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  1. I dont recall exactly where the marks lined up on the covers as i used a dial gauge an degree wheel to set the timing this time round.
  2. Im not going to bother responding to the shit talkers in this thread, clearly they have no idea and i could probably gain more information about my issue playing Need for speed than reading that garbage. And yeah the Dyno day was savage, so it made it hard to get enthusiastic and start trouble shooting everything when we were both dehydrated and exhausted. The Cam timing was as follows Intake= 121 Factory =120 : Advanced by 1 deg. Exhaust= 119 Factory = 117 : advanced by 2 deg So it was pretty well spot on, i didnt bother adjusting the intake as a little advance wont hurt it, exhaust i have now marked the 117 spot on the came and we can adjust from there. I swapped out the turbine housing as stated above which has given gains at all RPM ranges ( yet to put it on the dyno to see how much) And the VCT now activates with the external line fitted.
  3. Interesting Dyno results 2530 / setting up the tiing with a dial gauge Had the car on the dyno the other day and seemed to run into some strange issues. Ill start by explaining the setup: Stock bottom end Stock head with internal VCT mod ( expect has upgraded cam springs Gt35 front wheel on a holset HX35 ( 12cm, 60mm inducer, 70mm exducer) supporting mods for 350+rwkw So the dyno sheet attached was the absolute peak the car made on 20 pound, it was a hot day with the ambient temp in the shed 40-50deg however back to back runs showed the car lacking power each pull dropping to 280rwkw, and then even when letting the car cool it would not make the 300 again. After mucking around with a few different ideas and finding that the VCT was not working we called it. After doing ssome research on here its possible that the cam timing is out ( even though the marks are all pretty well lined up) its possible that due to tensioner placement, decked head and block etc that it could be quite out. So my questions are: does the dyno graph shape indicate the cam timing? ( what 2530 continues making power to 6800 with no drop off?) and what degree to set the cams up using a dial gauge? Any other suggestions? Cheers
  4. How old is your wastegate, and does it hit the track often? The wastegate springs get weak over time with continued heat cycling, i had 1 bar gate springs that ended up opening around 6psi due to the heat. This was after a couple of years on the track however.
  5. Rb25 steampipe manifold + ecu afm etc rb25det head for 30 block Rb25det steampipe nz manifold $200 Has slight banana but i still got it to seal. Has flange for 45mm hyper gate. T3/t4 (currently has studs for t3) Z32 genuine afm $100 Z32 ecu socketed for nistune ready for rb25 $50 Rb25det head ready to bolt onto rb30 block $500 Has internal vct mod/grub screwed to block vct. New valve stem seals, lapped valves
  6. This is so spot on it hurts.

    Josh Jubbs Gale James Kirkness

  7. JECS 660cc Sidefeed injectors Used for about 4 thousand Ks, going bigger. Located in hornsby but will post 350$ ono
  8. Oh man, imagine being beaten by Honda civics in a lambo

  9. Sorry I should mention it's already setup for highmount so rb bolt on is pointless. Is the atr45 the same rear wheel as the atr43? Not sure of its an error but on your site the atr43g4 boost graph is labelled as "atr45" and full boost is around 4900, not to mentioned. The sharp power curve Also I'm not planning on going over 380 (which is what the g3 maxed out on e85) at any stage. don't think the chasis an take it
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