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  1. Yeah the qd32 box has a longer input, it's not that easy to come by & usually not cheap
  2. There is a 5 speed but by the time you found one and then swapped the font half of the casing or made an adapter it would've been easier just to get a 25 box
  3. It's not the same or similar if it's a 6 speed
  4. You can see the stock injectors in the photo, must be stock electrics so will run with low boost
  5. If it's a Laurel the stock fan usually works well
  6. /\ You should usually keep the pipe the same size as the compressor outlet until the intercooler
  7. You really need 12 turbos, one for each intake valve if you want power and response
  8. What parts do you have from the 330 setup?
  9. Vee is atmo, dual is atmo, plumb back or 50/50, if the car is pretty std and runs an afm you really want plumb back, if that's the case why change the std bov
  10. OS88 is the 6 speed sequential, not a gear kit for a standard box. OS does a push/pull converter for the 33 box which would be the easiest way to do it. The gear kit works with the factory gearbox parts.
  11. Plenty using BC or OZ with 10kg springs on the front, can put the 8s that were on the front on the rear if needed.
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