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  1. Next jump up definitely seems to be a 6870, which is what I originally intended.
  2. Camtech 272 camshafts - SOLD This makes me a bit sad really as I'll never get them again since they've shut up shop. 😔 Hope they work out well and make that RB26 rev ☺️
  3. If Kudos Motorsport has them I'd think they'd be genuine Nismo - they don't sell crap or knockoffs. Neither does CJmotor on Ebay. What is confusing is the price at $66 from Kudos and $79 from Jacky at CJmotor. Very strange, as it appears to be genuine as the original "Nismo Design Key" is infact part number KEY01-RN008. For comparison, the definitely known to be genuine BCNR33 GTR keys are $99, but that R33 GTR key is now part of the Nismo Heritage program, part KEY00-RHR30 to replace existing genuine Nissan part KEY00-00185 which is why they've gone from about $50 up to $99. Check RHDjapan. If it's aftermarket and available, they 99% of the time have it listed on their site. This Nismo logo key is not listed on RHDjapan and is definitely not listed in the 2020 Nismo catalogue. I think a call to Andrew at Kudos or Jacky at CJmotor is the only way you'll get an explanation
  4. Yeah the Haltech GM ones are all suprise suprise, imperial threads. The factory thread is M12. I am using a direct fit long nose M12 sensor on my 32, which is Hella sensor 6PT 009 109 041 used on some euro cars. Has Bosch EV1 connector. A few people like Proximity motorsport and Platinum racing are repackaging and reselling them as their own. Looks like this:
  5. Yeah only about 3% of them had it. The old man didn't believe it was a factory colour at first. Dude when I finally hit the dyno this year if it punches out what your 6466 does I'll be more than satisfied. On another note of completely random observation, I was in the Platinum racing site looking at random stuff and noticed they are now an agent for PAR engineering. Had a look at the straight cut dog box gearset and thought the photo looked familiar on their site: Definitely seen it somewhere before.....
  6. You can absolutely run a crank trigger with the Platinum Pro, not as flexible with trigger patterns though. Need 12 tooth on crank / single home setup with hall effect sensors.
  7. Yes correct. Standard configuration is a 4.8mm - 7.0mm front and 5.0mm rear retaining plates with 19 other plates in between that - 12 steels and 7 friction plates all at 2.0mm each. You change the friction and steel plate count, so you can go from standard 7 to a maximum of 10 frictions with any count in between. Realistically though most people jump straight to the 10 plate transfer upgrade for maximum torque handling capacity. I've sold a few like this over the last couple of years and have it like this myself in both 32s.
  8. Not in Sydney but done heaps of them. I will have another modded transfer for sale complete in about 3 or 4 weeks, just waiting on one plate for the front to arrive. They take awhile to modify because obtaining the front retaining plate when changing friction plate count always changes size, and takes ages to get different sizes as some sizes are made to order from Nissan. Why, is there something wrong with yours @SiR_RB ?
  9. Mate you've got eagle eyes, didn't even spot the coils until you pointed it out. Actually the more you look the rougher the entire layout of everything looks. Why you would even bother going away from coil on plug ignition now is beyond me
  10. Depends. Can you yourself replace a complete engine loom ? Making a custom full engine loom and installing it for you will definitely be expensive. It's a bastard of a job. Don't do it - replace the entire engine loom with a Wiring Specialties one. I have - they are great quality, probably better than factory, and pretty reasonably priced. Check them out.
