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  1. Very sad to hear - Nick was a great person who did so much for the club and community over the years. Really sorry to hear he has passed
  2. I've found East Coast Suspensions in Taren Point to be good
  3. Because NSW race car so needs to be below 90db or no Wakefield for you
  4. Had a Turbosmart 40mm external wastegate welded to the exhaust housing Comparison of internally gated to externally gated Also changed rear muffler to a Dynomax VT 3" in/out Final E85 tune with high/low boost:
  5. R34 GTT Parts - Blitz Return Flow FMIC, CES Split Dump, Nismo Arms All parts are off an R34 GTT Blitz return flow FMIC anodised black - $350 - SOLD CES split dump front pipe black ceramic coated with flex section and wideband port - $300 Nismo front upper arm set - $250 - SOLD All parts located in the Canterbury area of Sydney.
  6. Changed FMIC to Plazmaman pro seriesApexi pod filter Walbro 450lpr fuel pump Tomei Type L FPR Nistune upgraded with Flex 273rwkw on 98 309rwkw on E85
  7. A1RMs are fine in a car with less than 200rwkw, you're just not pulling down as much speed. I never had issues with brake fade with them but the caveat to that is that I flush my brake fluid regularly.
  8. Probably everyone! Nothing to worry about, just Boz is a very busy guy
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