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  1. How do you go with the width of the tyres for insurance? I was told that they had to be within a certain size of the original tyres to be legal/insurable, I could be wrong? Also could i get some pics emailed to me please? If so I can PM you my email addy Thanks
  2. Whats involved in getting it rereg'd in another state, I'm in Vic and this looks very much like something I'd be very interested in
  3. My only worry with importing is not being able to take it for a drive first etc to see what its like, I dont like the idea of spending that much dosh only to get a car that needs work done to it, I also have a mechanic mate who would be happy to come with me and check them out.
  4. Thanks Adzmax, did you buy yours privately or from a dealer? I need to spend some time in Melb going to a few dealers and finding out what they have, I dont wanna leave getting the car too late due to all these stupid compliance law changes. Who are you insured through? I got a "dummy quote" from Just Cars for $1356/year full comprehensive with normal intake, intercooler, bov, boost controller etc etc mods which I thought was very reasonable for a 23 y/o I'd appreciate any little bits of info like what dealers you found good or otherwise, I know you probably can't post that information in the open forum but a PM would be handy if you have the time Thanks
  5. Hi all, I apologise for any strange posts but I'm new to skylines, have always had a thing for them and finally I've decided to hopefull purchase an R34 GTT. I wanted to know what I should be looking for, I'm looking to spend between $35k and $40k and I'm living near Melbourne. Am I better to get as close to stock as possible or would I get better value getting one that has had a few mods already performed? I would like a boost controller, BOV, exhaust, gauges and suspension etc done at some stage. Is there other mods I should be looking for? What things should I look out for when looking at these cars? I'm going to spend a couple of months doing research before making a purchase so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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