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  1. NEED R33 REAR Shocks URGENTLY! Please call 0433270391
  2. car is going for a roady, and needs FRONT standard shocks/ springs ASAP so i can take it back and finish the roady. call or sms 0433270391 thank you!
  3. no one? i need to do soemthing within 7 days or i gotta get another roady
  4. its ok boss i got one thanks anyway!
  5. thanks mate! if anyone has rears or r33 fronts contact me asap!
  6. hey guys, as stated in the heading, will R32 GTS-T rotors fit R33 GTS-T? i need some for roadworthy and i can get these cheap...
  7. After a set of rotors to suit 5 stud R33 gts-t series 2 with meat on them for roadworthy, as i went for one and didnt pass because of 1mm less of meat. sms or call 0433270391 im not interested in spending big $$$, im selling the car and want to do it as cheap as possible! cheers guys!
  8. up for sale is a RB20 stocker turbo iv'e aquired as i wanted to put it on my car but found it didn't suit. shaft play is minimal, and everything seems perfect! pics can be found here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/410707-what-turbo-is-this/ sms or call 0433 270 391 or PM me on here if interested! asking $90 for the lot. cheers!
  9. oh goodie, i got stoojed again... up for sale! lol if anyone wants it
  10. ah sorry, i knew that i worded it wrong. its a 6 bolt dump flange
  11. if i knew where they were i would lol.... the new one i have here just says Nissan Motor 16V 12
  12. My turbo on my r33 series 2 is blown, my turbo now looks like this the turbo i bought to replace without knowing it was different is this one the turbo elbow for the compressor inlet (3 bolt) on MY CURRENT turbo is BIGGER then the elbow thats supposed to go on this turbo. does anyone have a elbow for sale? is the turbo i bought a series 1 or 2 turbo? why is it different to the one thats in my car at the moment? cheers
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