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  1. They have em on ebay. Looks like its for the later R34 not the earlier ones. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273696750074
  2. After some normal driving and spirited driving on winding roads, I have not found any noticeable difference with pedal feel or effort required to stop up the Stag. The original S2 brakes where pretty good to start with. What I did find was a noticeable reduction in brake fade, especially with towing. When pushed the original set up would fade, but with these Sumitomos, they don't seem to get to fade point.
  3. I'm comparing the Sumitomos to the twin pot fronts from the Series 2. They pulled up the old girl pretty well to start with. The pads also had a huge surface area compared to the Sumitomo. Yes I do tow, so the heat and fade thing is important. The R34 GTT brakes would surely be a noticable upgrade on an S1. They were pretty poor to start with.
  4. Wasn't yours a Series 1?
  5. I have a Series 2 Year 2000 model Stagea. After 8 years of stock brakes with a master cylinder stopper, I did the R34 GTT Sumitomo "Brake Upgrade" with brand new standard RDA rotors a couple of months ago. I'm now at the tail end of bedding in because I don't drive it much. From what I read up on, the BM50 that's stock on the S2 is isufficient, and it feels sufficient to me. There is barely any difference to brake pedal travel to me. Only yesterday, for the first time since the upgrade I used the brakes somewhat hard, and I'm not yet convinced that they will pull up the Stagea any better than stock. It's a bit early to tell as yet. So far the the only advantages from the upgrade would be: - Weight reduction because they are alloy. - Greater heat dissipation because they are alloy and the Rotors have larger mass, therefore less brake fade. - Won't be prone to warping because of the above. - R34 brake rotors and pads will always be readily available, and possibly cheaper, being more common. - The Sumitomos look sexy! Will post again in a couple of months with my final verdict.
  6. My local windscreen guy can do the special glass for $350 installed. That includes removal and the freight to get the glass to him from the factory. So if you are still interested, I could try to get the manufactures details. I am just waiting for it to come in.
  7. I dont have the light, nor the buttons on the wheel. its just a solid blank part. Mine was near mint when I got it, Im sure its stock and factory. Even though it was well looked after, it had no mods or new parts. It must be something to do with being a 25txfour. It does have snow mode and diff lock, and an atessa system, with woodgrain dash, xanavi, and velour on the seats and the door trim.
  8. I live in Taree, NSW. Thats why im trying to get the Box type sorted before I get them to send the kit. Im also going to put a bigger oil cooler. I just did a search on the model RE4R01B and on the SAU forums, it says that its a S2 box. A is S1, B is S2. My steering wheel is stock, so its missing the paddle shift? Or do the tiptronics not have paddles?
  9. Mine says RE4R01B RC40. So mines an S2 box with no tiptronic?
  10. Mine was not cold immediately after a regass. Ill get the aircon mech to test thoroughly for leaks. A new TX valve might be the go too. Thanks Hugh.
  11. Its a 2000. Is it the model number that will tell me what box? I have a pick of the blue plate here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=345288058948848&set=p.345288058948848&type=1
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