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  1. A good exhaust will lower back pressure, making your turbos not work as hard for whatever your target boost is. 14psi is what you get with the boost restrictor olive removed with at least a 3" system, different front pipe and better cat. Stock actuators are 1 bar, so he's not going to get more than that no matter how derestricted the exhaust system is, unless you were using a boost controller, so it's a non issue really. Absolutely the go if he could still use it in the US / California and get it passed for emissions. I think we are all in agreement that better everything can be achieved with tunable engine management over stock, it just is it worth going down that path just to remove it later.
  2. Your intention is to turn the car back to stock when it goes back to the US, so adding tunable engine management is definitely not required to support basically any setup you have revolving around the factory turbos. Full exhaust, intercooler, 14psi of boost, stock turbos - the stock tune in a 33 GTR is arguably more "correct" tune wise in this state of modification than the restricted state of the stock car. Pulls about 200rwkw like this. Also no boost controller required either, as the restrictor olive in the vacuum line once removed sets the boost to 14psi, which the standard ECU is fine with. A tunable computer will always result in improvements in fuel economy, better a/f ratios and more power, but I really don't see the point if you need to to keep the car completely stock later on. A Power FC is probably your best bet if you want to have it tuned in Japan, and then just remove it and put the stock ECU back in later. If you can get away with tuning it in the US on a different ECU, then absolutely go to a tunable ECU now, but for what your talking about the factory tune can handle all of it safely.
  3. Mate that's a great result, I would say better than expected on 98. The Sard pump and injectors must be getting pretty close to being maxed out though. Good stuff 👍
  4. I was going to reply when you first posted this as there is no real "complete" rebuild kit for a gearbox. There is way too much stuff going on for that. You really need to know what you are looking for to repair them, or you take it to a professional. As Hardsteppa mentioned gears on the main shaft are frequently rooted. We just did the old man's GTR box last month and 1st and 2nd were fked. Have a look at the sides of the gear selector section, they should look like arrow heads, unlike these. Also if there is selector teeth completely missing and your drain plug or looks like this, things are bad. New synchro noted on left, one on right stuffed.
  5. Dude it's pretty easy to search that. Not the same as gtst. Gts4 means GTR bearing for the 4WDs as well as the 300zx and genuine is about $230 per side. There is an alternative with the GSP ones from Kudos at $165 each, and that also actually comes with the hub. I'm ordering a pair this week.
  6. What isn't wise ? Using a non drop in camshaft ? Clearancing the head is not such a big deal. Their cams are stupid anyway having so many base circle variations - completely unnecessary, causing custom lifter or retainer thickness changes. No mention of ramp rate duration at 50 thou or lobe separation angles either, so their specs are a bit ambiguous. Their website doesn't list them in the "bolt in" option, but also doesn't mention anything special in the notes either about anything. The Camtech 260deg 9.5mm as big of lift I know of that is a confirmed bolt in, no machining. That said, I reckon even some heads would need slight relieving with them, as the RB26 head is not exactly cast to 0.1mm sort of tolerances. Probably should just stick to Kelfords or Camtech, as you know exactly what you're getting and their local.
  7. You sure they are drop in ? I have some Camtech RB26 cams for sale now. They are 272 at 9.7mm and they are not usable without relieving the head.
  8. Definitely 32 - 34 the same. Go to RHDjapan and check it out, same part number. I'm assuming your talking about the twin 70mm/single 80mm front pipe. 63mm to 85mm, 2-bolt flanges generally have a 105mm bolt hole centre spacing, which is the standard dump pipe, front pipe and cat sizes. Nearly everything uses this size for the bolt on stuff. But bolt hole spacing of flanges change if you go near the twin 75mm/single 90mm pipes though (like the Midori Seibi 90mm). 3.5" / 90mm flanges generally go up to a 118mm bolt hole spacing, meaning different cat flanges and cat back flange. A 90mm, 2-bolt, 105mm bolt hole centre exhaust flange does exist, but I am yet to see any bolt on stuff use it.
  9. Your reference to a side mount implies gtst. Steve is talking about a 33 GTR
  10. The real question I guess is, what does the "new" HKS GTIII-SS Mitsubishi journal bearing chra turbo magically achieve that the Garrett can't in the real world when it comes to performance and REAL, quantifiable, tangible positive results. I am guessing it won't do anything better anywhere, and end up being a complete waste of time and money over just getting the Garrett turbos. Don't believe the hype man. Mate, I think you should have just bought -9s (now gt2859-2) for a better all around result. That said, being in the Californ-i-a maybe the best GTR is a stock, unmodified GTR ? Seems all too hard there.
  11. Speedflow, Proflow and Aeroflow all make them
  12. Geez well, on this latest incarnation, which I call build 5 on this car I really haven't calculated it yet - but it's a lot. I have a folder that is 3 inches thick that I am going to go through one day. Off the top of my head though $30k for example has gone into just the latest short motor and transmission, but annoyingly that's just I drop in the ocean for this car really. Lets just say the count is six figures since purchase.... This cars spec has always been very fluid, so nothing has ever really stayed the same. 3 different ECU setups, at least 6 different gearbox combinations, 5 different clutch combinations, 3 different blocks, 5 different forged bottom ends including 2 x Nitto 2.8s, never ending fuel pump changes, nearly burning the car down from engine loom melting - the list is endless with changes and failures and it all adds. Yeah it's been tiring and frustrating, but I think I might have finally got this thing to the vision I imagined for the car. I do have some updates for this car I have to get around to mentioning when I go through my photos, like I finally got to piss my aging Falkens off end of April and get some new AD08R goodness.
  13. Was going to mention that being a bit undersized, but not as much as the fuel system which will just flat out prevent getting there with what is currently installed.
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