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  1. Yeah it's awd and yeah all same tyres and same size. I can't hear anything while I'm driving. And it doesn't feel like anything binding up. Like I say it only really starts happening after driving for 20 mins or so and can only notice it at higher speeds But thanks for your suggestions
  2. My 96 rs4 stag has had a problem since I have brought it , driving specifically between 85-115kph, I would estimate, I have a shuddering or 'pulsing' sensation coming from what I believe to be the rear axle of the car. Like additional torque is being applied to the rear driveshafts momentarily in an on/off fashion. I would say that it is not a reducing speed sensation, as in abs acting on the rear wheels for some even more bizarre reason, especially as it only happens at a light load throttle position and the sensation is destinctly coming from the rear end. Also it only seems to only happen when it's been running for a while or fully warmed up. Anybody got any suggestions or ideas as to what could be causing this to happen?
  3. Yeah it's possible. Although the guy I got it off said he had had it serviced when he got it but he also said it had been sitting on the lot not doing much for a few months. So yeah maybe some of the plugs could be corroded and stuffed Thanks
  4. Haha sure does sound like a diesel just glad it's not smoking like one. But thanks does sound like it could be the lifters after doing a bit more research on it Cheers
  5. Hi there everyone I Have just brought 96 rs4 stag with 140000km on the clock and i have had it for about a week now and today the engine has just started to make a ticking/clicking noise. The fequency of the noise gets faster as the revs increase and i have seemed to located the noise to back of the motor toward the firewall by putting a screw driver against the motor and putting my ear against it. I have a 12 month warrenty on the car so it will be getting fixed anyway but just wanted to know if it could be something serious or anyone had any ideas on what it could be. I have a video of it for you guys to listen to also.. Thanks
  6. checked that mirrors dont do anything in reverse when i push the button
  7. probably best picture i can get
  8. Ill give it a go, had light on but is really far underneath so not much light reaches it.
  9. yup i checked that, nothing happens with the mirrors. Yup thats our Belgian, she's loving the big boot. need to find one of those nets so she cant get through to the seats. Yeah wasn't my first choice but my wife will keep it clean as its "her" car. Thanks so happy we finally got a stagea! One of the first cars we encountered when driving it was a volvo wagon funnily enough.
  10. Nope, pushed it. nothing happened nothing lit up in dash or anything. hmm. ok will put some pictures up
  11. Hi all, just got my new 350RX yesterday, been searching forums everywhere for an explanation as to what this button is. It has no labels on it or near it other then the fact that its underneath the snow on/off switch. pictures are bad taken with phone sorry. When I push the button nothing lights up in dash or anything, and user manual is all in jap. Might seem a silly question but I am clueless. Any ideas what it is??
  12. Ended up with the 350RX, guy with turbo was a douche and didn't want a bar of negations. So he made up my mind for me. So happy with new car, cant wait to take it away next weekend. There is a black button under the snow switch, but there is no indication on what it does, any idea what it might be? Searched forums but the buttons everyone else talks about have labels.
  13. Today is the day! Still so unsure! Loved having a turbo car but then again my 350gt is still amazing. Either way, I'll be coming home with a stagea, and our household will be fully converted to nissan
  14. yeah i know sounds silly, but its a fresh import and would i dont think private sales cover the consumer guarantees act.(might not be right there) Plus a lot less kms.We travel a lot so the less kms it has when we buy it the better. And extras like bodykit and rims and leather etc etc. (my wifes likes those bits) And it sold once while we were looking at it so we looked elsewhere. Anyway I would try negotiate the price down if he's not gonna budge from 14k then he loses a customer. Haha PN-Mad I have noticed the prices in australia are mad, Thank you that is good to know about the commuting, cos my wife will be doing that everyday. I just saw that volvo thread, hilarious cos when we first started looking at stageas we went to see one and the dealer said "oh if the stageas not quite what your after you could always take the volvo wagon for a test drive" haha no thanks mate.
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