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  1. would you consider selling the rails seperately??? if so how much and how low to they sit??? is it possible to take pics of the rails??? L8Rz
  2. Are the rails genuine RECARO Rails??? or were the custome made here in Aus??? L8Rz
  3. I have a set of S15 stock rims for sale .... they are in perfect condition no gutter marks at all still have the stock rubber on them but 2 may need replacing in a few months... QUICK/URGENT SALE $350 (firm) but has to be by this weekend!!! Call: Melvin 0403118696 (western sydney area) L8Rz
  4. Put me down aswell for the Pioneer DEH-P7450 if the price of $590 includes COD to Sydney = ) let me know ASAP.... L8Rz
  5. YES but you'll still need to weld custom bracket to the rails... just take the bracket off your standard rails and re-weld them to the S15 rails... im in sydney are you still interested??? L8Rz
  6. Bumps... L8Rz... p.s. i to can get RECAROS(copies...but looks/supports like the real thing)
  7. Yep cools i'll post a pic once there out of my car = ) a week or 2 L8Rz
  8. They should they will come with rails not sure which ones yet cause i have 2 rails a brand new one for the EK civic and the standrad ones... you "may" have to cutomise a bracket though to fit the standard bolt patterns.... L8Rz
  9. SORRY bud no pics yet there still on the car but there the standard S15 seats.... also no back seats SORRY L8Rz
  10. I will have S15 Front seats that i will have for sale in about a week or 2.... just wanted to know if anyone would be interested... it practically new, will be coming off the last yellow Spec R S15 sold brand new in NSW i've traved 12000-ishkw in them... will try get a pic once there off the car... i've been offered $500 but would like $600 atleast... L8Rz
  11. Really Really interested PICS please... bim80y_s15@hotmail.com L8Rz
  12. Not 100% sure bud but most likely not ... is this organised by your team westside??? L8Rz
  13. Hey guys im the guy Ed was talking about that got my S15 tuned at Unigroup using eManage... I actually paid $1230 all up.... I ended up getting 192.7kw@wheels@15psi ..... my mods are VERY minimal (exhaust, airfilter, FMIC and eManage...) eManage made a big difference in power/drivability... power delivery is so much more smoother... pre- eManage my car made 157kw@wheels@12psi after eManage it made 165kw@wheels@10psi L8Rz
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