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  1. Chris is 20 years old, came to us from Dohertys in January, lifetime drug free, not that it matters as 320kg is 320kg. He did a Novice Comp here in December 2013 and squatted 220kg. Saw our record board and made the switch, 100kg in 9 months, may squat 330kg in 2 weeks at ProRawSix. Has also pulled 300kg and benched 150kg this week.
  2. Jono has won NZ Strongest Man title previously, took 2 hours of public transport to get a session in at PTC while he's in Oz Chris is 20 years old
  3. Biggest ever deadlift at PTC
  4. Kristos squatted 265kg, benched 130kg and deadlifted 285kg for 680kg, then deadlifted 300kg on a 4th attempt His squat is the best ever in the 67.5kg class, in any Fed in the World…..#1 All Time
  5. This mornings session Nick 210kg no wraps Emad 230kg no wraps Jake 230kg x 3 Max 250kg x 3 Martin 270kg x 4 Chris 270kg x 5
  6. He is considered to have a weak bench, 130kg at 67.5kg, standards are high
  7. This is the biggest squat in History in the raw 67.5kg class, happened on Sunday at the GPC Adelaide Cup at Fuzzys Power Gym
  8. I'll check through my phone. I normally take a lot more but we were pretty flat out. Overall we had 200+ spectators and 52 lifters, thats not normal. We have 120 chairs and they were all full plus people standing around everywhere. Also had a grill going out the front with Nina cooking burgers. She bought down 100 patties and they didn't last past the squats, all gone before benches started. So I was too busy to take as many videos as usual
  9. Double bodyweight deadlift from a girl at her first novice, incredible. Well done Leesh and Birds, you made my day
  10. I leave it up to the individual, here is what Max would do on a 270kg squat attempt Bar (25kg) x 20, 15, 10 75 x 5 105 x 3 125 x 1 155 x 1 175 x 1 205 x 1 225 x 1 255 x 1
  11. Marty recovered from this and went on to win ProRawFive 95kg class, pocketing $2000 He squatted 300kg, benched 175kg and deadlifted 320kg, weighed in at 93kg
  12. Havent been here for a while, been busy sorry. Opened up PTC's in Canberra, Eltham late last year, now have Port Melbourne and Rowville opening shortly, followed by Bondi. Also have another couple in the early stages. In 2 weeks we will be hosting the GPC Vic Titles at PTC, around 90 lifters over 3 days on the long weekend, March 8,9,10 Liters are all progressing, check this out
  13. http://jtsstrength.com/articles/logs/pro-raw-v-write/
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