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  1. Check with GReddy or whoever you're getting them from, they usually give a guide of what size wheel
  2. Surprising you can't get something, R33 fits R34 GTT
  3. According to my info the 34GTR rad is different to GTT, haven't seen the 34GTR type so not sure what is different
  4. Stock cams, the turbo is holding the top end back more than the cams
  5. Just keep or get a standard exhaust, a de sounds better quiet
  6. The ignitor can be wired out if you have the right coils, don't know how that will help with the injector issue though???
  7. Doesn't sound good, if they're a decent brand you should be able to buy a new pillow ball & top, sounds like they'll be worn all round though
  8. The s1 & 2 injectors are the same purple side feeds, never had any trouble with e10
  9. Never had any issues with the FPR800, they're not designed to hold fuel pressure after shut down.
  10. Seen the yellow side feed Subaru injectors used many times without issues. We're they cleaned & tested?
  11. You mean LS? lol
  12. Contact Kelfords, they'll sort something out for it
  13. As above, 4D fuel table, ethanol on one axis & usually rpm on the other, same plan for ignition & cold start tables.
  14. I got them from GReddy for one of the drift guys & still had the email