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    SAU 1/4 Times

    Nice work There are some pretty damn quick times there
  2. Just a few questions regarding cats 1. How do you gut a cat? 2. Is it easy for the police/epa to tell if your cat has been gutted Thanks Ben
  3. I got a $100 helmet from cash converters, does the job (so far) Where do you get your tyres done at? How much does it cost to get the initially filled?
  4. Come on ben Its time to run your car too
  5. Hey Mr R32 M-Spec (mark) I am gunna kick your ass mate
  6. Anyway! Back to the kill stories (of cars)
  7. But I thought if you still had the stock regulator in you won't have to worry about the tuning ?
  8. I thought I would steal Fast Fours idea and put up a Kill Stories thread on Skylines Australia too A place to post your recent kill stories. Private property of course Just had some mad fun up and down the Great Western Raceway (GWR). Came across a silver 89 model predule with a stainless exhaust tip and black rims (had a G.P.C. performace sticker on the back??) Didn't think too much of it, gave it a boot and to his credit the thing went pretty good, only had him buy about 2-3 car lengths If anyone knows anything about this car then I would love to know what is done to it, it was chirping 3rds We had a couple of more races with the same results. Then we came across a blue Nissan Gazelle with a fugging huge front mount. Raced about 5 times and beat him every time, however he seemed to have huge top end cause I chopped him thorugh 1st and 2nd but he started pulling back in 3rd. Must of been an aftermarket turbo cause he was spooling like a bitch Anyway was a good night
  9. I will be there Running my R33 for the first time...
  10. Ticking sounds like the injectors, better to get it properly checked by a mechanic
  11. why what did the integra do? I will be running at the next meet on the 13th
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