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  1. DGTS-T

    Yeah that’s what I mean, the high beam assist haha!
  2. DGTS-T

    Hey mate I’ve found that if I’m not driving mine much I’ll start it twice a week just to make sure she turns over. I’ll try take it out around the block but if time doesn’t permit then I run her for 5-10 mins. I’ve been stuck before wanting to go out and it doesn’t start because of a flat battery haha! If it’s any longer than 2 weeks I’m not going to be driving it then I disconnect the battery Good job getting that trickle charger tho....I need to get my hands on one of those
  3. DGTS-T

    Yeah I love it! Most comfortable car I’ve ever owned, ac is great, cruise control, leather.....I could go on! I’m not a fan of the automatic hi beam/low beam headlights tho. I live in a country town and at night the reflections from all the street signs make the high beam switch off and on a lot which is quite annoying Also mine has the M-sport package which has the lowers suspension and the car sits lower than my GTR believe it or not which can be a bit of a pain haha
  4. DGTS-T

    Hi Prank, congrats on the purchase! Like you, I’ve recently wandered into BMW ownership with an E90 320i. Your right about the runflats, I’ve had the same experiences with them. Luckily the previous owner only just replaced them because I will not be buying them when the time comes around, I just can’t justify the price! You can get runflat “repair” kits(previous owner got one)but it’s not advisable to do so haha
  5. DGTS-T

    He mick_o How do you find this guy on the paint, being a rotary and all? I've recently purchased a 3401 and love it.... but since the cars I have all seem to have little bits that I'll never be able to get the 3401 with a 5in pad I'm looking to get something smaller to use in conjunction with the 3401[emoji4]
  6. DGTS-T

    Any tips for someone dabbling in detailing their own cars micko?
  7. DGTS-T

    Hey mate I have the same momo wheel in my GTR with exactly the same problem....could you pm me too please?
  8. I agree with Hadouken. I bought my 33 GTR in nov 2014 for 20k. Back then there weren't many advertised at 35k+....those that were usually had rebuilds with serious money spent . There were definitely more advertised from 18-24k mark. Now those cars would probably be advertised anywhere from 24 to 30 grand I believe.
  9. So do other forum members recomend anyone looking at a GTR to get a full report from a workshop like Willwall? I have my eye on an R32 GTR and i want to be careful before i decided to lay down my hard earned
  10. DGTS-T

    How many thousand k's?
  11. DGTS-T

    Anybody got r33 m-spec side skirts in qm1 white that are in good condition. Let me know if you do!
  12. DGTS-T

    I was behind a nice blue 32 that came out of southen cross drive at aberfoyle park and he kicked the rear out as he saw me come up behind him in my 33...it's guys like this that give other owners a bad name
  13. Still interested in these, pm me when you get the chance mate