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  1. Sounds good 👍 How does it shift at higher rpm ?
  2. There just seems to be some sort of misconception that shockproof oil or shift additives "fix" your gearbox. Or make it handle more power. They do not. I also find this amusing from the 'mericans. Don't run shockproof, it's not recommended to do so, but use it anyway ? Seriously - muppets across the pond... https://www.gtrusablog.com/2017/02/what-oil-should-i-use-in-my.html?m=1 If you're breaking boxes, maybe you need a stronger box ? 🤔
  3. Ok, enough of the bullshit. Listen to the advice given mate. Please see my recent gearbox upgrade in the white 32 gtr within the build threads - have a gander. If you need shockproof or a shift additive the damage has already been done to the box and will only ever be a band-aid fix. The only way to fix it is to FIX IT. Can you guess the synchro that has had a shift additive ?
  4. To be honest I've seen a lot online in the US doing it that way too, just never seen anyone over here do it with a GTR. The big gun workshops for speed generally use a hoist, get a forklift with long skids supporting the engine and gearbox, undo front subframe and suspension and drop entire engine / transmission / subframe down as a complete unit and lift car up. I would love to be able to do it this way ☺️
  5. It's not a big deal if no one cares to implement it on their RB. I for one have a care factor of zero about this on an RB26 in a GTR.
  6. By the way, that's nuts too. With the engine though, I mean brave in the way that if it lets go it crushes you car. With an engine with a bit of money gone into if it hits the deck you'll destroy thousands in seconds ! Just be bloody careful.
  7. Look in all seriousness the HKS stuff MAY have some merit. Will it be worth doing for the almost negligible gains that it may or may not provide, especially for the cost they will ask ? Absolutely not. I feel this is more about a marketing exercise to give the perception of HKS being relevant from a development point of view.
  8. Amen brother ! Why turn the RB26 into something it's not ? It is what it is.
  9. That is commitment. I can't believe you guys are pulling the motor and transmission out together like that - crazy stuff man ! Who does that ?! Not saying it's wrong, but why not pull the box out first - you have a hoist ? I know the engine cranes are technically rated for it but far out I'm not that brave ! It's nerve racking enough with a bare long engine hanging off the things, let alone another 130kg+ of transmission hanging off the back !
  10. Next on the agenda was to strip the gearbox down for inspection and possible rebuild. Almost wasn't going to do it until we took the gearbox drain plug out and found this... That is parts of the selector teeth from main shaft gears. Upon pulling it down, it was found to be 1st and 2nd main shaft gears completely stuffed on the selector teeth. Someone has been playing race car shifts here and destroyed not only the synchro baulk rings, but also the selector teeth which are part of the main shaft gear. So whenever you hear crunching and grinding in a box, this is actually what you're destroying. See below - note the missing parts of the selector teeth. Really easy to see as when one breaks it leaves a semi circle chuck behind: Like seriously look at this shit. Would you put this crap in your transmission ? This is also what Shockproof or shift additives do to your brass synchros - it literally attacks them. Have a guess which one is a new synchro ? Ok onto the fix. In a nutshell take most of the synchro and gear related parts off the main shaft and put in bin. Assembly of main shaft with new stuff: Ok first and second gears looking good. Hang on, I don't think that's right....Did anyone notice I had swapped first and second gears around ? Whoops ! Note to self - DO NOT drink beers and take photos for SAU when rebuilding gearboxes. Check. Ok now that looks better with first and second the correct way around ! Fast forward a few more parts later and Finished ! Transmission done - beer time again. Though since we were there we better inspect the transfer case. All looked good inside so while it's down we though may as well modify it to a 10 plate upgraded setup. Done ! Now just put box and transfer together and fit it in car. Transmission complete. That's still funny 🤣
  11. Absolutely do not do this ! That's a really good way to destroy your main shaft 5th gear selector teeth.
  12. You obviously have something jamming up your overdrive selector coupler. Could be a main shaft selector tooth, could be a selector coupler locating clip. Box out mate....
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