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  1. I replaced my stock 2003 Bose stereo with a Pioneer double din screen. I didn't have any adapters and I retained the amp and both back speakers. I can honestly say after owning and doing up car stereos that my car sounds like it has a sub. It is insane! Don't know what i did to retain the amp.
  2. Also just found Stock cats $125 Stock fascia kit with air con unit $75 Amp to accompany the sub. Very powerful. Will match any sub out there. $75
  3. It appears as though it doesn't. Not sure where it is.
  4. Powerduct? Heard of it, just not sure which bit. I replaced the whole thing with a pop charger and 350z air tube. If that helps?
  5. Hi Guys. Found a few V35 parts in my garage clean out today. Make an offer. Parts are from a 2003 Coupe and have all done less than 60,000kms. Stock airbox, filter and tube $100 Stock suspension, shocks and springs. $400 Replaced at 70,000km as I upgraded. Good condition 2 Stock headlights. No ballasts, just housing. $50 each Aftermarket 18s with brand new rear tyres and near new fronts. $1000 ONO Stock front and rear sway bars $75 each Kicker sub box with 2 x 12inch. Compspec 800rms in total. $200 Can provide more photos if required. I live in SA. Cheers
  6. And that is why it is an issue when it wants my front wheels to behave. Of the scenarios where it did it to me, it was far to soon and unnecessary. It was VDC happy.
  7. Its from the bottom of the fender above your wheel to your centre hub. That's how we do it in SA. Some traffic cops have a book about 50 pages long with every make and model (within reason) with every measurement imaginable. Track height, wheel width etc etc
  8. Actuate the front wheels yes...by completely stopping you from turning or accelerating. The experience I was having was killing driving as it would do it around intersections at low speed!
  9. SOLVED!!! What year is yours? I think the problem may lie with aggressive VDC in the 03 models. There is a Yaw sensor underneath the cup holders. I unplugged that after a bit of research and WALA! I just drove through the hills with no problems what so ever! Slip and VDC OFF remain lit up, but if that's all it takes then I'm all for that. I will mock up a little rocker switch for on and off control soon. It is amazing to be able to drive "spirited" again. Wow!
  10. I am the nicest one going around! I love having chats with people about their cars. It is peoples passion which most cops don't understand. My team is full of rev heads. One is restoring a VH Commodore and another has a 68 Falcon. We actively research car events just to have a look while were not busy!
  11. So radius arm bushes and compression rod bushes? Does your car do anything similar to this? Or can you thrash corners in fear of your rear end going first? (which is what i want)
  12. Back to square one!! Scans came back clear. Front radius arm bushes are shagged but he said doesn't cause my problem. Speed sensors and steering adjustment AOK. Just putting the feelers out...can you guys attack corners and sweeping bends in a spirited run? My other friends V35 does very similar but not as often as mine. Apparently the yaw control kicks in when the front wheels are about to go. My friends VE had loose brake pads up front and his did the same thing as mine. That is my next step, new brake pads. I will also switch back to the old wheels and then see how i go. I remember when i first bought this car and drove chain of ponds in SA, i could thrash it, no steering problem. Very frustrating!!!
  13. Mate, speaking as a Police Officer in SA I can tell you now that if you don't draw attention to yourself i.e driving like a knob, stupid exhaust and dark tint, Then you won't have any problems from us. In fact, if i see you driving I would love to have a chat!
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