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  1. Hey guys just a quick one to say I spotted my much loved GTR drive away from me forever... Its still a local canberra car but has been bought as a track project so you may not see it much. Peace out to you all and I hope to see all your beautiful Skylines out and about, I will be back but with something much smaller and probably quicker. Good Luck to all and a big Thanks!!! Cheers, Stirlo.
  2. If you know the shits are out egging in your area and you want the cops out all you have to do is what my mum did a few years back. There were some kids out egging houses in our street and mum called the cops, they said what they said to you, "they havent caused any serious damage yet"... well just turn around and tell the cops that your Husband/brother/Dad/ uncle is out looking for them with a base ball bat... 4 mins it took to get a car at our driveway
  3. This is all getting a bit silly, come on people you must know someone who wants a GTR. I have decided that for the next week, as I have another car to buy that it is down to $19,900 but after one week from today it will be back up to $22,000.. So come on guys help me move it on....
  4. Yeah damb toot'n!!! I will be there this friday!! Just need the 2 royalties to show up and make it a great night!
  5. Yeah we all rolled out at about 10:20-10:30 we must have just missed you. Oh well, twas good to catch up with Terminal and Rumble, love that 33 GTR!! Hey Rumble did you have a look at what I pointed out? did it fix up the issue?
  6. Yeah..I will be out at the museum next friday thats for dam'sure...
  7. Yes unfortunatly it is the case, And yes Jayce I'll have another perhaps a 34, but if not another 32 Yeah the parkway is now my road home due to my relocation, so I am on it quite offten.
  8. Hi Mivec, sorry didn't notice the wing or not, but where you parked by the big acco? did you see my bright yellow GTR ? if so it would be you.. other wise it was probably someone else.
  9. Hey Guys, Well a sad time has come, It has to go to repay my borrowed bond. We have just bought our first home and hve borrowed the bond from the folks, and this means the R has to go to pay them back. I am looking for a quick sale and hence its priced for it ar $22k not negotiable. I have spent thousands on it but it has to go. Quick Specs: Make NISSAN Model SKYLINE Series R32 GTR Year 1989 Colour Yellow/Gold Pearl kms 61,000 Price $22000 Not Neg 6 months rego Engineers Cert. Details: - 1989 Nissan Skyline Genuine R32 GTR RB26DET (Single Turbo Conversion) - 250rwkw @ 10psi with perfect fuel map on the auto tech dyno - Immaculate condition inside and out Only 61,000 Km's on car, And 2,000 Km's on Engine and Turbo. - Rebuilt Engine w/ Forged Internals Maintained meticulously - Alarm/immobiliser/keyless - Near new genuine carpets - High quality Rims with NEW tread Mod & Misc Specs Engine: - RB26DET with ACL Race Pistons - Bored / Honed to 40 thou - New STD GTR Rods (Shot Piened) - Port and Polished Head - New Valves / polished seats - New STD R33 GTR Water Pump - New STD R33 GTR Oil Pump - New HKS Full Gasket Kit - Polished Crank - New Garrett Hybrid T3/T4 500HP Turbo - Custom Polished Aluminium Intake/Cooler Piping - Stainless Single Turbo High Mount Manifold - Turbonetics 32mm External Gate - Custom 3” Dump, 40mm Gate Dump & 3” High Flow Cat - HKS Super Dragger Modified 4" Exhaust System - HKS Pods with New Filters - HKS Speed Limit Remover - Boost Gauge - HKS Turbo Timer - ARC remote Oil Cooler (in grill) - Type 2 BOV - New NGK Iridium Spark Plugs - Polished Cam Covers. Suspension: - CUSCO Strut Brace's front/back - TIEN After market Adjustable Suspension - New Rear DBA Rotors/Disc's and Pads Wheels: - New Impul Shadow Chrome 18x9.5 - New Nankang 245-40-18 Drive Train: - Short Shift Racing "Gear Box” Not shifter - Redline Gear Super Light Gear Oil - New Xceedy 5 Puc Ceramic Button Clutch (with 60% more clamp pressure) - V-spec Rear Diff Body: - Ferrari Yellow with Gold Pearl Too much more to list....... $22,000 not neg Priced for Quick Sale Contact: Stirlo 0439 782 278
  10. spotted a red 33 by the bigger round about at lanyon shops this arvo, drove past whilst testing my new breaks... tryed to get the gate open but no room, cops and dad in the car... it wasn't gunna happen! Looked like a nice 33 tho, did you know the people in the prang?
  11. Hey Jayce, the yellow 32 was mine I was out flying getting ready for our big Scale Competition coming up in a few weeks.
  12. Hey I have a set of orange ones that will suit 32 gtst, I also have a left hand 32 GTR but I need a new right hand 32 GTR as mine is cracked. anyway call me on 0439 782 278
  13. R32 [ 42 ] [56.00%] R33 [ 33 ] [44.00%] After I voted. This is a silly conversation, the r33 was created in error much like the 2001 WRX... both pretty but wrong. The original WRX was a cult car like the CRX before it, even now it is appreciated more than its younger brother the 2001. Its much the same for the 32s and 33s, I had a guy just the other day come ask me if mine was a r34, ok he was out of the game but new a 34 was a newish car, surely no one would mistake a so called "aged" car for a new one, put simply they have aged very gracfully, as for looking better with a kit, yes the r33s look better with a kit much like a prossy with heaps of make up. You still dont want to wake next to it! Looking at stat's, Jayce has clearly shown that the r32 GTR was the quickest and most known of the Skyline race, but lets also look at how many r33s you your self know that have been crashed. I can count close to 9 and I only know 1-2 r32s, Driver you may say, but these are a japanese family car = more crahing- bad design I say... I would say my preference would be - R34 GTR - R32 GTR - R33 GTR - R32 Gtst - R34 Gtst - 2001 WRX - R33 Gtst hehehe * the opionions in this post are mine and mine alone, no offence was intended to anyone (excpet R33 Gtst drivers, who claim on R32 GTR popularity). your welcome...
  14. I am heading out tonight and keen to catch up, will be there between 830-9 just need a good park is all.
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