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  1. Hey There Up for sale is a set of very good condition Original Work emotion XT7 wheels, with bridgestone Potenza s001 tyres. There is a small rash on one of the spokes of a front wheel, other than that they are in good condition as the photos show. Wheels Specs 114.3 18 x 9.5 +38 with 255 35 18 tyre at around 40% tread 18 x 8.5 +32 with 225 40 18 tyre at around 60% tread $1200
  2. Ben26

    I get caught up spending so much time working on and modifying my cars, then pushing them too hard and breaking them, that I dont often actually just enjoy the freedom of driving. One of the best things about cars are the places they can take you and the adventures they can provide !!! Or maybe thats me being a little too philosophical about it hehe. Oh and your car is looking great by the way.
  3. Ben26

    I Love your adventures. These cars need to be enjoyed not just worked on in the garage to be admired and nothing beats a road trip with good food !!!
  4. Ben26

    Yes please if you can Revhead
  5. Oh sorry I completely forgot. $350
  6. Ben26

    Would someone please change my username to Ben26 please. Cheers Ben
  7. For sale are these BC coilovers for an R34 gtt. Included in the sale is the lengthened adjsuters for the rear to allow you to adjust the dampers without removing the rear seats. Overall good condition, no noticeable leaks. Im happy to post anywhere in the country. Cheers Ben
  8. Ok can an admin let me know how I can adjust the original listing ? Tyres are sold so the wheels are available on their own now for $1600.
  9. Ah ok no problem, im after the plug plus the surround (what it plugs into). Cheers Ben
  10. Hey mate im interested in the cig lighter. Is it the complete assembly ? If so can you send me some close up pics please. I tried to PM you however SAU wont let me ? Cheers Ben