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  1. oh-no how did you do that :(

  2. Yeh I've still got th both. Only got the silvia back up and running after I wrote it off. The 34 is my daily driver. Gotta love them both :)

  3. Cool! I sold my s13 :( because I wanted the money for a house deposit a couple of years back. I have just recently bought an r34 and I'm pretty happy with it :) You still have yours?

  4. Thanks for responding :) do you still have a 34 and s13? I've got the same cars

  5. Hi Kim. Thanks for the Friend request :)

  6. late reply!

    Wow its amazing!

    Im getting mine this thursday yay!

  7. Items: R34 front Bar Aero type ( Nismo body kit ) any condition as long as its repairable. Extra Info: I am really just after the lip Contact Details: PM please Price and price conditions: Whatever is fair
  8. I have this problem too so I'm going to give this soldering thing ago. Thanks for the help
  9. Yer. I only got it last month. Pretty happy with it :) So when are you getting yours?

  10. Hey there :-)

    No problem.

    Yeah so am I :-P

    Thats your car in the dp yeah?

    I'm so jealous :-P

  11. Hi Tori. Thanks for the friend request. I'm new to this website too so I don't really know what I'm doing :)

  12. Hey guys. I'm new to this website so I'm hoping I have done this right. I have just recently bought a 4 door r34 with a stock front bar and I'm looking to buy the factory front lip. Can anyone please help me with where would be the best place to buy one from or where I should I be looking for one? I also live in SA. I have some pics of what front lip I'm talking about.
  13. ^^^ Me also I have bought an auto r34 last month and I'm going to swap it to manual. The pictures from this forum would be a great help to me if anyone has them Thanks!
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