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  1. Good job, nice and neat. But again, you're reading more into the strength requirement than you need to. All the bolts have to do is hold the gearbox parallel with the engine. The amount of twisting torque is negligible. The dowels and 2 bolts would handle that. The horizontal force again as per rotational force is minimal. Find me an example of where a transmission has snapped off the back of an engine and I'll reconsider my opinion that you're freaking out over a complete non-issue! Send it!
  2. This is going to be insane!!! God damn those gearboxes are insanely nice looking billet wizardry!! Bolt it all together already!!!!
  3. Apologies if my post came across as a whinge, it wasn't that at all! It was just my honest experience. Considering he had nearly $5000 of my money I was extremely patient and relaxed about the whole affair! I knew what to expect so I was ready for it. I honestly had that much going on the last 3 months I didn't have time to get too worked up about it anyway. I guess to a degree he had managed my expectations as I had very low ones based on everything I'd read and you guys told me! If the product is good, I'll be absolutely thrilled and any of the issues over the last 3 months will be completely forgotten about! I'll be driving off into the sunset with a big smile on my face and some faint movements in my pants!
  4. Ok, long time no update.... So, my completely honest opinion of Speedtek as promised. Main problem I experienced - not understanding the term "managing expectations". If they'd told me 12 weeks and we got to now (12 weeks) and the gearset and centre plate were done, I would have been thrilled. Problem was, I was told 5 weeks. Each update (generally only received after a bit/lot of badgering by myself) was again, way under what became reality. Again, i would have preferred and been happy with longer dates had they been what I was given and what I received which they NEVER were. I feel there may be more to the story (parts being made overseas?????) but the blame over the last 6 weeks has been "the anodisers doing the plates are holding things up" Allegedly my parts are now on the way to Neat Gearboxes as we speak (the TNT tracking number they gave me was wrong so I can't be sure......). Once he has them and has had a chance to completely go over them and assess how well they're made I will then know whether it's all been worth it! Would I use them again? Probably. Would I double the time they told me I would get the parts? Definitely. Would I recommend them to other people? I can't fully answer that until the parts are fully inspected by Neat (and I've "inspected"them by smashing a few 500kW launches through them, specifically loading up full noise on the typical cream cheese and balsa wood constructed 3rd gear!) but if the quality is good then definitely I would recommend them but with SPECIFIC warnings about what i experienced. As I've probably mentioned, if they weren't the price they were, I probably wouldn't have gone with a billet gearset. The OS Giken equivalent with centre plate would have cost over $2000 more for the same thing. Fingers crossed they're up to the task! I'll report back once Neat have given me their opinion of them. Hopefully getting a completed gearbox back inspires me back into action again. I've barely touched the car since before I ordered the gearset so I'll need to put a serious rocket up my clacker to get back into it again. It's nearing to motorbike season again and I go completely missing during that 6 months of the year as I'm addicted to tearing up the mountains. Even more so now as I have a (near) new toy. Isn't she beautiful!! Please pray for my motivation to come rushing back like a Victorian COVID lockdown under Daniel Andrews!
  5. Waaaaay over complicated bloke.... Most people just go without the bottom bolts. I've drilled new holes and will probably run 3 lower bolts. If it doesn't work I'm not fazed. The rest of the bolts will be more than enough. There really isn't much torque applied between the engine and the transmission. Just bolt her up and sent it!
  6. It’s part of your synchro selector mechanism. You’ll probably find it easy to select the 2 gears that the synchro collar key has come from or it might jump out of gear due to the synchro having 2 rather than 3 of those keys holding the synchro in place. Or you just might not even notice! If you’re not noticing anything I’d just send it till it becomes a problem and worry about it then.
  7. I must say my car back when it ran was a laggy bucket of shit on the -5's but at the same time goddam it was fun once the boost kicks in!! This is a weird statement to a degree but the better a turbo setup is, the worse it feels!! What I mean by that is a smooth power curve from low down in the rev range doesn't have anywhere near the wow factor of a laggy turbo when it hits it's happy zone. The better sorted car will be a waaaaaay better and quicker car (until high in the rev range anyway) to drive but it just doesn't have that raw "Holy f#$k hang on boys she's off" kind of feeling! I drive a lot of the modern turbo cars that would be way faster than my car but they're boring AF compared to a laggy turbo coming on song!
  8. Ok cool. It is a bit tricky but doable. You need to be very careful with the plastic washers each side of the spring as they get very brittle with age. I'll get some photos over the weekend.
  9. Do you mean the bit that bolts on top of the manifold or the butterfly sections down at each runner? If its the bit on top I've got one dismantled at the moment. Of you haven't heard from me in a few days remind me and I'll take some pics.
  10. Picked up my powder coating oven today. She's a bloody beauty! Think of the chips and pies I can now have for lunch out here! First powdercoat job I did was to powdercoat my favourite Canadian Club drinking mug! Yeah strange choice I know! I just wanted to throw some powder around to see how it comes out of the gun. I meant to do it in chrome but accidentally put the transparent metallic black in the gun instead! A lot of the powders look the same until you cook them so it looked like the right one till I pulled it back out of the oven and then read the bag.... Anyway, all good. I'll keep playing around until I'm confident enough to coat stuff that matters!
  11. If its holding up to 600+ kW in yours then the PAR must be the goods! There's a few guys in NZ running the Speedtek and putting some decent power through them so hopefully it will be all good! My balls are on the line if its not!
  12. Great work! Hopefully a 9 second pass is within reach (without breaking shit....)
  13. Wow, it certainly has been a mission! You've thrown some serious parts at it! Must be an absolute beast to drive?
  14. @Tobz allegedly they lose money on practically every car they sell in Australia. You can only do that for so long. If that's the case then they need to have a good hard look at their manufacturing and supply chain expenses as every other brand seem to be able to pull it off successfully. On top of that Hondas certainly aren't cutting edge, latest technology so I really can't understand how that can be. Their expenditure on innovation in the cars has been minimal. No all new models to speak of, minimal upgrades to existing models (which for the most part are already waaaaay behind competitors vehicles in terms of technology). As I said, I see some writing on the wall and what is written aint good......
  15. Honda are deliberately targeting selling a lot less cars under the agency model. They're predicting selling almost half as many cars under the new format. I'm really not sure where they're going with their plan of attack. They will make MORE money out of each car as they're taking the middle man out in effect, but overall they will make less money as they will sell a lot less parts down the line having half as many customers needing their cars serviced. They have a MASSIVE shitfight on their hands though before anything goes ahead as first they will get their arses sued off by all of the dealers that have had their dealer agreements torn up which is in breach of those contracts. Those dealers (11 in Victoria alone) will be suing for lost revenue until the expiration of their contracts (in some cases 2 or 3 years of earnings) Added to that what they're offering the dealer network as a delivery fee has been seen as being far from acceptable so the remaining dealers that haven't got the arse and will be the dealers performing the agency model are fighting the whole thing going ahead at all unless Honda come to the party. I'd be surprised if Honda outlasts all of this. Yes I know that's a big call but they have a LOT going on and none of it is good....
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