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  1. Ok then - sounds like you need a Precision 7675 and turn it up to 40psi. It will make your power goals on your 3.2.
  2. I dig straight cut. When you say room for error though, having a H pattern dog you a more likely to damage it if you don't know how to drive it. This is where sequentials come into their own because they are easier to use. When setup correctly they will wear the dogs less than an H dog as you always shift into gear correctly. Not so with an H pattern. Quoting myself from the Big boss thread-
  3. I would say back to PPG, show me a 1200rwhp + GTR running a helical 5 speed dog. I don't believe there is one running that kind of power that's not on the straight cut in H pattern.
  4. H pattern has wider gears being a 5 speed in the same case. When I was looking to go back to a dog box my quote for fully optioned PPG straight cut H 5 speed dog assembled in case was around $15.5k. For comparison I ended up with the PAR 5 speed straight cut H pattern dog which come in at around $11 - $12k assembled by Sam at Neat Gearboxes. Main difference in price was the PPG gearset is about $2k more than the PAR and the PPG price included the optioned billet main shaft. I was talked out of billet main shaft on a GTR as they really don't break because the shaft is so short, unlike a rwd case having a much longer main shaft. As you're going for 1200rwhp I'd only be considering straight cut gears, not helical. If you mentioned your power goals I'm surprised they even suggested the helical dog H pattern gearset as their own power rating is below the straight cut set.
  5. Yeah but you'll be prepared because you'll know why it broke !
  6. The outright failures are more like what Paul was saying, when people shove 1200rwhp + through them and wonder why it broke. I say go on get one
  7. That's a given isn't it ? What they do imply though (not sure if I'm correct) is that the 4wd dry sump pan is supplied. Is that the entire modified sump supplied ? The Ross kit is the same price but clearly need to send your existing sump to get modified additionally, which is around $1000 - $1500 from Lewis engines. I estimated about $12k installed for the Ross kit doing it yourself.
  8. I notice the Hi Octane dry sump kit gives you a front or rear reservoir tank option. I'm assuming front means engine bay anyway. Not bad at around $9000 all up.
  9. Why are you responding to another thread about this ?
  10. Nice copy and paste response from Matt at Haltech to an over 7 year old post there mate. The OP wasn't using a Haltech Elite either, he said a Haltech Platinum Pro so it's irrelevant to him. From the Haltech forum: https://forums.haltech.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=33838 I will give you some credit for bringing this up though, as it does need to be changed to avoid getting a random TPS ATTESA fault on the 32 and 33 GTR with a Haltech Elite 2000 / 2500. Most people probably don't know about this as to this day it is still incorrect in the GTR base maps. Was happening on both of our Elite 32s. A bit like the Elite speed signal set at 2450 pulses per km in the GTR base map - needs to be 1225 or you speed will be showing half of what it should be at the ECU. Haltech really should correct this in the base map for the GTR as I don't think this is common knowledge and why would it be - you'd expect these things to be correct in a GTR specific base map.
  11. That is probably the best outcome for having more power everywhere in this situation.
  12. As someone who has dealt with fuel system issues over the years, I thought I'd bump this information. A lot of people should read this as it answers a lot of questions regarding fuel system setup.
  13. Great responses there guys 👍. I'm sure this is exactly the sort of information and feedback that anyone in the market for a sequential is looking for and is much appreciated.
  14. What I can't get my head around with the PPG sequential is the fact that they went ahead and used a design that fits the standard case. This completely turned me off after getting my quote from them for $23.5k assembled in a standard housing which I would supply. Going to a custom housing like a Holinger, Albins or Samsonas allows them to move the main and counter shafts outwards away from each other, increasing gear diameter, therefore more material and increasing gear strength - if you are comparing between the same gear materials of course. The OS88 did this to increase strength, but are obviously made out of inferior materials in their gears compared to the sequentials mentioned, or else every OS88 you come across wouldn't have been recently rebuilt or in need if a rebuild. @[email protected] So Paul, Brett and anyone else with a PPG sequential, with the above mentioned do you honestly think the PPG is even close to the same league strength wise as the 3 sequential transmissions I mentioned ? What made you guys want to get one ? Don't get me wrong, I think Pfitzner is a fantastic company and have a fantastic product - but they still don't have a deep professional competition motorsport proven use like Albins or Holinger in racing. Genuinely and honestly, not because you own one, but what do you think objectively their long term reliability is in comparison ? Do you think it really is the best sequential for a GTR on the market ? Genuinely asking, I'm not having a go at anyone's choice of transmission.
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