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  1. Hey Hayden. Just sold these. Will amend the ad now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Andrew.
  2. Had a good look through the amayama and nengun links today and they'll give me exactly what I need. Everything is still fresh in my memory from the strip down, so I can just look at the exploded diagrams and I know which bolts I need (erm, all of them). Thanks again everyone!
  3. Big fan of zinc plating and I'll be doing it on a few parts (hood catch assembly etc) but most of the bolts aren't in perfect condition and my OCD and the level of build quality I'm aiming for won't let me do it *sigh*
  4. Given the difficulty in getting their specific dimensions, I’d be happy with new oem, if FAST can facilitate it. Haven’t used the system before, so I’ll check it out.
  5. Yeah, I noticed that along the way. It’s all (thankfully) very generic, so it’ll likely mean cracking the code for the few reoccurring types, then working out the specs for the outliers.
  6. Thanks for all the input, guys. I have access to other 32’s, so I can get the specs from there. I’ve kept everything under the car from the front cradle back, so that’ll be fine and everything engine related will be new anyway, so that won’t matter. I’ll make a list of all the relevant dimensions and their locations, then post the list here for others in the future. There will only be more people wanting to do complete nut and bolt resto’s moving forwards.
  7. Thanks! How would I then match up the numbers? i.e. is there another online resource which then gives the info on the specs, or would I need to go to Nissan with the numbers?
  8. Hey all, I'm currently underway with a complete nut and bolt re-build of my R32. The car is now fully stripped. 30 years of driving and weather meant that almost every bolt under the car was as good as welded on and required/will benefit from replacement. Breaker bar ftw. I've downloaded the workshop manual, which is great in terms of displaying every part (including every nut and bolt and their nm specs. Handy.) but it doesn't show their dimensions (thread gauge, length, socket size etc). Do we know if there's any resource which lists this information? Similar to the workshop manual, I'd ideally like to be able to look at a schematic, note all the bolts I'll need, then buy them. Please don't assume I was diligent enough to keep each nut and bolt and list their location, so I could refer back to them. They're all in the bin and let's just put that down to my stupidity and impatience. I have, thankfully, properly photographed, listed and numbered all of the parts, but the bolts escaped my attention. Off the back of that, does anyone have any sources they can recommend for purchasing very high quality nuts and bolts (e.g. Wurth etc). As always, thanks in advance for your advice. Andrew.
  9. Hi all,For sale are my 2 immaculate Garrett 2860R-5’s from my R32GTR. I’ve taken one apart to show the condition of the turbine (first pic).https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-3/turbochargers-garrett-t-gt-series/garrett-gt2860r-turbocharger-aka-gtr-5-s-detailTurbos are only a few thousand km’s old (never tracked or stressed) and have been delivering an easy 330kw with a very nice power curve.Only reason for sale is I’m going for a much bigger power build with a big single.These are currently retailing for $3,200 new.I also have custom titanium dump pipes and a full 3.5” exhaust, if you’re interested.Available for pickup in Canberra or Castle Hill or can happily ship at buyers expense.Thanks,Andrew.
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