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  1. Shafts found after much difficulty. Actually ended up with 2 new sets and one set is for sale in private car parts thread. Please close this thread.
  2. BK

    I have a good one, no wear. PMed
  3. Trust sump pics. Has fitting for head drain also. Freight is about $70 - $90 depending on location. Straight out of my R32. Going dry sump, so now not needed. Would put it on my R33 GTR if I could be bothered to pull engine out.
  4. 30 tooth R32 GTR rear diff half shafts, Nitto billet rods and CP pistons SOLD pending payment. Newly added to first post. R32 / R33 GTR 8 litre TRUST Greddy extended sump. Has extended pickup and baffle. Complete bolt on. $800
  5. New photos of rebuilt and reconditioned R33 GTR transmission. Now fitted with R32 GTR transfer case. Setup as push box.
  6. Price is dependant on where you are, I know here it would cost more to get it done. It is a prick of a job doing the diff mounts. Buy the Whiteline or whatever stuff yourself and get someone else to do it. Done my whole r32 GTR rear end myself with everything whiteline, and I mean everything. The vertical diff bushes were a real farked job. Cannot be pressed out on car, have to be cut / die grinded out. It's getting the old ones out that's the problem.
  7. Just a note on the diff oils weight wise. If you've got any substantial power through your driveline go the 75w140 on front and rear diffs even if they are standard Nissan in GTRs LSD or open. The Motul gear competition stuff or Castrol saf-xa (or whatever it is called now, Syntrax 80w140 I think replaced it) is the only stuff I use after my 15+ years with my GTRs. I was using 75w90 in front diff while dragging with open diff at 450+kw at wheels, and it turned my front crown wheel and pinion into junk. It seriously wore away more than half of the gear tooth profiles on crown wheel and pinion making the edges razor sharp, which they are not supposed to be. There were not any backlash clearance issues either, only happened when the wick was turned up. The same applies to dog boxes - 75w140 only or you WILL kill any of them. It makes it really easy if you run a dog box because then you just run the same oil in front diff, rear diff and box. BTW I run Quaife front and rear diffs in my 32.
  8. RB26 Nitto oil pump - SOLD R32 starter motor - SOLD R32 GTR wheels - SOLD. First post will be constantly updated for parts availability - all price dropped ! Make an offer. Everything is negotiable and can ship anywhere.
  9. After PPG Pfitzner 5 speed straight cut dog box, fitted with billet main shaft and sandwich plate preferred. PM
  10. Ok there is a heap of interest in the OS giken 5 speed gearbox, I actually have 2 of these. Lets be clear - offers over $5500 . No 4k as this doesn't even cover gearset / input shaft. To get one of these going it is at least $6k in parts, as the gearset + input shaft cost is around $5k. Genuine Nissan selector forks / synchro rings / bearings and other unforseen parts depending on what you have to replace when it's down is $1k - $2k range. Then you need a good existing box for it to go in, not to mention labour costs on top of that if you are getting someone to do it for you. I am not in a hurry to sell one of these Giken boxes, but would let one go for the right price. If not go and build one yourself and find out the cost to get one running. Also have a stock R33 GTR box rebuilt and unused since rebuild. Price drop - $1500 Fully reconditioned and not used since. Can be supplied as push or pull setup. (currently push)
  11. No clutch with box as I'm still using my ATS carbon triple. Had around 530kw at wheels through it. About 1500km old. Only throwing it out there for offers as if it does not sell it goes back in my 32. Just thinking about going back to a dog box and won't need giken if I go that way.
  12. Never had an issue but others have broken them. Thinking of selling it as I want to go back to a dog box so badly. Pity PPG is so $$$ for the fully optioned 5 speed straight cut set, like $13k for a gearset. $10k without mainshaft and assembly. Don't know if I can justify that.