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  1. Compare that RPM power to this...
  2. Mate 273.1KW... You are barely behind my -7's at full flight hahahahhaha
  3. #NOspunbearings. IS that the cheap quaife that was for sale on facebook recently?
  4. woot well done.... When going single?
  5. Or even sell me the thing?
  6. Oi Luke Swaps cluster, cash your way?
  7. #RIPAntz Glad to see you are saving this thing Luke. Was sad to see... Can i have the skirts? lol
  8. Pulled off the wipers and pulled them apart in prep for painting as well. Painted the rear one, yesterday. Whilst i was there i painted the bolts as well. Will re-assemble and put the rear one back on tonight.
  9. Would love a thread covering a "how to" spin bearings. Super keen
  10. Reminds me of something...
  11. Haha how kind of him! TBH i quite like the note of my current exhaust, realistically there is no reason to change it at this point. I currently have Stock dumps (lol)> Custom front pipes> HKS Super Dragger Realistically i could Just replace the dumps and be done with it until funds permit a full Ti system....
  12. So the turbos are going to have to come off again briefly.... Dump pipes and front pipes whilst im there? Me thinks. Will probably go HPI dumps, jut not sure on the front pipes. Undecided if i go all out Jap stuff @Piggaz hate begins, specifically a TI setup..... OR i go custom made here in Canberra. Though we have no one able to work with TI (to my knowledge, i have called the best shops here) in Canberra, so it would have to be stainless. The biggest issue i have at the moment is my love for titanium, but i'm also an old man and can't stand loud/droney cars. So that puts exhausts like the Tomei off my list. Leaning towards a fuji Super TI at the moment, as i really can't justify another $2,000 to go a mines exhaust. Eh i dunno.