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  1. motor's sitting in the engine bay all built - car will hopefully be put together in the next couple of months and tuned on E85
  2. It's a RB26 ATI 1000HP balancer. cheers for the info.
  3. Hey It's 26/30 bits, i noticed the massive difference between the 26 and 25 torque setting, which is why i was so curious that the 30 may be different torque setting again... any clarification? thanks again
  4. Hey guys, what is the torque setting for the RB30 harmonic balancer / crank bolt and the flywheel bolts (and any others that may be useful). I've read the rb26 and rb30 are different... so need some clarification and specs cheers
  5. pretty sure it came from QLD with RB20DETT and was engine swapped to the RB25DE + TT
  6. at one stage it had a RB25DE engine with standard gtr twin turbo setup on it... made decent power then i think it went bang.
  7. what is the torque setting to tighten it back up?
  8. PM's sent -already got calipers too
  9. located in SA wtb REAR R32 standard brake lines standard discs (reasonable condition) reasonable 2nd hand brake pads.
  10. here's a pic - screw in... with the green end for push on connector
  11. huddy

    Rb26 Parts

    thanks for replies - think i've got it sorted
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