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  2. oh also spotted a gunmetal 32 heading into moncrief on Thursday??? i think... Waves exchanged.
  3. you can get it from like two servos in Canberra lol
  4. you are just watching it for the nudesuit taylor.
  5. There is a hideous yellow evo that goes around Canberra that fits that description. Has a black bonnet with a massive Haltech sticker on it.
  6. Run both the 6262 and the 8376
  7. i real hektik flamin mongrel would have run two 8376's....
  8. Stance build? Where is the hektik Turbo sticking out of the bonnet? What's the plan with the zaust? Going up through the bonnet as well? or Hektik side pipes?
  9. Nah back to 98 at the moment because E85 is a pain to get. It's on a flex tune at the moment, and backed off a bit of boost from what it was on.
  11. Went for a braap on the weekend, was good to get the old girl moving again.
  12. if you care about ride comfort go the MCA blues, and make sure you get a front sway bar and adjust accordingly.
  13. Speaking of.. How many killerwasps is yours up to now?
  14. Spotted no one because the SAU ACT section is dead. Also went to drive mine today, had a flat battery. lol.