 2k of just jap mise well do it could get 800 back for the apxi fc the 600 i didnt spend on new afms and sell the old ones will pretty much give me the 2k ill start getting onto it asap, have you got any ideas on a good fuel set up to run?
  12. havent really thought about changing ECUs mainly because im not too familar with them, only just getting to know the apexi power fc now how much can you generally pick up a haltech ecu for and they will mean i can run a mafless tune hey? id be spending close to 600 on just the afms anyway and if i ran a tune with no afms theres another 1-200 i could get off the stock afms which would be close to to the price of a new unit im guessing (just having a ook now) and are there any other benifits a haltech would have over the apexi power FC?
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