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  1. Hi all. All parts have just been sold to a local member. Thanks.
  2. Big dollar, yes (unfortunately). Show car, no. But will look clean and the goal is an 8 second pass in street trim.... meaning it may be an completely different box altogether in the end, anyway.
  3. Taking to a recommended transmission specialist today. It all needs to come apart anyway as the gears will be replaced with either a Getrag or PPG box. Agree that sandblasting looks good, but for the level of build we're doing it needs to be coated. The entire underbody (subframes, arms, diff, etc) has been stripped and will be coated while the car's on the rotisserie for paint. Thanks mate. Getting it done this week... professionally ?
  4. @Duncan @GTSBoy and one final question. I think my skills may have now outrun the requirement. I need to remove the part circled in blue (for powdercoating) and it seems to me that the way to do that probably requires a bunch of bearings (in the red area) will need to be pulled. Does that sound right? might be time to admit defeat and take it to the mechanic.
  5. Got them out! Thanks guys. Any thoughts on removing this unit? Have all the 12mm’s out. Now looks like there’s a large central hex bolt and 2 star shaped bolts to go, if I’m right. Don’t have either of those bits unfortunately.
  6. Awesome! That was my suspicion. Got the one facing the bell housing out using a skinny drill bit and tapping it with a hammer. Rear facing one isn’t having any of it though. Persistence? Any other major hurdles you’re aware of for the rest of the tear down? @Duncan @GTSBoy
  7. Hey guys, Nearing the final stages of stripping my R32GTR transmission before blasting and powder coat (then new gearbox). Mostof the hard work is done, but I’m stuck getting the casing separated from the gears (bell housing is already off). See pics below - basically the 2 metal pieces which attach to/form part of the shifting mech are stopping me from sliding the gears out in both directions as they’re hitting the housing. I can’t work out how to remove them so the gears can be removed. Anyone have experience doing this? It looks like there might be pins through them, but not sure if that’s unrelated. Thanks, Andrew.
  8. Hey Hayden. Just sold these. Will amend the ad now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Andrew.
  9. Had a good look through the amayama and nengun links today and they'll give me exactly what I need. Everything is still fresh in my memory from the strip down, so I can just look at the exploded diagrams and I know which bolts I need (erm, all of them). Thanks again everyone!
  10. Big fan of zinc plating and I'll be doing it on a few parts (hood catch assembly etc) but most of the bolts aren't in perfect condition and my OCD and the level of build quality I'm aiming for won't let me do it *sigh*
  11. Given the difficulty in getting their specific dimensions, I’d be happy with new oem, if FAST can facilitate it. Haven’t used the system before, so I’ll check it out.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that along the way. It’s all (thankfully) very generic, so it’ll likely mean cracking the code for the few reoccurring types, then working out the specs for the outliers.
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