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  1. So she landed about a month after depost. Richard from HGT was great, answered when I called. Very happy with the build, looks great. Adding some bracing to a subframe and a new diff etc before I put it in.
  2. Taha, I just put a deposit on one, I'll let you know in about 3 weeks
  3. Why don't you start with putting the right toe, camber and corner weight your car? Make your own setup bars for cheap. The big boys in F1 still do it the same way. that way you can build your own understanding of how mods you have put on have affected the handling. Every race car from excel's to super cars set toe, camber and corner weight before they hit the track. In time you can move on to roll centres, adjusting the bump and rebound etc, and gain a better understanding on how sway bars and the like affect the handling so you can tune it for different conditions and tracks. If you don't know how a larger diameter sway bar will affect your handling then do some research. you might find yourself making the handling worse.
  4. o've seen like 5 under $1000.00 on gumtree today.
  5. lots of cheap ratios for 9 inch's. thats what the guy probably wanted. different tracks ... different final ratios.
  6. that's exactly what this ecu is all about bud, it's a nissan tune house pre prepared ecu already tuned by them. i'm happy to talk to you in detail about it but i would have to know the condition of your car, i.e. see it but an exhaust will be a good idea. if your serious then bring your car over and we'll talk about it.
  7. these sound good! Maybe if you explained a little more about how they work and the benefits of having one, people might want one. I'm interested in one or more. i'll do some research first on them!!!
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