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  1. For sale is a lot of NEW and used RB26 and GTR parts that need to go. Got way too much stuff and don't have the space. Photos will be updated regularly (and tell me if I've forgotten to upload something). All used parts in near new condition with less than 1000km of use as I keep changing direction on builds. Contact to arrange postage as I am in Alice Springs, NT. All prices negotiable to some degree so make me an offer ! There will be more but this is the first lot. Modified R32/R33 transfer case. 10 clutch plate (standard is 7 plate) Racepace / Midori Sebei / AGY style upgrade. Fully rebulit back to factory 0.2 - 0.5mm clutch pack clearances when clutch pack was modified (new retaining pressure plates, clutch plates, oil pump o-rings, strainer filter, ect). - $1500 Nitto 2.8 billet 4340 steel full counter stroker crankshaft - 77.7mm. Not used since regrind to mains (10thou) -0.25mm and big ends (20thou) -0.50mm. Rebalanced, crack tested, checked for straightness and journal hardness by Rick Corbett Engineering in Adelaide 19th. November 2018 - $3400 (worth $5600 new + $500 machine work.) Trust / Quaife 3F1 6 speed H pattern straight cut dog box with freshly modified 10-plate transfer case. $8300 NEW Skyline BCNR33 GTR and ECR33 GTS25t heater blend air mix actuator 27732-15U01 (one of the two causes of that stupid R33 aircon fan clicking sound common fault) - $220 OS Giken OS-88 direct shifter with gearknob - (shifter only, no retaining rings) - $100 USED R32 GTR ROSS TUFFBOND METAL JACKET HARMONIC BALANCER - $550 Like new. Done 1000km - SOLD Race clutch by Jim berry full monty 4000lb 5 puck push style race clutch. Comes with push release bearing and correct 16mm bearing carrier- $1400 $1300 (Slightly used - has less than 0.5mm wear) - SOLD 2 x R32/R33 GTR splitfire coilpack sets SF-DIS-001- $300 each - SOLD TRUST / Greddy RB26 R32 / R33 GTR extended sump with pickup and baffle. Ready to bolt on - $800 - SOLD HKS DLI twin power with R32/R33 GTR plug in harness 43001-AK001- $450 now discontinued - SOLD Forged CP pistons 86.5mm with used rings less than 500km - $600 - SOLD Crower I-beam billet steel conrods - $1000 used but almost like new (Cost me $2200) - SOLD RB starter motor from R32 GTR - $150 (new ones are $700) - SOLD Nitto 86.5mm 2.8l stroker pistons - $1000 used but almost like new (must be used with Nitto 2.8 crank as piston pin height is different to standard) - SOLD Nitto 121.5mm billet steel I-beam conrods - $950 used but almost like new - SOLD Nitto oil pump - $1000 used but like new - SOLD Apexi Power FC boost control kit - 3 pin 415-A001- $350 (suits R32/R33/R34 GTR, early S14, R33 GTS25t Skyline) - SOLD Apexi D-Jetro Power FC with new type EL type hand controller 414BN035 - $1250 includes 2 x APEXi (Denso) 3 bar MAP Sensors (499-X001) 1 x MAP Sensor Harness (415-XA04) - SOLD R32 GTR R200 30 tooth spline rear diff half shaft pair - $400 (used in Nismo GT diffs) - SOLD NEW genuine Nissan 31 tooth spline rear diff half shafts (Suit Quaife or OS Giken rear diff upgrade for pre 94 R32 GTR which is 30t standard) - $850 - Almost impossible to obtain now - SOLD BARELY USED R33/R34 GTR RB26 genuine long nose crank fully balanced - $1200 used but almost like new. Has had $500 of machine balancing for high RPM - REPORT AVAILABLE (Just crank new is $1900 rrp) - $1250 - SOLD R33 GTR converted to push type gearbox rebuilt with replaced synchros - $1450 Not used since rebuild. Still in shed not fitted. Fitted with R32 