  11. I think I have solved the conundrum of the 33 BM57 master cylinder fluid level connector. @Sneaky Peteprompted me to start looking into this again. NTK were no help - they responded with "we don't know - we just make it to the manufacturers spec" - Great help. Quite a lot of Nissans like Patrols, Pulsars, Jukes and Infinitis use this same sensor, pretty weird to not be able to obtain it easily. Anyway I thought I'd do some digging on if any other car manufacturers use the same or similar sensor and what do you know, the Ford Fiesta 2014 - 2016 uses it. Here is the Ford sensor: Here is the NTK sensor which is identical to the genuine Nissan sensor: This is the Ford / Motorcraft plug available to suit the Fiesta sensor: Genuine Ford part number is DU2Z14S411APA and the Motorcraft part number is WPT-1385. Seem to be only available overseas or on US ebay. Did find these: https://www.carid.com/motorcraft/brake-fluid-level-sensor-connector-mpn-wpt1385.html https://www.ebay.com/p/217797925?iid=164568475349 I think I'm gonna order one after I double check that my 33 plug looks the same but I'm 99% on this - fingers crossed
  12. Agree with Dose pipe 100%. I used to run a 1.5mm Tomei on the first busted 2.8 but changed to a Nitto 1.1mm on current block. I think Nitto goes even smaller to 0.9mm now ?
  13. No, you absolutely will need to machine / grind out the area where the lobes are in the head. Not a big deal really, but they will hit without modification. My Camtechs we trial fitted in the white 32 hit with 9.7mm of lift, and they stated their max drop in was 9.5mm. You'll see what I mean when you try and rotate them when they're bolted in. Kelfords themselves even say only their L182 version cams at 8.7mm are the only bolt in, no modification. Good stuff still 👍
  14. RHDjapan recon $226, but would be old stock if original Nissan like Kudos stock. Can't find a reference in Nismo, but I am pretty retarded sometimes. Original part is 25820-05U00. Might just have to pull it apart and repair as mentioned. Still have my spare other 32 one too
  15. Hi mate. Replace that shit ASAP. Please tell me you never used the factory return line, as it reduces down to about 4mm in the cradle, not the best to be honest. That is way too close for terminal separation when pumps fail. Could've been done much better in the wiring, just glad it didn't fail on you. Aren't you going a surge tank ? Why the FPG twin in tank setup, when the single FPG top hat will be sufficient when running external pumps from a surge tank ?
  16. What a rip-off... More included to pull it apart and repair the solder joints.
  17. Nah I didn't actually, thought they were still normally available. the last one I got out of RHDjapan for the other 32 was about $200, but guess It will be more expensive now
  18. Not too bad. Has pretty good condition 95/96 R33 GTR seats, carpet, instrument gauges, aircon controls functional, rear seats, gearshift and centre console trims, front and rear ashtrays, glove box, sunvisors, roof trims, door window and mirror controls, all seat belts and rear parcel shelf all great. Stereo headunit is ok, door release handles are ok. Interior that we have already replaced in addition is all new aircon dash vents, rear parcel shelf vents, new seat belt upper and lower trim caps, door speaker holders and speaker trim covers, new door grab handles and screw blanking caps, inside mirror triangle trims, full steering column trims, new ignition key surround and cap screws everywhere. Things that need addressing is no floor mats, new front speakers, replace cracked kick panels, dash clock not functioning and the door cards will need replacing or retrimming.
  19. Hey no worries. I got mine from RHDjapan at about $1400ish for the pair, then a bit under $600 for freight, then a bit over $300 in GST / import duty / govt tax. Nengun was more expensive even before tax. Amayama was the cheapest at a bit under $1300, but wanted nearly $1200 to ship them ! Admittedly that includes all import duty and tax, but far out it seemed excessive. I've been sourcing stuff for a long time and no one is faster or more efficient than RHDjapan. Nengun is ok, but never ever are cheaper or faster than RHDjapan. From order to my door in two weeks. Amayama is generally good, but has been painfully slow since the pandemic hit. Still a good choice if you're not in a hurry.
  20. I have a solution... Brand new outer sills from Japan. Not cheap at $2300 delivered incl. Tax
  21. Thank you good sir ! I just wish the car was a bit better base to start with for his sake. He is 76 now and jumping under the thing is getting harder and harder for him to do. After discussion, the car will be completely redone again in Nissan 326 R32 white but will retain a black engine bay. When I say destroyed outer sills, I mean it. Probably the worst I've seen in 20 years. She'll be right mate, that'll just buff right out 👍
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