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  1. The stock solenoid works differently. It is pulsed from standard, but thats not practically the problem. The problem is that when de-energised it is normally closed, as opposed to normally open as you would with a 3 port Mac valve setup with wastegate actuator. The vacuum arrangement is different when using a normally open valve too. The stock solenoid feed from plenum is tee'd and directly the feeds solenoid and wastegate actuators, then ecu commands solenoid to energise and open, bleeding off the excess boost pressure actuator boost signal to back Infront of the turbos. A normally open Mac valve would not be tee'd and be fed directly from plenum, then to actuators. This normally closed setup is more like an external gate setup, except the bleed port is going back in front of turbos as an actuator air bleed instead of going to the second preloading port on an external gate. Why Nissan why ? Stock setup is stupid and appears to have problems controlling higher than stock boost pressures, that is, not being able to bleed off enough air to raise / control boost properly, reliably or consistently.
  2. Look up adjusting tdc offset on the Haltech, you must get this correct before anything with trigger kits. You want to confirm 20 at light and on ECU when timing is locked.
  3. Another peanut.... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-nissan-skyline-gt-r-m-spec-nur-bnr34-manual-4wd/SSE-AD-6793939?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6793939 I remember when the Nur was falling below $70k. Wow.
  4. Fully serious. Test it on a gummy hose clamp or something else from your tank. It will strip the crap off everything. Obviously make sure your tank is pressure washed afterwards and left to dry, as the last thing you want in your fuel system is bleach. Results may vary depending on the crud in your tank, might need more but it's a good start with 8lt and will 100% work. Please post results for confirmation as I've seen no one recommend it before and has proven for me to be the only sure way that works. If you can seal the tank and invert it even better, as getting it off of the bulkhead area is the hardest part. Good round up weed killer substitute afterwards.
  5. Yep I have cleaned multiple fuel tanks as I have cracked a 32 GTR fuel tank more than once. You're talking about the molasses like shit left from unleaded fuel right ? No, unleaded will not move it like you would think. After much trial and error - Bleach. Doesn't react with the HDPE the plastic tank is made out of. The bleach bottles are made out of the same material. Get about 8 - 10 litres, leave overnight. Swirl and agitate next day as required. It will bring it back to new.
  6. Yeah but that's 94 AKI, which is really about 101 RON. Arguably our best unleaded here is BP ultimate 98 RON which has a 92 AKI. 9:1 will be fine.
  7. Yes Shit 141 LPH or 2.35 L/min @ 3 bar By comparison a stock R32 - R34 GTR fuel pump is 221 LPH
  8. Did you have no H3C plug on your headlight sub harness ? On the projector headlights you need this. Plugged into H4 main loom then splits to the H3 high beam and H3C low beam. Still available, about $40. You can then get rid of the ghetto headlight wiring. Speedo, I'll have to look into it.
  9. Ok the R32 projector headlights low beams are H3C on series 1 and H1 in series 2 - both are H3 on high beam. The H1 low beam adaptor is infact a separate part - 26067-52F00. It is discontinued but is in stock from Terrafirma and eBay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R32-GTR-GTST-GTS4-Head-Light-Connector-Assembly-26067-52F00-/123562676564 Problem is that if you have an early series 1 light that has the low beam projector H3C bulb originally, I don't think the H1 adaptor fits or clips in into the original H3C bulb retaining part on the light, even though the H1 bulb does locate. I have both here, I'll have to check.
  10. Yes this is the actual heat exchanger. Retaining it with a new one is totally fine. It's definitely more of a heat exchanger to heat up the coolant faster than an actual oil cooler to cool the oil despite the description. It is definitely worth retaining if in cold climates with a street car. Yes Ross performance is Australian and make very good stuff. I think a few people within Australia will ship overseas that stock Ross parts like Hi Octane, Golebys or even Ross performance direct.
  11. You really can't reuse the water heat exchanger part after a bearing failure, but you can with the filter block. I personally vote against direct adapters. Without the factory filter block you have no oil filter relief valve, which bypasses the filter in the event of a blockage, unless the aftermarket one you install has one (which most don't). That said, the Trust and HKS remote filter blocks actually do have an integrated thermostat and relief valve. To get rid of the factory heat exchanger you can just block it off and continue the coolant lines shown in the second photo. In both our 32s we have done this with a Ross blanking plate, retaining the factory filter block. Note in picture it is showing a filter on the engine. This has since changed to an external Trust oil cooler and filter relocation kit, still mounted to the factory filter block and heat exchanger deleted.
  12. BK

    Rb25det neo

    Did you even try to source one ? I think JDM garage has sold at least 4 - 5 Neo's since your first post, they sell them all the time. Give them a call see if they still have one.
  13. I don't know why I bother sometimes.... I couldn't have spoonfed the information more.
  14. Quite a lot of changes with body and interior stuff. Not even remotely the same car with a 2 door vs a 4 door.
  15. Well you're set then, 80344-91L00 still available. Of course it's always going to be the 32 GTR stuff that is constantly discontinued. [email protected]#K you Nissan.
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