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  1. It's a reminder to change the engine oil. You adjust the KM interval of the reminder from the gauge cluster Check out the doc stickied here for details: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/332357-v36-skyline-japanese-translation-document-work-in-progress/
  2. I got them when the Australian dollar was basically on par with the US dollar Bought it via a shop on myg37.com, was $USD1800 + 200 delivery to Japan, so there was no import tax either
  3. I had RSR black coilovers on my coupe for a while. I found them to be comfortable while I was driving on Japanese roads, but they're likely to be much harsher on Australian roads. I ultimately changed them because they were too low (at max height, only ~10cm clearance). I've now got the KW V3s and highly recommend them if you can find the extra cash. They cost me around $AU2200 new three years ago. The ride is sporty and not too harsh (can still feel the road but you don't dread long road-trips). I can even drive over longer speed humps at 40km/hr without issues, whereas I would've been airborne at 30km/hr if I had stiffer Japanese coilovers I haven't tried true coilovers on this car, both the above aren't.
  4. Great guide and good on you for taking the pictures. Will definitely need them when I get around to changing mine Just out of interest, did your center display show the status of the air filter correctly? I think it's that bunch of circles that look like a bunch of grapes. I think empty circle means filter is on the way out.. RE the dates on the sticker, the Japanese use a different method to count years. Heisei 21 is 2009, so it was changed in 2009 dec 14th
  5. How'd you get the suspension back? Did you ship it back or fit it in your luggage?
  6. Do you mean 8-9km/L (the dash output is in km/L)? If not, I want to know how you manage that too
  7. You can set reminders based on how far you've traveled. One of them is engine oil. That "alarm" has gone off to remind you that it's been however-many-kms since the engine oil reminder was set it says press the 情報 (information) button and select メンテナンス(maintenance) option to change these settings Check if this thread has more info: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/332357-v36-skyline-japanese-translation-document-work-in-progress/
  8. The Japanese don't do much long distance driving. It's very expensive due to the tolls, and even on them, the traffic can be horrible. I'm not too fussed about not having cruise control, but the most annoying part is that Uprev uses the cruise control buttons for their map switching feature...
  9. I've got the graphite, very easy to maintain. If it gets very dusty, ends up looking like it's silver
  10. Probably brake fluid is low. As your brakes wear, you need more brake fluid. Lack of brake fluid triggers the vdc and slip lights, apparently
  11. Zele have a similar looking grill: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/423310-v36-skyline-g37-infiniti-zelee-style-mesh-grill/
  12. I'd recommend the KW V3's. I have them on my v36 and the ride is perfect for daily drivers
  13. No need for the uprev cable. That image looks like it's taken from the service manual, not made by uprev
  14. Take a look at this: http://www.uprev.com/documentation/Popup%20Hood%20Reset.png Can be a pain to do (sometimes takes me 5-6 tries), but it does work.
  15. Thanks, that's who I'm with at the moment My premium for my v36 skyline was $1700 last year. This year, it jumped up to $2150.... I'm checking with shannon's, just car etc, but am also hoping that a broker would be able to help
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