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  1. Congrats mate! Always brings a big smile to my face to see another BNR32 getting brought back to life Remember, they are essentially a race car put into production, made to go around corners, FAST! Try to always keep that in mind. Best of luck, will be 👀
  2. Hi Wayne We have a complete bottom end available, everything machined & assembled, ready to go. Consists of 05U block, factory crank, Tomei rods, Nitto pistons, ACL Race bearings. Shoot me a PM or give the shop a call on 07 3800 3532. Cheers Robbie
  3. Hey guys Chasing one of these please. PM me or txt on 0407 175 417 Cheers!
  4. I received my renewal. 50% increase on last years. $975 up to $1,475. (BNR32, $80k agreed value, $500 excess). I gave them a call and they have increased prices on all grey imports. Especially GT-R's. Lets face it, they were very very good value and all good things must come to end. I bumped up my excess to $1k and the premium is now $1,100 and no extra to pay monthly. Still quite good value in my eyes. Only 2 more years or so for club rego and then should be able to reduce both costs a bit more right?!
  5. RB26 sump Hi Guys Chasing RB26 sump please. PM me or txt me on 0407 175 417. Cheers
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