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  1. No longer own a 33 GTR Have a bunch of random parts, some are new some are old. Prefer to sell them all together, but will separate if enough interest, not really sure what they are worth so take the lot for $200. Main items for sale are; Stock R33 GTR ECU, my car was a 95 from memory. - $100 Never used RB26 Clear Timing cover - $70 Random Gaskets - they look like exhaust/turbo, thermostat, possibly a rear main seal? and a few that i can't remember what they are for. Pics tell the story for that one. - $50 Self made RWD Switch for the R33 - Worked great, factory blank panel ready to pop in - $10 Brand new handbrake cover, black with blue stitching - $15 Pod filter Cover, Air Dancer? - $10 Stock Cam Gears, used but are in good condition - $50 Aftermarket stereo connectors ready for your new headunit - $2 Pics of everything is here http://imgur.com/a/QN2oC Pickup - Diamond Creek, Victoria. Will post at buyers expense
  2. Thanks for expanding a bit on my post, Im on my phone so can be a bit lazy. If your track oil temps are within normal ranges of daily driving, I am not sure what I would do...
  3. The reason people drop there oil after a track day is due to the amount of heat the oil sustains when being driven on the track. Excessive heat on any engine oil reduces its effective life immensely. If you find yourself in the higher rpms at a track day, you should dump your oil. Also keep this in mind on the steet. Pending how you drive. If you want to know for sure. There are places that analyze your engine oil.
  4. And wow thats crazy clean, but being 15w-50 isn't that a little thick? 15w seems a bit thick for cold start.
  5. Bit off topic - but what was the cause for the bearing failure?
  6. Interesting, because we have a few other cars in our house hold, and the hoist arms are not "short" enough to reach the factory jacking points, resulting in the pad being a little bit before or after depending how centered the car is. Would it be better to have the pad so the cutout goes into the sill or have it so the sill rests on the outside of the pad? (probs a dumb question now that i read it back)
  7. Do you think that applies to all cars? not just GTR/skylines? And would the pad have to be on that exact spot with the cutouts on the sill? or could you lift it proportionally down either side?
  8. His name is John, Really nice guy and got me a pad with a thicker groove so it did not contact the sill, only the mounting points. Basically mimicked the factory jack. www.johnwards.com.au
  9. Has to be one of the cleanest GTR's out there. Come on people!
  10. short distance driving is normally considered "Harsh" driving by most manufactures, which in turn calls for more frequent servicing. I would stick with the 6 month, 5,000km. I would not extend it to 10-15k, but thats just me. Im fussy.
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