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  1. I was referring to the OS Giken OS-88 sequential and the PPG GTR sequential. They are race transmissions. Who buys one of these without competition in mind to some degree and Who would buy one for a dedicated street only car ?
  2. Where are you getting the checks done ? I wouldn't mind doing it on my own GTRs to have the paperwork. I did buy them a long tome ago though, so I dont know if anything will come up. Bought my 33 in 2003 and my 32 in 2007.
  3. He is asking about PAR engineering, not PPG. Pfitzner is fairly well documented as there is a lot more in existence. Dog engagement over synchro you mean, as straight or helical cut gears have nothing to do with clutchless shifting, and is essentially the reason you get a dog box. You go straight cut gears as the load on the gear tooth is even, as opposed to helical which causes a thrust / side load effect. The more torque you have the more this becomes a problem, which is why I'm very surprised the OS-88 and PPG sequentials are helical, and the main reason I have not purchased one. If I want a sequential it would most certainly be a Holinger.
  4. A few shots of the box. Has a modified 10 plate transfer behind it with an ATS triple plate clutch.
  5. I don't know about the synchro set (I use OS giken in my 33), but I have just had one PAR dog box done for my Nitto 2.8 R32 GTR, and they definitely have come along way since Gerard was involved with the business (is no more). The PAR synchro set is still generally more expensive than an OS giken. As far as I can tell after calling, it's just Haysam Chalak doing all the machining now by himself, and the gearsets are every bit as good as the PPG, really good quality. Talk to Sam at Neat gearboxes in Adelaide about them, he actually swung me away from the PPG in favour of the PAR and completed my gearbox. This is the straight cut dog box 1st to 4th with the synchro 5th. Has updated 28.5mm 26 tooth GM spline input shaft, billet 1-2 and 3-4 selector forks, OS Giken centre plate and the.most important part, the billet shifter barrel interlock. This interlock is a must as with the dog box, using the standard sintered interlock with dog engagement it will eventually fracture and select more than one gear at the same time, causing catastrophic gearset destruction. PAR is the only ones who do this interlock for the 5 speed H patterns, PPG uses stock interlock and after talking with Neat gearbox and CRD is the number one reason the PPG fails. Sam said any of the Pfitzner H pattern dogs really should be fitted with a billet interlock. Makes sense really, as dog boxes slam the dog rings together and of course will cause more stress on the interlock from shock loading. I'm really surprised PPG don't / won't make one. This is not really required with synchro only boxes though. Also with Neat gearboxes the PAR gearset, Nissan 5th / Rev gears and main shaft was fully crack tested, shot peened and isotropic super finished, which strengthens even more. I will report back with updates to see how it holds up once the wick is turned up on the 6466 at CRD. Running Motul 75w-140 in it. So far, really, really happy. Only thing I will say as a negative is getting the gearsets or parts made up if not in stock can take awhile. This guy really needs to expand his operation as being basically a one man band now they can't keep up with parts supply like Pfitzner can. Give Haysam at PAR a call and see what the availability is like first, he's a good guy to talk to.
  6. Let me know if you get stuck obtaining them, I might be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat if needed.
  7. if you can find them, the RH side 38220-24U05 is discontinued remember ? LH side 38220-24U06 is still available, but right and left are different lengths. Try Japanese Motorsport in Adelaide, I sold my last set to them.
  8. No can't use, different lengths, I looked into it before I did my Quaife. You need the ones with 46 tooth speed sensor gears also, the Atessa uses this for the wheel speed too. You should have bought a pair my shafts while I had three 31 tooth R33 sets remember ? Forget the cost, they are becoming stupid hard to source now, took me six months hence why I obtained 3 new sets when I could.
  9. ok I'm bumping this. Boost pressure source for wastegate / boost solenoid - plenum or compressor housing ? I've always been plenum, but seeing all of the Precision / Borg Warner / Garrett singles now with nipples on the compressor housings is making me think twice, especially since I've moved to a 6466. Surely plenum is the go as that is what the engine is seeing and what you want to control ? So why have compressor nipples then ? I am talking RB26 here so I do realise pressure source always has to be before the throttles (like the plenum), unlike a 25 where the plenum is after the single throttle body making the plenum a no go in that situation.
  10. I have both. 33 is a overall better car in every way in my opinion, but ask yourself really why you want to change. If your 1992 32 is a good example I don't think I would get rid of it just for change sake though. How good is your 32 and what's done to it ?
  11. If you don't have Nissan FAST use jp car parts website. It's essentially Nissan FAST online and you can order direct from them in Osaka too.
  12. If a new return is going in, better off doing it in -8. Better all around of you are running that pump flat out. Cooler fuel, less pressure drop on return and nicer on your pump. Win, win. Why not go the Bosch 980cc 3bar / 1100cc 4bar EV14 injectors over the ID1050X ? Cheaper again for the same base injector type. The ID will flow a little bit more ( maybe 5% - 7% ?), but will be a least 50% more expensive. Don't get me wrong, I just dunno if I could justify the price of IDs with -5 turbos if it were me. I'm sure they will flow enough for you.
  13. The speedo sensors are interchangeable as the 32 vs 33 speedo drive gear within the transfer cases are the same. Ages ago I thought the transfers were actually different because of this but they are not.
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