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  1. $$slowmedown

    Hi Wayne We have a complete bottom end available, everything machined & assembled, ready to go. Consists of 05U block, factory crank, Tomei rods, Nitto pistons, ACL Race bearings. Shoot me a PM or give the shop a call on 07 3800 3532. Cheers Robbie
  2. $$slowmedown

    Hey guys Chasing one of these please. PM me or txt on 0407 175 417 Cheers!
  3. $$slowmedown

    I received my renewal. 50% increase on last years. $975 up to $1,475. (BNR32, $80k agreed value, $500 excess). I gave them a call and they have increased prices on all grey imports. Especially GT-R's. Lets face it, they were very very good value and all good things must come to end. I bumped up my excess to $1k and the premium is now $1,100 and no extra to pay monthly. Still quite good value in my eyes. Only 2 more years or so for club rego and then should be able to reduce both costs a bit more right?!
  4. $$slowmedown

    RB26 sump Hi Guys Chasing RB26 sump please. PM me or txt me on 0407 175 417. Cheers
  5. $$slowmedown

    Email sent
  6. $$slowmedown

    PM sent mate
  7. $$slowmedown

  8. $$slowmedown

    WTB R34 GTR in MNP3 only Chasing above please. Aus wide. Let me know what's out there Please contact via PM or txt on 0407 175 417 Cheers
  9. 32 GT-R front seat belt female buckles Chasing a set of the genuine Nissan buckles that bolt onto the front seats PM or txt me on 0407 175 417 Cheers
  10. $$slowmedown

    32 GT-R bonnet latch mechanism PM or txt me on 0407 175 417 Cheers