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  1. The 32 clutch bracket is super poorly made, and known for breaking easily. They used to make a strengthened nismo bracket that fixed the problem, the other way is to rip the bugger out and weld it up to strengthen it.
  2. 1989 BNR32 - 116XXX KM $36,000 Hi all, Time has come for me to move on from my pride and joy of 8 years. Over that time i have worked hard to get her to the point she is today, alas family has gotten in the way and i would like someone with the passion i have to take over. Car has been rebuilt, with full receipts for work done, and has had an interior overhaul. All work done up until end 2016 done by ultimate tunes in Canberra, Tune is done by JEM in Sydney. Car is running map sensors, and is ready to be flex tuned. Car was flex tuned previously but i lost my local E85 shop so last retune i put it back to 98 (tuned to 300KW). Details are as follows: Engine: Nitto Pistons and Beam Rods Nitto Oil Pump Nitto Gasket kit Tomei Type B cams, Springs, and Cam Gears ARP Studs Mishimoto Al Rad Garrett 2860-7's Custom front pipes with HKS Super Dragger exhaust (Stock dumps) HKS hardpipe kit HKS Kansai strut bar HKS AFM delete pipes ARC Super induction box High octane catch can with braided lines Triple plate clutch (can't remember the brand sorry) ECU: Haltech Platinum Pro Haltech 3 Port Can Hub Haltech Wideband controller Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor Haltech Io Expander Haltech Boost Solenoid Haltech 3 Bar Map Sensor Exterior: Resprayed a mix of gunmetal with blue Bee*R B5 racing wheels with 595 RSR Semis Fibreglass bonnet Interior: Nismo seat cover replacements Nismo steering wheel with horn Nismo floor mats Nismo pedal set Nismo boost gauge Nismo rear vision cover Nismo fashion lighter Nismo gear knob Defi din gauge set Nissan option foot rest Nissan option center console with cup holders All in all she is in good shape for a car her age, with the following issues present: Small amount of rust bottom side of firewall Small oil leak coming from rear turbo Throttlebody is slightly out of adjustment, recommend adjusting before going for a heap more power, safely turned around at the moment gearbox Syncs are getting tired Everything stated comes with the car, along with spares i have (original steering wheel etc). Slightly neg, can neg further if you want me to start removing nismo items. Car doesn't have rego, but can put more on if need be. happy to discuss further/provide more info if needed.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBd9330h9kI
  4. oh also spotted a gunmetal 32 heading into moncrief on Thursday??? i think... Waves exchanged.
  5. you can get it from like two servos in Canberra lol
  6. you are just watching it for the nudesuit taylor.
  7. There is a hideous yellow evo that goes around Canberra that fits that description. Has a black bonnet with a massive Haltech sticker on it.
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