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  1. yeah but E85 goes off pretty quick as it is highly hydroscopic compared to unleaded, which means storing for long periods of time is not possible. Lots of moisture and the octane on E85 is shot. If I was going to get it in drums a 205L would be the go, and I'd end up wasting most of it as the car is not a daily drive. Believe it or not as soon as Summer hits now it is quite humid here these days so this time of year the fuel will not last. Not a problem in April to September when our humidity is no more that 25% with no rain for 200+ days though. Not to mention how much bigger the injectors have to be. I run 1000cc Denso, I'd need more like 1300cc or 1700cc IDs. Also running 3 x Bosch 044 pumps, which are apparently only rated at 500 hours use on E85. Then flex sensor, line changes ect. Nope main tune has to be 98 ron. If I want a second tune on high octane I'll just go back to running high octane race unleaded. Limits to: Sunoco 260 GT PLUS - 110 RON, 98 MON and 104 AKI (R+M)/2) VP Fuels MS109 - 107 RON, 99 MON and 103 AKI (Used to be 109 RON and 105 AKI) Also Martini 110 possibly, but I know nothing about it. BP Ultimate 98 for comparison is 98 RON, 88 MON and 93 AKI Both above race fuels are fully unleaded. Don't have fuel pump, lines or injector compatibility issues then or the need to go flex fuel setup. In comparison E85 is- United race blend E85 - 105 RON, 97 MON - 101 AKI VP fuels X85 - 115 RON, 95 MON - 105 AKI As you can see the two race unleaded fuels are actually superior to the United E85 as the AKI (anti knock index, also what Americans quote as their octane number) is higher. This is the most overlooked rating of a fuel (rather than just research octane or RON most people quote) and provides the actual resistance to knock. This is the real rating that should be used for judging detonation safety at high boost levels, and allowing more ignition timing advance at the same comparable boost to make more power safely. These fuels provide comparable or better E85 power levels with normal unleaded fuel usage. Only the VP fuels E85 (X85) is better (just) than the unleaded race fuels and would be my choice if I was to ship and use E85. Only downfall to the Race unleaded is price, at between $11 - $16 / litre. Definitely competition use only at that price.
  2. Look I'll be back to the strip sometime around June / July if everything goes well. Will be making sure car is well and truly sorted before I even think about strip. CRD want me to send the car over to them to tune the car after we get the motor back from them and in the car, but I think I will trailer it over to Sydney - wayyyy cheaper. Plus want to be there when they are doing it. I think I'll be sticking with the HKS T51S as I've proven it can make power, but has never had a clean run down the strip after screwing the power up past 450kw at wheels. Something has always gone wrong.
  3. BK

    Yes my 33 GTR is dynoing 310-330kw and good for mid 11s at around 118-120mph, with HKS gt-ss turbos at 22psi and 3rd in the OS Giken box. Maybe if I could snatch 4th I'd get a tad more mph. The 32 well..... I run the 10 on the original setup by Jakes performance tuned by Tilbrook auto with 125 - 130mph. The dyno I was supplied with on car purchase in 2008 was 500+kw on the Tilbrook dyno dynamics. I agree no way it could have been, hence I started a thread back then in 2009 which I have just revived to continue the cars development. My 32 power at the real confirmed 500kw + level by Willall racing was never run back at the drags to see the real potential of car as I've had multiple failures since then. For more info on car thread is in the drift and drag section. I would love to continue the advice and feedback regarding this, but would probably rather do it in that thread as this is the Precision turbo thread and don't want to have my cars specifics filling up a specialised thread on these turbos. Go have a read at my hell that has been my R32 GTR.
  4. Wow 9.5 years since I've posted in this, and still haven't had any luck with the TH1 BNR32. Car has been in development hell for nearly 10 years now. The saga continues. A lot has happened since. 2010 Car got D jetro, 1000cc injectors and dual 044 with nismo in tank. 1.8bar Made 450kw on 98 and 500ish on vp109 at Willal racing SA Mainline dyno with Compression at 120psi (very decompressed) across board, with motor assembled by Jakes performance ACT. Car grenades Trust dog box on 3rd gear burnout with MT ET streets at Drags. 2011 Fit OS giken 5 speed. Car has lean out (Nismo lift fuel pump) and blows spark plug tips off and destroys 2.6 by Jakes performance, destroying stock harmonic balancer, killing Arias pistons, splits block and cracks crankshaft in about four places. All in the bin. 2012 Get a CP piston forged 2.6, Crower billet rods with new block assembled by us 520+kw on 98ron. Compression at 155-160psi with 8.5:1 pistons. Kills OS giken R3C triple clutch - warped steel floating disc plates in one drag meeting. 2016 New Nismo Surge tank lift pump dies again, starves 044s, leans motor out again, cracks rings and loses compression. Motor out again. 2018 New 86.5mm Nitto 2.8 kit fitted into the new block, Nitto oil pump fitted. Quaife front and rear diffs installed. Haltech Elite 2500 with 4 bar MAP installed with fuel pressure feedback added and wired in. Every Whiteline bush in catalogue, Whiteline f/r swaybars and new Tein Monoflex coilovers with 7kg f/r springs installed. Godzilla Motorsport R35 coilpack upgrade with NGK R7436-8 racing plugs installed gapped to 0.8mm. NTK afrm2 wideband installed and wired into Haltech Elite 2500. Still running existing big head with unknown spec large lift cams, Tomei type B 9500rpm valve springs, OS giken 5 speed, ATS carbon triple plate, Trust 100mm intercooler, 1000cc injectors, 2 x Bosch 044 pump from 5 litre surge tank, 1 x 044 in tank to replace shitty nismo, Trust dual entry rail with SX fuel reg, twin braided lines from 044s to rail, HKS manifold, full 4" system and HKS T51S 1.00 a/r at 1.9bar. Ready for Red centre nats in September 2018, as soon as can get a tune done in last week of August. Start running engine in with wideband and knock long term trim correction. Does 500km, car running beautifully on 98ron, limited to 22psi on run in. Ready to tune Sat. 1st Sept. 2018. Take car for final drive on mineral run in oil Aug. 31 ready to swap to synthetic oil for tune next day. Develops knock on final drive home. Look at data log on Haltech. Massive detonation event recorded at 4500rpm. Pull motor down, spun main bearing on #1, Nitto crankshaft damaged after 580km. No evidence of oil starvation. Looks like the big knock that happened transmitted into the main bearings. Why the detonation all of a sudden ? Also the week of classic outback rally. Coincidentally 10+ cars get failed engines. Traced to Puma 98ron contamination with opal 91ron at station. Class action against Puma started by rally competitors. Only in Alice Springs would a fuel contamination stuff up that badly occur. Guess where I fuelled up mid that week ? Motor currently at CRD getting 2nd 2.8 stroker in 12 months, this time at 87mm. Should get it back any week now. Start all over again.
  5. BK

