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  1. buy nissan data scan 2 and the equivalent vag cord you can log in to check error codes
  2. Got the shits with stock afm and instability in the nm25 so trialing the z33 r35 unit.
  3. I run akebonos as well. They make the biggest difference but f**k that unsprung weight is huge.
  4. Just throw it in the bin.
  5. I just sent one to the uk with tracking for exchange it was roughly $557aud. If you want to chat about it send me a message on my fb page as i will see it sooner.
  6. Theres some reviews on the page
  7. I doubt youll need anyhting but nissan datascan can reprogram.
  8. Vq25dd ecu reflash Can I get a show of hands please...
  9. Yes because you said you replaced the sensors. Perhaps the cam advance wasnt working before? Am I talking to myself here?
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