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  1. Saying you think or thought something because of what people are doing isn't a concrete statement Someone could say it fits but its not quite right but you have to blow it up & say i'm bashing people , ok superben Not worth bothering i'll just delete my account like everyone else
  2. Depending on what country you're in can make a big difference, the head gasket issue is what will hurt you the most, just need to advertise it & see who's around at the time
  3. I haven't bothered pulling the intake off a de neo but as I said I thought they mustn't be much different with so many turbo intakes on de's. You can correct people without saying they're making bullshit statements & trying to make an argument when you added nothing. So there's no turbo intakes on de's? That's a bullshit statement? This is why so many that used to comment on SAU have gone
  4. Fill it up, zero the trip, drive & then fill it again to calculate k/l
  5. Yeah need to go by km/l not the gauge, usually around 10km/l , highway usually a bit better
  6. Plenty of neo de's with turbo intakes on them around, I think that small port thing was started by someone that got a 20 head but was told/thought it was a 25 head
  7. Have seen some leak from the seal between the filler neck & the tank which would probably leave it with around 1/4 of a tank
  8. (Or vice versa, neo box should be pull clutch)
  9. The trans issue in the early ones was usually the material around the input bearing wasn't good so would usually put a new bell housing Will probably need brakes & wheels can crack
  10. Easiest way is usually find the twin cam loom for whatever car you have
  11. Probably the short cable at the front has broken, never seen that happen
  12. It's been ages since I've played with that stuff but I think it's the purple plug. The BOV may have also contributed to the rev drop issue.
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