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  1. As pointed out metric is really pascal in pressure. Kg/cm2 about as useful as measuring power in PS, and possibly HP for that matter instead of watts.
  2. Anything from Japan, but yes I know right ? I just see that measurement and instantly see it as bar, as its close enough to the same thing Also wanted to see if there was any acknowledgement of the fact of having no idea what the oil pressure is in this situation reading the factory gauge, as your not having 8bar cold idle or 4bar hot idle in reality are you ?
  3. I take it that's from the extremely inaccurate factory gauge ?
  4. Just missed this from Melbourne. I'd give em a call as I've just walked in there before and they've had stuff not listed. https://jpjdm.com/shop/index.php?id_product=2461&rewrite=nissan-skyline-r32-passengers-window-switch-&controller=product
  5. My 6466 on the 32 is 450kw/600hp + on 98 at 22-23psi. It's massively faster than the old T51 was at 29psi on 98 ron at over 520kw at wheels, and is safer in the knock department. You can definitely make 700, 800, 900hp on 98 at up to 30psi - but how safely ? The Precision 7685 is a massively, MASSIVELY more power productive turbo than a T51. You're going to reach that damaging knock point earlier at comparative power as cylinder pressures will be higher comparing pound for pound of boost.
  6. Motor sounds like it has a bottom end knock as mysteriously eluded to - especially first video. @Duncan has been very polite, and I commend you on your restraint there mate 😄, I won't be - It's fcked.... Noises like that don't get any better or go away by themselves. If in doubt - engine out.
  7. Remember with E85 it's potentially an 8 second car though 👍
  8. Door rubbers are still available new at about $300 a side. So are the front windows inner and outer trims. The weather strip retainers are too - for about $1200 + a side ! Discontinued original part number is 80960-01U00 - only chance new is via Yahoo auctions Japan. Only realistic way you'll get that switch trim is to find someone selling a used switch with it.
  9. One of the best from Adelaide
  10. Yeah but a 7685 on 15psi on 98 real world? My opinion ? Car will be still mostly asleep until 6000rpm even on a 3.2. With that turbo on low boost it'll be chopped on the street by a Yaris. Not a GR, a normal Yaris. This is a 1300hp + at wheels turbo - low boost and 98 is going to be shit. Not trying to shit on such an expensive combo but this setup is all about the top end and nothing else. It is never going to be a well rounded package. Still keen to see the actual outcome though - It needs E85
  11. Sorry didn't read the above ^ Correct, RB26 is clockwise. Nope. Physically externally the same but with a counter clockwise instead of clockwise rotation. Automatic ADM R31 / VL RB30 TPS. I think I now need glasses...
  12. Gktech one ? I think I'll go a poly one one the white 32 and a billet one in the blue 32. Crank arrived by the way, thanks again dude !
  13. FFS, Are you kidding me ?!!!!! They shoved the vacuum line onto the throttle return spring retainer rod didn't they - in the top left. Correct ??? Was they actually you ? 😁 Always good when fixes are easy and just stupid shit.
  14. Standard oil pressures for RBs from 33 manual: Definitely appears low and doesn't install confidence, but stock oil pump hot pressures of about 15 psi on an RB0/25 or above 22psi on a 26 are normal at idle. If you had a non standard oil pump its definitely a concern - our white 32 RB26 with tight bearing clearances has 15psi hot idle pressure with a Nitto pump. (not good) As mentioned you really need to ask the engine builder on what bearing clearances were set as large clearances reduce oil pressure. If clearances are larger like used for bigger power applications, larger pressure / volume oil pumps are fitted to compensate for this. Tread with caution as your higher rpm oil pressures are more concerning.
  15. I mean go for it if you feel like starting with a brand new box with the updated and more reliable 3rd/4th synchro setup. Your wiring noise just sounds like how they become after the gear mesh wears over time, not necessarily any particular worn bearing.
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