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  1. Really ?! I take it you've got no idea about the GTR transmission and are not doing this job yourself, as you would not ask this. You can't bolt in a new transmission without the transfer case attached (believe me I've tried that), so why would this even be a question ? No, it will piss oil everywhere out the back of the box with no transfer case attached. Get a $10 1 litre hand oil pump and fill the box in the car like any other transmission or diff oil change. If you must, you can fill both the transfer and box if bolted together on the ground if you have your ATTESA actuator installed or a blanking plate in the back of transfer case. Transfer has to be bolted to box to seal box leaking oil - rear of transfer has to be sealed at actuator to stop transfer leaking oil.
  2. Are you not running a Pfitzner sequential, or have I missed something?
  3. Thanks for sharing your unfortunate dealings with some absolutely garbage manufacturing. What would concern me also is if they let such shithouse production leave the factory on things you can see, what about the stuff you can't immediately visualise - like chra integrity, wheel construction manufacturing integrity with and rotating assembly balancing accuracy ? Very concerning BW...
  4. Fitted to 32 GTR. Front is QDF3L and rear is QDF14L, which required 31 spline to replace the early GTR 30 spline. The QDF7L is indeed the rear 29 spline for rwd cars.
  5. I have a Quaife front and rear in a GTR. In my opinion they are excellent 👍
  6. Well they'd better be both firmly in knots now that you guys are going into lockdown for 7 days ! Now Adelaide has went 💥 I'm really stressing the fk out hard ...
  7. Hey Rob. Yeah I didn't even fit the new lines that come with them, still have them here as I though the ones on the car were already good enough. I didn't even unravel them to check the lengths but it seemed like a fair bit, but I'd assume they'd be to replace the whole lot be wouldn't they ? From memory the tubing that came with them is a smaller diameter than standard too. So you're saying they didn't include enough tube to replace it all ? On another completely unrelated note on the state of these shitty times I'm getting pretty twitchy with this whole Covid-19 lockdown shit around the country. 3 cases recorded in Adelaide today could ruin getting these cars tuned. I'm currently holding my breath and have my fingers, toes, legs and dick crossed NT doesn't shut the border to SA this week !
  8. The race continues to be ready for tuning, putting the car back together. Here is a bit of a look at the brand new replacement outer sills that have been replaced on both sides. Just about to put the freshly painted sideskirts on after fitting new front inner guardliners and new series 2 rear mudguards - I have a mountain of genuine Nissan clips and bolts for the jobs ahead. Doors were also removed as part of the paint job and realigned. With new strikers they shut perfectly now, as they were shocking before. As you can see I'm a bit shit at taking photos though
  9. Yes I was born in Shepparton. My whole family is from there, so yes secretly I'm really a Victorian - Shhh !
  10. Which ones can't you find or want ? If they're not in Nismo, it means they could still be available as a Nissan part possibly, as the Attesa rear hoses are like that - 3 are Nismo parts and 1 is still a Nissan part just to confuse things more.
  11. 2 weeks until the big trip to Adelaide for tuning, I'm trying to get stuff done flatout and running around like a headless chook. I've run into 2 obstacles while rewiring and resizing my fuel pump feed through the car 😄
  12. Yeah us ex Shep boys going hard now ! Old man was like fk it, give me your old R33 GTR wheels so it'll hook up.... Came back with fresh Hankook RS4 !
  13. I would be contacting Fulcrum for a rebuild
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