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  1. No one need a dog box ? Got too many boxes now ! ARP flywheel bolts sold pending payment....
  2. BK

    yeah large pulling edge so you can get a decent puller that won't slip off the pulling edge and really get some torque into it.
  3. BK

    Yep that's it, high tensile with 5mn steps on the end. Not home made, was made by a machining shop here with our supplied dimensions. Cost about $100. By the look of your sleeve you have no edge, so I assume you were trying to pull on the bolts directly, which won't work. Need a thick sleeve so there is a decent thread contact area on the sleeve puller. You need something like what I've showed you, never had an issue with this setup using it on multiple gearboxes.
  4. BK

    This is what we got made up from a machinist to get that sleeve off. Basically the same idea as the factory tool to allow a puller something to grab.
  5. Ok spoke to Con at CRD again this morning. Decision made - PT6466 with T4 twin scroll 1.00a/r will be going on. Bye bye HKS 😭 Be sad to see her go but am very excited to see results when completed !
  6. Just added for sale Trust / Quaife 3F1 6 speed H pattern straight cut dog box with freshly modified transfer case added for sale. $8500 ONO shipped anywhere (possibly throw a clutch in there with it with the right buyer). Going sequential so not needed - make and offer !
  7. If your keeping up with the conversation you'll see it looks like I'll be changing to a Precision. Definitely 6466 or 6870. Leaning towards 6870. Would still love to have v band in and out on exhaust housing, V bands are awesome to work on and no gaskets. A/r sizes in v band i think are .082 and .96, but twin scroll is 1.00 and up. What housing sizes are recommended and is twin scroll that much better than using the v band inlet housing ?
  8. There is a reason I still have gt-ss / -9 turbos on my 33, or are they considered shit too ? Sorry didn't read above. I will swap to -10 on 33 ASAP !
  9. 500 - 600kw at wheels. The turbo now has done 520kw but have only ever done a 10.6 so yes it is very laggy. I'm thinking PTE 6466 or 6870 is the go.
  10. Yeah ok point taken 😆 😀you've given me a good laugh reading that after the shit day I've had ! Everyone will probably slap me for this, but my manifold that the current turbo bolts to is a split pulse T4 flange with a T4 to 99mm v band adaptor to mount the hks. Don't the Precisions and Garrett's have T4 flange mounts ?
  11. According to GCG the problem is my exhaust housing is massive as the wheel is massive, meaning the compatible garrett my housing will fit is a GTX45 based turbo. I am under the impression this is a huge turbo. Was quoted $5300 without exhaust housing for the GTX4508r which will suit my hks housing - holy shit I said as it ends up being a $6k turbo in the end. Well this is not good....
  12. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm ? No power fc is gone and have Haltech elite 2500 with 4 bar map, R35 coilpacks and Ross trigger kit. You realise that HKS curve is not an RB26, but I get that they are overlaying it against a T51R to compare. Lithium, you're probably right about it not being better than a T51R. Like I said I have no idea on how good or bad the T51R is, so I cant comment. I do appreciate everyone's input trying to be helpful as that is why I asked the question on real world RB26 results with this turbo. Dose pipe, that's exactly what I brought up with GCG about possibly doing - it basically becomes a new ball bearing Garrett with the HKS 1.00a/r v band exhaust housing on the back. Anyone know what turbo that you would use for that, that would be compatible with my exhaust housing ? Who is Tao and Hypergear ? I'm calling GCG back now regarding this
  13. Don't bother as I just got off the phone with GCG and they can confirm that the HKS 99.1/115.5mm v band sizes on the exhaust housing are HKS specific. They could modify what I've already got with possibly different wheels and ball bearing core. That said, in their opinion the difference in spool improvement is marginal with ball bearing cores over journal bearing. Increased spool mainly comes from more efficient wheel and housing design than anything else. Don't get me wrong, having ball bearing chra is good but it's not the " be all, end all" of a good turbo. If the new 5r has a more efficient housing and wheel design surely it could still be a good thing.
  14. FFS stop worrying about the price and banging on about being journal bearing. I already have a journal bearing turbo and can live with it now if I had to as it hits bloody hard already. I'm trying to gauge if this will be a big improvement over what I've already got. Supposed to match T51R Spl BB for response, but I have no 1st hand experience with an Spl. I really did want a PTE 6466 or 6870 but looks like different v band sizes compared to what I've got. Can anyone else confirm if Garrett GTX series or similar has the 99 and 115 v band ex housing sizes, as I'll change to anything that's better than what I've already got if it matches my manifold and dump. If not I guess I will be going the very uncool and gay hks route.