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  1. Anyone going for a drive tonight at all? Lookin for something to do
  2. hey i have an aftermarket front facing plenum on my rb20det atm and want to swap it for a standard oem plenum. if u have one hit me up swap or sell i dont mind paying for one
  3. Hey peeps! my timing is out massivily and i need to get it fixed asap. anyone here have the knowledge and light to get the timing right at all? my car is running stupidly rich (full tank $90 gets 120kms max) and its underpowered. fuel pressure is sweet have a tomei fuel reg and its pushing standard pressure so all good there.
  4. Hey all im runnin an rb20det in my 32 currently and thinking about putting in an rb25det. whats the things needed to do for the motor swap? Is it a drop in and loom job or more involved?
  5. Seen one of those cameras a few times on the way to work (airport drive) sneeky buggers! Hey chris where in murrumba are u? im just opposite the 7/11 got a bit of work to do over the next couple of days seems a wheel bearing is stuffed and maybe a loose lifter not sure but keen for a drive this week/weekend sometime if u r
  6. responsible driving of course! just love the roads
  7. Hey pps. Not long got myself a 32 slowly trying to work out the bugs (prev owner was a dooche!) but absolutely lovin the mountain runs! I live in kallangur brissy and wanted to know if anyone else would like to meet up for a run through mt nebo, glorious etc?
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