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  1. Snapped CV, wow. Yeah I was looking at the US driveshaft shop CVs in case that happens - $3k + Just out of interest, what box are you running ? I was running a Trust / Quaife 6 speed dog until I broke it after about 2 years. Back to OS giken sychro for the moment. Maybe PPG next year.
  2. 10.6 @ 127mph - it's in my bottom signature. Was really laggy on 2.6 but managed 1.5 - 1.6 60ft with Mickey Thompson 255 ET street radials. Still running in Nitto 2.8 engine as we speak, so haven't run it yet. Haven't done the full power tune yet either. Red centre nats 4 is on the 1st and 2nd of September so I'll be on the dyno there with a figure to report. Once everything is tuned correctly I'll hit the strip after that. Hopefully 9's too but it'll run what it runs
  3. Yeah the Xclutch ceramic twin or Nismo twin will hold for a while, maybe even a full season or two with 500+Kw.Then the clutch will warp the metallic floating discs from heat, probably before the ceramic plates wear out and won't be able to get it into gear. It's all pretty relative to how the car is launched to how long they last. Another 32 here made it 3 seasons at 350rwKw with a Nismo twin before it cried enough for example. Decent power car above, about what my R32 was on the 2.6 before Nitto 2.8. Crap 60ft and crap ET for140mph though. Mid 10's is do-able at 130mph. Should be well into the 9's with that MPH. Not to mention 500rwKw won't last long on stock bottom end. The point I was making with the carbon ATS triples is they last nearly forever compared to everything else, which might hold the power but will wear out quicker. One season I spent 30k on clutches and gearboxes before the ATS. Never looked back. Got one in my 330rwKw 33 and I don't think that car will EVER need a clutch ever again after looking at how it has performed in my 32. Good luck with everything.
  4. Nismo twin plate got nothing on ATS. Not even same ballpark to an ATS carbon twin, let alone a triple. I Don't think Xtreme / Xclutch sell them anymore as they were repackaged ATS. Go to the Jap site
  5. BK

    Just installed Nismo 25% short shifter. Don't know if it is lower than standard but it feels it and I love it. Shifts are tight on my OS box.
  6. BK

    No comparison between the two. I'm still running the same 2 ATS carbon triples in my GTRs. No clutch can touch them - none. Ceramic is just shit. Carbon expensive, but worth it. Just replaced my 2 floating discs inside the R32 triple ATS with carbon coated metal floating discs. All 3 existing carbon friction discs were barely worn. Just to clarify Carbon clutches are generally carbon friction plates against metallic floating discs and metallic pressure plate. I bought these clutches nearly 10 years ago so the price has increased a bit now from then to around $4000ish. Just to show how far ATS has come now, the ultimate in clutches, ATS do a full carbon/carbon clutch now - 3 month waiting time to be built in single to triple. I think they start at $7000 US (not a typo) but have under 0.1mm wear after 300 launches ! Long story short, GTRs up to 1000 engine hp really only need a ATS carbon twin for about $3k as the triples are rated to 1400hp (overkill) and drive nearly like a stock clutch. Just amazing, highly recommended.
  7. Alice Springs, NT. About 2300km away. Only need stub axles that go into side of diff housing. You want to pull the stubs out for me ? You could still sell the rest for someone who wants a Nismo diff. I can believe there are not more as none of the Nismo diffs use the 31t spline R33 GTR shaft. Give me a ring on 0401 779 905 if you want to remove the stub axles / half shafts.
  8. Hi everyone, bought a Quaife rear diff for the R32 GTR and need the non v spec R33 GTR stub axles / half shafts that are 31 tooth splines. Original R32 GTR before 05/93 is 30 tooth and are too small and Nissan the gurus that they are has discontinued them. Part numbers are 38220-24U05 (right) and 38220-24U06 (left) if that helps anyone that can source them, used is ok Would prefer shafts only than to buy an entire diff if possible. Needed ASAP !
  9. BK

    I take the 2.8 turbo diesel Hilux ute to work every morning, the GTRs never ever will get parked in town for any length of time. Yeah the blue 2015 S4 WRX has the baby seat in it. With the new FA20 motors it would still be quicker point to point than anything I've ever driven. They're like an electric car and run 22psi stock. Short 2.8 is together - sump, front diff to block. Waiting on Tomei cam studs before it all goes together.
  10. BK

    Looks like Alice tuning scene is officially dead. So.... R32 has Quaife front diff and 2.8 Nitto stroker kit going in right now. Look out for it at this years Red centre nats.
  11. Is this still for sale ?
  12. Seriously no one has this stuff ?
  13. Located Alice Springs. Yes compatible with RB25 power FC and will work with most Power FC.
  14. BK

    What rear suspension ? I have rear radius arms / traction rods and rear upper arms if needed.