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  1. As per forum rules you will still need a price mate.
  2. Changing my setup in the coming few days.... Going to the most expensive case i have bought by far!!! NCase M1. This case is amazing as it fits a full length GPU and a 240mm Radiator. Inside this beaut ill be running a watercooled I7 6700k overclocked, 2x M.2 drives with a gtx 1080. Thing will be a little monster.
  3. Back to my teenage years, this is probably my #1 jam song that lights up my day whenever it is on the radio.
  4. Will be asking $38,000 for her when i officially put her up for sale in the coming weeks. Giving ACT people the chance before i put it up properly. Again people knowing what work has gone into my car should know 38k is a bargain for what you are getting, so the price is pretty firm. If you know anyone or if you are genuinely interested PM me and i can give some details, otherwise you can check my build thread for an entire history on the car and what it has. The only swaps that will be considered will be for either a Ducati 848, Ducati 1198, or a BMW S1000RR/S1000R with heavy cash my way. No parts that are on my car will be removed before sale, what you see in the build thread you will get. It will also come with every spare i can find for it that i have removed.
  6. So after how long?
  7. yeah mate go on his recommendation.
  8. Just make sure it flows enough for you, i went bigger for headroom.
  9. This^^ Dan think of it like an exhaust, you can run 350kw through a 3" exhaust but you are not doing yourself any favours. Just bin it and put a good filter in and never worry about it again.
  10. Damper was removed a while ago from memory. Mines a 40 micron -6 fitting speedflow filter, was $100 according to my invoice, my mechanic just got it for me. I was having a few teething issues when running E85, slight hesitation at around 3800-4000 RPM under high boost, and the occasional knock light coming on. Wasn't happy with it so i took it to a different shop, he took one look at my filter and wen't "that thar is your problem". Changed the filter over and under load i gained 5psi rail pressure, car feels heaps different. Like i was actually shocked how much smoother it was...
  11. If you are replacing the filter don't put an OEM one back in, especially with E85. I had an issue with my GTR a couple of weeks ago, the solution was a high flow speedflow filter, fixed my issues 100%.
  12. Can't find it, it's either in storage at the rents house or i binned it...
  13. I think i have a spare for you mate. Ill check tomorrow
  14. Only for you xox
  15. is Rosie Vol2 a GTR?