transfer case. - SOLD 4 x R32 GTR 16 x 8 wheels with 255/50 Mickey Thompson ET street drag radials. - $900 - SOLD R32 GTR mechanical LSD rear diff centre. Suit 30 tooth spline - $195 - SOLD R32 GTR rear diff cover (89 - 92 early type - finned) - $120 - SOLD Used HKS purple alloy oil filler cap - $30 - SOLD NEW ARP RB26 flywheel bolts - $75 -SOLD Used R32 GTR / GTSt adjustable rear upper control arms - $60 - SOLD Used Rear R33 GTR sway bar - $90 (Good S14 or S15 upgrade) Used R33 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 Used R32 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 NEW R33 GTR / GTS25T STS Performance (made in UK) 3 ply silicone lower radiator hose in RED from GCG turbos (not chinese ebay crap) - $45 R32 GTR interior clock - DOESN"T WORK for parts only - $50 (they are $300+ new and you can get these fixed for $50 - $100. resistors under LCD need replacing) NEW genuine NISMO 1.3 bar radiator cap - $50 - SOLD Used Nismo 65deg C low temp thermostat - $40 suits all RBs - SOLD R33 GTR standard ECU - $150 Used R32 GTR front diff centre - $110 Used R33 GTR front diff centre - $120 Used RB26 lower front belt timing cover - $50 (worth $100 new) Used RB26 crankshaft lower timing belt gear - $70 (worth $170 new) 2 X New RB26 genuine NIssan head gasket 11044-05U16 - $90 each (rrp $130) NEW TOMEI 1.5MM BLOCK RESTRICTOR - $10 - SOLD NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT 74967-05U00 - $50 (rrp $70) NEW NISSAN 14mm PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE / CARRIER 30501-N1604 (rrp $50) used on a lot of multi plate clutches. CARRIER ONLY (suits most multi plate clutches out there eg. Exedy Hyper Twin ) - $40 Used 18mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-S0260 / 30501-S0200 (used on standard R32 GTR, OS GIKEN R4C, TS3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 Used 26mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-K0510 (used on OS GIKEN R3C and R3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 OS GIKEN 5 speed transmission. Uprated 24t OS input shaft. New Updated R33 GTR series 3 synchros and selector forks. Push type clutch release. R32/R33 GT-R transfer case. Business only addresses only- $6000 - ON HOLD Will list more as I get the time. Contact Ben on 0401 779 905 OS GIKEN 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION WITH R32 GTR TRANSFER CASE R32 GTR REAR MECHANICAL LSD DIFF CENTRE - 30 TOOTH SPLINE R32 / R33 GTR FRONT OPEN DIFF CENTRE RB26 86.5MM CP FORGED ALUMINIUM PISTON SET RB26 CROWER BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH CROWER ROD BOLTS NITTO / JE FORGED ALUMINIUM 2.8L 86.5MM PISTON KIT RB26 LOWER TIMING BELT COVER NITTO RB26 BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH ARP 2000 ROD BOLTS RB26 GTR LONG NOSE FULLY BALANCED CRANKSHAFT R33 GTR 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION - FULLY RECONDITIONED R32 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD R33 GTR AND GTS25T HEATER MIXER - BRAND NEW. FIX THAT STUPID CLICKING SOUND IN YOUR R33. R33 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD NISSAN NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT NEW NISSAN 14MM PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE NITTO 77.7MM 2.8 BILLET FULL COUNTER STROKER CRANK - FRESH FROM MACHINE SHOP OS Giken OS-88 solid direct shifter Ross tuffbond metal jacket harmonic balancer / damper Jim berry race clutch
  2. No one need a dog box ? Got too many boxes now ! ARP flywheel bolts sold pending payment....
  3. BK

