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  1. Hi Thanks Yeah im thinking https://www.carmodsaustralia.com.au/Invidia-HS03IG3GIT-Gemini-Cat-Back-Exhaust-w/Titanium-Tips-G35/V35-03-09 I think it should be direct bolt on Cheers
  2. Hi I'm looking to replace my stock exhaust. Not too loud and no drone Any suggestion will be appreciate and anyone know if this will fit https://xforce.com.au/product/es-n350z-02-cbs/
  3. Thanks I will give them a call tomorrow. Im thinking a proper full service and few mods Cheers
  4. HI Adrian Went there today and it seems they have closed down
  5. Hi Adrian Thanks for the info Will definitely check them out
  6. Hi All My V35 2003 has been sitting in my garage for 2 years (thanks to covid 19 ) and now working from home I'm planning to get a proper full servicing done and get back on the road Any advice on the best place to go ? Also I use to experience a sudden few second jerk on quick acceleration, any idea ? Cheers Fred
  7. Thanks , that was my plan this week end to go and check in person
  8. Hi I need to get my car serviced and few upgrade install ( coil over, suspension etc) Where do you guys mainly go ? I called 3 time Edge Motor works and so far call back from them ?? cheers
  9. Hi Guys My V35 2003 has been sitting in my driveway for almost a year, I am looking for a good mechanics around Melbourne to do a full servicing and also changes all bushes etc I used to go to scotty but it seems he doesn't work at his home garage anymore Cheers
  10. Hi Scotty Its all good. Thanks a lot , wont let anyone else than you work on my car now. Good to see that they are few people out here who know there stuff trying to sell what I can, to save for the Transgo Kit and will let you know
  11. I bought it to fix my car and didn't have to change my water pump in the end $100 including postage cheers
  12. Hi The fans works fine and it will start up as soon as the temperature goes a bit high but then soon after the needle will climb to the hottest point The old radiator has a cracked in it and i replaced it with a new aluminum one and thermostat is opening and closing properly. I do hope its an air block.
  13. Hi Guys Anyone can recommend a good garage for my V35. Im having the engine heating issues, i have change the radiator and also tested the Thermostat but still same issues. I already ordered a new genuine nissan water pump but dont want to venture replacing it. My regular garage is a lazy bastard and dont want to do it Any advice or recommendation of a garage in South eastern suburb . im in berwick cheers Fred
  14. I ordered with +12 offset even i dont have brembo brakes now. I know there is loads of nice tyres out there but im happy with these for now So which type of tyres to get? Im looking for a look like this
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