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  1. What size width and offset were these mate? I need a set.... lol cheers, Andy
  2. Bigalow, Yeah thats me. The Supra guys have been using these Holset VG turbos for a long time now with no issues....I used to work at Holset in the UK and I was involved in the development of this HE351VE. The materials used to manufacture these things are the same if not better than those used in petrol turbos. Sure EGT's are higher in petrol applications but as all of the materials in the Holset Turbos are exactly the same as petrol turbos this is a lame ass excuse used by haters!!!! lol!!
  3. Simon....youre post was pretty negative....what makes you the expert on quality etc? Thats like me posting on your RB25 build thread "Get a RB26....proper engine instead of the poxy RB25"....................
  4. Bigalow, I have a modified Holset He351vg turbo that I have been developing with a specialist in Canada. This is a HX40 With a unique pneumatic VG control system fitted. This same turbo on a bog stock supra Tt lump made full boost at 2800rpm!! It's destined for my RB26 soon !!!
  5. Another question guys, the handbook says the tuning software requires a Japanese operating system on the pc used for tuning. Can anyone confirm is the tuning software is in English and wil it run on an English version of windows???
  6. Does this have exactly the same function and options as the power fc? Can anyone post up a link to an English instruction manual??
  7. An anyone sell me a stainless or mild steel t4 vband single turbo dump (downpipe) specifically for the R32 GTR???
  8. Well guys, my manifold is on order with Kam..... Can't wait to recieve it and show the uk GTR guys the quality!!!
  9. Well guys, my manifold is on order with Kam..... Can't wait to recieve it and show the uk GTR guys the quality!!!
  10. I agree and im going to fabricate some braces to got from the turbo to the coil pack mounts or something alike...this will offer yet more rigidity. To be honest though.....the recent pics look like Kam and his team have cracked it (No pun intended) and im gonna put my money where my mouth is and order one, as per my post above. Cheers, Andy
  11. Kam, I want to order one with 44mm wastegate piping and a 44mm vband wastegate flange..... Pm me with a price and lead time please bud?
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