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  1. Ive been with them for 4 or 5 yrs and 2 ctp. Never had any claims nor have my license cancelled or whatever. Garaged and don't drive often. 2018 everything was the same and premium increased almost 15% This year 2019 renewal just came in... everything is still the same, completely no change. But premium went up another 20%... I personally think its pretty ridiculous...
  2. Turbo kit sold, pending pick up Water & oil line kit sold, pending pick up. All the rest are still available.
  3. 1. $1,500 T04z setup (USED) My previous R34 GTR turbo setup. Made 438kw at all 4 wheels on E85. Working perfectly. As pictured: - Garrett T04z 0.84 rear housing T4 twinscroll - 6Boost Manifold T4 twinscroll single wastegate - Turbosmart Progate 50mm - 4" custom dump/front pipe 2. $100 R34 GTR Koyo radiator (USED). Stock thickness. Old gen so didn't come with fitting for fan shroud. 3. $50 Cooling fan with broken fan shroud (USED) 4. $300 Oil & Water Line Kit for Nissan RB Series High Mount (BRAND NEW). Bought from GCG. RRP $350 5. $220 Turbo bag/beanie for Borg Warner S300/EFR8374 (BRAND NEW). Bought from GCG. RRP $265 6.$65 DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap 1" x 50ft (BRAND NEW) 7.$85 each DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap 2" x 50ft (BRAND NEW) Slightly negotiable if reasonable. Prefer pick up Sydney NSW.
  4. Used Yonex Voltric 80 E-tune 3U with near new Yonex BG66UM string at 26lbs and near new Yonex AC106 EX mash grip.Default tuning parts included.Great condition, only 2 tiny paint chips at top of frame, shown in attached photos. Please PM me if interested.
  5. Same... renewal arrived, sum insured and everything else stay the same but the premium almost increased 17%...
  6. Yeah so true 2 gates would be alot more packed and costs more (altho $ doesnt seem like a matter to you =P) Does the wastegate pipe split came standard in the 6boost single gate???
  7. Awesome graph and power/response! ima sure it would drive better than it looks on paper! (i was also comparing ur graph to my T04z dyno sheet, obviously your EFR has improvement everywhere hahahha) Ima also looking at upgrades now so may I please ask why 6boost single wastegate instead of twin wastegates? Prob cheaper, but wouldn't twin wastegates be more ideal?
  8. Agreed with them. And if you haven't driven one yet, maybe consider test driving one to start with?
  9. WTB BNR34 GTR OEM tail light cover
  10. LOL omgg!! I saw this quite a few times also when I was behind them and I was wondering whats going on LOL
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