    yeah large pulling edge so you can get a decent puller that won't slip off the pulling edge and really get some torque into it.
  4. BK

    Yep that's it, high tensile with 5mn steps on the end. Not home made, was made by a machining shop here with our supplied dimensions. Cost about $100. By the look of your sleeve you have no edge, so I assume you were trying to pull on the bolts directly, which won't work. Need a thick sleeve so there is a decent thread contact area on the sleeve puller. You need something like what I've showed you, never had an issue with this setup using it on multiple gearboxes.
  5. BK

    This is what we got made up from a machinist to get that sleeve off. Basically the same idea as the factory tool to allow a puller something to grab.
  6. Ok in the middle of putting the 32 back together with new CRD built Nitto 2.8. Running an old HKS T51S 1.00 a/r turbo and have been tossing up replacing turbo. Considering- The new GTIII-5R - anyone running one ? Can't find any info on a Gtr running one or any real world results. Very interested in this turbo.
  7. Ok spoke to Con at CRD again this morning. Decision made - PT6466 with T4 twin scroll 1.00a/r will be going on. Bye bye HKS 😭 Be sad to see her go but am very excited to see results when completed !
  8. Just added for sale Trust / Quaife 3F1 6 speed H pattern straight cut dog box with freshly modified transfer case added for sale. $8500 ONO shipped anywhere (possibly throw a clutch in there with it with the right buyer). Going sequential so not needed - make and offer !
  9. If your keeping up with the conversation you'll see it looks like I'll be changing to a Precision. Definitely 6466 or 6870. Leaning towards 6870. Would still love to have v band in and out on exhaust housing, V bands are awesome to work on and no gaskets. A/r sizes in v band i think are .082 and .96, but twin scroll is 1.00 and up. What housing sizes are recommended and is twin scroll that much better than using the v band inlet housing ?
  10. There is a reason I still have gt-ss / -9 turbos on my 33, or are they considered shit too ? Sorry didn't read above. I will swap to -10 on 33 ASAP !
  11. 500 - 600kw at wheels. The turbo now has done 520kw but have only ever done a 10.6 so yes it is very laggy. I'm thinking PTE 6466 or 6870 is the go.
  12. Yeah ok point taken 😆 😀you've given me a good laugh reading that after the shit day I've had ! Everyone will probably slap me for this, but my manifold that the current turbo bolts to is a split pulse T4 flange with a T4 to 99mm v band adaptor to mount the hks. Don't the Precisions and Garrett's have T4 flange mounts ?
  13. According to GCG the problem is my exhaust housing is massive as the wheel is massive, meaning the compatible garrett my housing will fit is a GTX45 based turbo. I am under the impression this is a huge turbo. Was quoted $5300 without exhaust housing for the GTX4508r which will suit my hks housing - holy shit I said as it ends up being a $6k turbo in the end. Well this is not good....
  14. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm ? No power fc is gone and have Haltech elite 2500 with 4 bar map, R35 coilpacks and Ross trigger kit. You realise that HKS curve is not an RB26, but I get that they are overlaying it against a T51R to compare. Lithium, you're probably right about it not being better than a T51R. Like I said I have no idea on how good or bad the T51R is, so I cant comment. I do appreciate everyone's input trying to be helpful as that is why I asked the question on real world RB26 results with this turbo. Dose pipe, that's exactly what I brought up with GCG about possibly doing - it basically becomes a new ball bearing Garrett with the HKS 1.00a/r v band exhaust housing on the back. Anyone know what turbo that you would use for that, that would be compatible with my exhaust housing ? Who is Tao and Hypergear ? I'm calling GCG back now regarding this
  15. Don't bother as I just got off the phone with GCG and they can confirm that the HKS 99.1/115.5mm v band sizes on the exhaust housing are HKS specific. They could modify what I've already got with possibly different wheels and ball bearing core. That said, in their opinion the difference in spool improvement is marginal with ball bearing cores over journal bearing. Increased spool mainly comes from more efficient wheel and housing design than anything else. Don't get me wrong, having ball bearing chra is good but it's not the " be all, end all" of a good turbo. If the new 5r has a more efficient housing and wheel design surely it could still be a good thing.
  16. FFS stop worrying about the price and banging on about being journal bearing. I already have a journal bearing turbo and can live with it now if I had to as it hits bloody hard already. I'm trying to gauge if this will be a big improvement over what I've already got. Supposed to match T51R Spl BB for response, but I have no 1st hand experience with an Spl. I really did want a PTE 6466 or 6870 but looks like different v band sizes compared to what I've got. Can anyone else confirm if Garrett GTX series or similar has the 99 and 115 v band ex housing sizes, as I'll change to anything that's better than what I've already got if it matches my manifold and dump. If not I guess I will be going the very uncool and gay hks route.
  17. All PMs replied to. Fresh 10 plate (standard is 7) modified transfer case is now completed and up for sale. Like new inside and reset back to factory new tolerances. New drive / friction plates, new strainer filter, new oil pump o rings, new retaining and pressure plates, shimmed back to factory 0.2mm - 0.5mm (8 - 20 thou) drum clearance as per required tolerance (around 13 thou from memory). $1500
  18. $4k Fully landed from my Japan contacts, not $4400 from Nengun or 5k like CJ motor. Be a little bit more modifying oil and water lines but will have installed for less than $5k. Yep will post results after installation but will be probably be around May / June as gotta get car 2700km one way to Sydney to tune.
  19. I run old HKS T51S which is Garrett TA45S based, so I would like a drop in replacement ideally as I have the hks v band inlet/outlet in exhaust housing which seems to be HKS specific sizes - 99.1mm in and 115.5mm out. Precision and Garrett appear not to do these sizes and I want to avoid new manifold and dump pipe fabrication, hence looking into this new offering from HKS. Can get turbo at $3800 and delivered from Japan for a bit under $4k. That seems reasonable compared to Precision and Garrett to me.
  20. Ok so I take it there is no one running one of these in Australia, I might have to be the Guinea pig then.
  21. ATS clutch discs - SOLD 31tooth rear diff shafts - SOLD Jim berry race clutch price drop - $1300
  22. BK

    I know my new RB26 block had "RB26" stamped into it on the engine number plate area, and then had to stamp the rest of the new engine number as provided by MVR there myself. Engine number is recorded on rego as RB26xxxxxxxxx so they know what engine is in it here. We do have yearly vin, engine number checks and pit inspections here in the NT though.
  23. BK

    Ok so your pulling the box down to do synchro repairs. Fair enough replace them then while it's apart. Sounded like you wanted to pull the box down just for bearings as you didn't mention synchro problems. If it crunches intermittently yeah there worn or you've got wrong oil. Remember GL-4 in these brass synchro boxes, GL-5 creates shift problems.
  24. BK

    No change between bearings from 89 - 98 (All GTR 5 speed FS5W30A and Z32 and R33 GTS-25t) regardless of push or pull. No difference in box internals until 97 series 3 R33 where synchro baulk rings, shift spring insert and selector fork changes happened on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear (ie. the changes you need to do to run a current OS giken gearset in an older box). In other words no difference in bearings across all 5 speed GTR. DO NOT get RB20 set, different. Just a question, why change the bearings on a box with no problems ? A lot of effort to do if there is no problem to start with. The bearings are pretty durable and don't need changing unless some serious abuse / neglect has gone through the box. Don't waste your time unless it's rooted (which means a good 2nd hand box is cheaper than the parts to properly rebuild)