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  1. OS88 is the 6 speed sequential, not a gear kit for a standard box. OS does a push/pull converter for the 33 box which would be the easiest way to do it. The gear kit works with the factory gearbox parts.
  2. WMDC35

    Plenty using BC or OZ with 10kg springs on the front, can put the 8s that were on the front on the rear if needed.
  3. No restrictor needed in the line for that.
  4. WMDC35

    I generally don't hear from anyone running it on the street, all track cars. It doesn't look like it's going to happen in NZ, Gull says they'll consider putting in new tanks with new stations as the cost of upgrading existing stations is too high, saying that they've just built a new one at Millwater which didn't get it. It's a circle, they're not making more available as there's not enough demand, and there's not enough demand because there's not enough available FFS.
  5. The NEO cam doesn't have the right drive for the early alloy type R33 CAS? If it's got the alloy CAS it's not a NEO head or someone has put a 26 EX cam in it which would be unlikely. If it's a late S2 plastic type forget the top line. They would've just swapped the intake for everything else.
  6. If you're changing the pistons you could sort the compression and keep the neo head
  7. I'd check the cam timing as above, also what's the ignition timing doing through the range. It sounds timing related.
  8. WMDC35

    The coppermix single is an awesome clutch around that power but for the extra $ just get the twin
  9. Check with GReddy or whoever you're getting them from, they usually give a guide of what size wheel
  10. Surprising you can't get something, R33 fits R34 GTT
  11. According to my info the 34GTR rad is different to GTT, haven't seen the 34GTR type so not sure what is different
  12. WMDC35

    Stock cams, the turbo is holding the top end back more than the cams
  13. WMDC35

    Just keep or get a standard exhaust, a de sounds better quiet
  14. The ignitor can be wired out if you have the right coils, don't know how that will help with the injector issue though???
  15. WMDC35

    Doesn't sound good, if they're a decent brand you should be able to buy a new pillow ball & top, sounds like they'll be worn all round though