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  1. http://www.knoxautocarpets.com.au/nissan/skyline-r-32-1990-1993/
  2. Good to know. Thanks. Meanwhile, assembly time.
  3. So quiet on here these days. Bought a new one off eBay for $1100.
  4. Hey all, Does anyone know someone local with a rotisserie cradle? Acuform have one which I have access to, but it's looking like taking a while before it'll be available and am hoping to get moving sooner. Thanks, Andrew.
  5. It evaporates almost instantly (2-3 seconds). For vertical areas, you need to use a little more. With flat areas the few seconds of contact is sufficient to achieve the result, but on vertical areas I found it needed a few seconds of being poured over with it to get the temp low enough to crack the bond. It’s also not as dangerous as, I think, most of us assume. I managed to get a bit in my hair and on my hands and nothing happened at all. It’s effectively just super cold, not toxic, so as long as it doesn’t remain in contact for long, nothing happens.
  6. I went through this with my 32(GTR) and found it unreliable and slow. Went down to BOC gases (Australian gas chain), got 9 litres of liquid nitrogen and a container for something like $46, then used that. One of the most fun things you can do with a car. You just pour it out, everything starts cracking immediately and you'll see it start popping up on its own, then you just put it in a bag. Easy, quick, and you get to play with liquid nitrogen. One of those strange situations where you're like "so, I don't even need to give you my ID... you're just giving me liquid nitrogen to do whatever I want with and it's cheap?... OK, that seems like something which needs to be way better regulated, but I'll take it". Had about a litre left over, so I poured it over some bananas and let my niece and nephew smash them with a hammer. Good clean fun.
  7. Thanks Duncan. Car will be a semi-daily (dry weather days), but would like the setup to be capable of competing in Targa events and similar. Power figure will be circa 600kw ATW on pump98, so the suspension will need to be capable of keeping the car heading roughly in the right direction (appreciate that my right foot is primarily responsible for this). Is there anyone you know of who could advise on specific products? My challenge at the moment is knowing which brands to use for which specific areas, to build a holistic package. i.e. are Nismo control arms preferable to Ikeya Formula control arms etc (and the same questions for each part of the setup).
  8. Hey all, Is there anyone locally who is highly regarded in building and advising on GTR suspension set-ups or am I going to have to work with someone in Sydney? I'm about to put my 32 on the rotisserie and while the subframe is out, I'm going to pull it apart completely and rebuild/have someone else rebuild all suspension and handling elements, before re-uniting it with the chassis. I'll most likely have MCA build the coilovers (have them on my GC8 and am happy with them) but it's all the other stuff I'm seeking advice on (bracing, bushes, brackets, swaybars, links etc). Recommendations? Thanks. Andrew.
  9. Hi all, Carbon fibre rear underspoiler [boot lip] for R32. Very good condition. Recently removed before new paint goes on the car. Not sure of the manufacturer, but it’s very light. Will need a little goo remover to remove the previous adhesive, but looks like it’ll come off pretty easily. $200. Located in ACT, but happy to post at buyers expense.
  10. Hi all, I have my R32GTR seats up for sale. Hard to know what condition to describe them as, everyone's opinion is different, but I'd say very good condition for the drivers seats and whatever better than VGC is for the passenger seat. Drivers seat has the usual small tear and a small mark near the front centre (which looks like it'd come out easily). Can't see any marks on the passenger seat at all. But what you see in the pics is what you get (happy to provide additional pics if needed). The seats don’t have the centre trim in the head rest (you can see what I mean in the pics) because they've been re-trimmed to match the Nismo covers which I’ve already sold. Will also hang on to the seat belt clips as I need them for the new seats, but that's pretty standard. No idea about shipping costs, so buyers will need to look into and organise this for themselves. Collection will be from 2603 in Canberra. Price: $650 Let me know if you have any other questions. Andrew.
  11. @Duncan So the unique thing about the GT-C nuts is that they don't use a socket around the perimetre, like most nuts. It's an open end and the tool locks to the inside. The standard rays Duralumin nuts are too wide and can't pass through the holes to access the thread. @Jordy32 Thanks. Saw those and will order them if I can't find an aftermarket alternative. They're perfectly sufficient, but I'd rather something aftermarket as a first preference (like Kics, Work, etc). Good to know they're there as a fall-back if need be, though.
  12. Hi all, I have a hard question to answer and hoping someone here might know. While the GTR is dormant, I'm making a few additions to my WRX. I've just picked up a set of GT-C's which are off being restored, but the wheel nut situation is giving me hepatitis. GT-C's are famous for being a unique wheel nut fitment and I'm trying to find an alternative option than tracking down original GT-C nuts. I've heard that Work RC nuts are potentially compatible https://www.jdmconcept.com.au/part/work/rc-nuts This would be a double benefit as they'd match the WRC Blue of the Rex. To my eye, they don't look like they'd fit. Does anyone know if they would be compatible? I'd rather not order them, then find out they don't fit.... like I just did with a set of Rays standard nuts. Alternatively, if anyone knows of any other nuts which would fit, that would be helpful, too. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Andrew.
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