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  1. Same... renewal arrived, sum insured and everything else stay the same but the premium almost increased 17%...
  2. digging old post! any of this in 2018 ?!?!
  3. Yeah so true 2 gates would be alot more packed and costs more (altho $ doesnt seem like a matter to you =P) Does the wastegate pipe split came standard in the 6boost single gate???
  4. Awesome graph and power/response! ima sure it would drive better than it looks on paper! (i was also comparing ur graph to my T04z dyno sheet, obviously your EFR has improvement everywhere hahahha) Ima also looking at upgrades now so may I please ask why 6boost single wastegate instead of twin wastegates? Prob cheaper, but wouldn't twin wastegates be more ideal?
  5. damn missed out! Lucky Aron! hahaha
  6. Agreed with them. And if you haven't driven one yet, maybe consider test driving one to start with?
  7. WTB BNR34 GTR OEM tail light cover
  8. LOL omgg!! I saw this quite a few times also when I was behind them and I was wondering whats going on LOL
  9. nsw/act 

  10. Thanks! Just paid and also renewed my SAU membership! I will be getting the $25 AASA day license on the day
  11. Yeah keen to learn! That sounds pretty good so it wouldnt be way too crowded on the track right? May I please take #2 then I will make payment soon. Thanks!
  12. so tempting man.. only done a few track days at wakefield and still learning... but really wanna experience SMSP tho... I will love to have an instructor/experienced driver to coach me through hahaha how many cars are on the track at a time/in a group? P.s. why is no one taking number 2 hahaha
  13. Spotted grey 34 GTR in North Sydney and avoiding a car trying to turn left from the far right lane in a 3 lanes road lol