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  1. Yep I thought It would have been snapped up sooner as well, I thought the price I put it up for initially was reasonable but I guess the market dictates that not the seller Anyway this is now sold pending payment. Thanks guys
  2. R32 Standard Cat back Exhaust Hi There For sale Is this original catback back exhaust off an r32. This was on my gtst but as far as im aware its the same as an r32 gtr catback exhaust. Price: $250 Condition: Good for age, has rust marks, dirt etc but no significant damage, dents or holes. heat shields in place. Im sure a good polish would see it come up quite nicely. Location: Brisbane Northside Cheers Ben
  3. Sorry if Im stating the obvious but regardless of the turbo not wanting to hit over 16psi, shouldnt it be hitting 16psi on that turbo under 4000RPM as opposed to 5000Rpm. Looking at the boost curve too it seems the boost ramp rate is actually being hindered around 8-9 psi, it should continue building boost as quickly if not faster between 9-16psi as it does for 0-9 psi. Theres got to be some sort of leak somewhere or something bleeding air when it isnt supposed too ?
  4. These are rear mounts. This is the link to the product. http://www.isccoilovers.com.au/isc-rubber-front-or-rear-strut-tops It says front or rear in description but Im not sure if it would fit front, definitely works on the rear.
  5. R32 ISC Suspension Top mounts Hey Guys I have these Brand New never used R32 ISC top mounts. I no longer need them. For some reason I seem to have lost 1 nut for the top. Im asking $150 including postage to anywhere within Australia. They are $200 brand new not including postage. Located in Brisbane Call or text me on 0468778939 Cheers Ben
  6. Sorry I only just saw your response !!! Thanks a lot just what I wanted to know. Sounds reasonably quiet too which is good to know. Thanks again
  7. Hey Guys Im interested in buying a kakimoto 06 regu or n1 fullmega catback for my r32 gtst and was wondering if anyone on the northside of Brisbane has one fitted that I can have a look at / listen to help me make my decision. Cheers in advance Ben
  8. Ok awesome. Only reason I said that is I bought r33 gts4 stuff off him 3-4 years ago and on the gts4, the springs weren't trapped at full droop so must be a little different on the gtst. Sounds like the way to go then !!!
  9. Yea I have emailed Gary to ask if he is still selling the items from the Group buy kit years ago so we will see what happens I guess. My gut feeling is that DMS will wan't to run a fairly high rate compared. Yep ok I was thinking along those lines for spring rates as well so hopefully Gary can still provide those shocks. Otherwise where else can I buy them ? Do you use factory top mounts or ISC / something aftermarket for more travel ? Do you run helpers to keep the springs trapped ? Yea I think Gary has said in the past 27mm front and 24mm rear is better for a gtst but Whiteline only sell 24mm all round now as far as I can tell so 22mm isnt a option either unfortunately.
  10. Yea I spoke to Josh as well but was not very impressed with what he recommended / the way he sets up suspension. His view is to use standard ARB with hard springs to control roll and pitch, squat, dive etc. Yes this means you get more Independence side to side however it means they run ridiculous spring rates on the street as a result. He recommended for a r32 gtst that 10kg front and 4 kg rear would be a "comfortable option". His other comment to me when I asked why the spring rates were almost 4 times stiffer than factory on the front was that "we haven't tested a factory r32 gtst and don't test factory cars setup, we just look at a car and decide what we think will work best". How can you make something better without knowing how it handles from factory ?