    yep i think so after having a look. yeah I suppose so. Just throwing it out there if it will actually be worth the trouble. Remember I I have to travel 1500 - 2500km one way for a tune, hence want to be absolutely sure if I decide to go down this Precision path.
  6. BK

    "The Guy" is Mark Jacobsen from Godzilla Motorsport in Qld. He is generally pretty busy and hasn't got back to me about it yet. I know he's in the know with things of this nature as he was (might still be) fastest RB GTR doing 7s, but stuffed if I can find the v band flange dimensions in the Precision catalogue that suits. Everything seems to be smaller v band flanges. I'm starting to think the T51 HKS flange size is different than everything. Don't know if its worth doing new manifold, front pipe and gate arrangement to gain a few extra kilowatts with the PT6870 over the HKS. Really thought someone on SAU would have already done a similar swap and wanted some feedback on the changeover results if possible. Doesn't look like that is the case. I will report back if I get something concrete on direct swapping HKS to Precision. As this thread is 137 pages what approx power is everyone getting with PT6870s ?
  7. BK

    Yes quite aware of their catalogue. No they don't have ALL dimensions of EVERYTHING in it. Was on the site and pdf catalogue as I'm typing this and still hasn't answered my questions on size, and it's all in stupid imperial making this a bit harder. (Please don't mention how to covert to metric either) Has flange sizes but not width of housings and CHRA, which I would need to make an informed decision on housing selection if anything is compatible. You would think they would make something that would be comparable to Garrett wouldn't you ? T51 has exhaust housing v band inlet at 99.1mm (3.9") and exhaust housing v band outlet at 115.5mm (4.55"). Unless I'm missing something I can't find an exhaust housing that has these measurements.
  8. BK

    Ok would really like want some people that are actually using these turbo's, not just "talk to so and so" or your opinion if you don't run a Precision. People that are familiar with the exact v band housing flange dimensions, or ideally someone who has went from a HKS T51 to a Precision on a GTR. Not opinions, actual users running PT6870 or PT6466 v band housings ideally. That's what I was thinking SiR_RB. Dale FZ1 I won't be modifying an HKS 4" stainless v band front pipe thank you very much, I would make a new one from scratch before that happens. Same with manifold, keeping HKS v band. Not going to chop an HKS kit up to fit a turbo. The v band gear really is great when your working on your car a lot and think they are superior to bolted flanges so I'd like to stick with them. No gaskets, just a clamp. The info I guess I'm really after is the dimensions of a PT6870 v band turbo compared to the HKS T51. Mark from Godzilla motorsport assured me that Precision should have a direct swap turbo for the HKS T51.
  9. BK

    Hi Precision turbo fanatics. I though I would post here instead of starting a new thread since there seems to be some pretty well informed people with the use and results of these turbos. Thinking of changing turbo. Currently have a very old HKS T51 plain bearing v-band inlet and outlet 1.00 a/r exhaust housing, apparently the T51S pre dating the T51R SPL. This used to be good for over 500 wheel kW but was very laggy on the 2.6. I now am running a Nitto 2.8 and would like to know thoughts on best PT to change to with mid 9's possible, running around the 30psi and 98 ron unleaded. (Don't tell me to run E85 as it wont be happening, to much hassle in Alice Springs to obtain) Want to keep oil only turbo and retain the v band inlet / outlet as per the HKS design. Don't want to change manifold or v band front pipe, basically want some thing that will be a bolt on replacement for the v band setup. From my research it looks like the PT6466 or PT6870 with the v band inlet / outlet exhaust housing is the go, does this sound about right ? Will these turbos match the HKS v band manifold and front pipe ? Are the dimensions of the turbo even similar ? Looks like the v band housing is 0.82 a/r on the PT6466 and the v band only PT6870 has two at 0.81 and 0.96 a/r. What's the advice for me. Should I go away from the HKS to the PT and if so which one will meet my goals with the 2.8 ? I was thinking the answer will be to run the PT6870 with 0.96 a/r but please give me as much info as possible on this.
  10. This is the old gen 1 N1 block right ? Just checking as part number 11000-24U00 on box is old part number. The one's CJ motor are selling are the new A1002-24U00 Nismo N1 castings, as is Just Jap. They are different, not the same block. Anyway... Is it still for sale ?