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  1. One of the guys in Street Cars Class in WA. 7670, not nice !
  2. For 7670 I think you would want sr with ve head. not so much det head in my opinion. Unless you are talking about drag racing. Although I am not 100% on all the different mister bishi motors.
  3. Saw the pictures on facebook. Fantastic work. Will be amazing once finished.
  4. I posted something similar in this thread and Geoff from Full race said that it wouldn't make any difference. Said it was more to do with the rear housing design than the internal gate. Nice numbers by the way.
  5. Looks great. Not sure how current your posts are but I am running 60 pilots in my mikuni 40's. L20 like you too.
  6. No VE Head ? Stock stroke ? What EFR are you going to use ? I should really get my s15 finished at some stage !
  7. not sure if that worked or not ? link below
  8. I've always wondered with Matchbot, what are acceptable levels for your exhaust pressure. And what delta's should you try to keep it within ?
  9. Mate. Do as Geoff said. Boost leak test first. Try more preload. Check actuator plumbing. Try 4 port Mac valve. I also had good success with avcr as I could adjust duty over rpm range. The0.8 housing is a bit average for holding top end so don't get too hung up on it. They are good numbers for sr20. For me I had bad boost leak. Seems to be much better now but need to get back on dyno. Travelling now until mid August hopefully after then have more results. Good luck
  10. This. Jon is very good on the emails. Have bought from FR with ease.
  11. Very similar results to my sr20 with 7163. You definitely want to get the 4 port mac and dual port turbosmart actuator.
  12. https://www.treadstoneperformance.com/view.phtml?f_cat=Turbine+Housings: Borg+Warner+EFR+Turbine+Housings
  13. sr20, 260 procams, made 255rwkw but had big boost drop issues. Have made a lot of changes since to alleviate the boost drop. Hopefully have fixed it but haven't had time to get back on the dyno. 20 psi by 3700rpm, 14 psi 3500 rpm. My td05 was super doughy, not very lively. Could have been just an unlucky one. The 7163 just snaps back on boost after gear changes. Great on the track.
  14. I had a td05h-18g on an sr20 and upgraded to 7163 TS on full race manifold. Massive difference. There's some ex IRL 7163's single scroll for sale on NRR. $850.
  15. If you're a real world CPEng then I hope you are doing Grammar as part of your Continuing Professional Development. Because that explanation of dynos was terrible. I am sure the internet was impressed though. /Only a MIEAust for 17 years