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  1. I'm sure there are some that would see keeping the car and losing the missus as a bonus!!! 😂 Just pull the motor and gearbox out for the valuation and tell them it's a GTT rolling shell, value $15000. Engine back in, real valuation $175000. Happy days!
  2. It's nasty as $hit to point it out but if only you held onto it..... We've all had cars that we wish we kept (or wish we hadn't....). Every second boomer that owned a Falcon GT in the day is a perfect example. They went up fairly progressively over time however whereas no one could have foreseen such a rapid rise in value over the last 2 years for the 34 GT-R. R34's ARE massively over valued (compared to what you could buy brand new for the same money) but using above example of a Falcon GT if value was based on how well it was made or how well it goes around corners then GT's aren't worth shit.... Also you buy a modern high performance car you're buying a depreciating asset whereas the GT-R is going to hold it's value for many years to come.
  3. Anything is going to be an improvement over standard but is 0.5 of a mm really going to make a difference? I spent HOURS hand die grinding all of the end head oil drains and their corresponding block passages to increase the size of those and there is a lot greater than 0.5 to 1.0mm of difference achievable in them. Have a look at what a brand new head straight from Nissan looks like pre-machining (the original heads are better than this stock)- Compared to after a few laborious hours with the die grinder- Can you now see how little difference 1.0mm will make in the other galleries relative to doing this? My recommendation - go to 9mm and then spend a heap of time like I did on the outer galleries/passages and you will be a mile ahead of stock.
  4. Damn they're tasty!! I love the satin kind of finish it comes up as.
  5. Got the sump on today. I made it more of a mission than it should have been... Some of the reliefs I'd ground out of the block weren't big enough so had to grind a coupleof cap head bolts to fit, had to drill out and tap 8mm thread into the rear plate housing for the back 2 sump bolts, had to drill out a sump hole to 8mm that I should have done when the sump was off, plus a number of other self imposed nightmares... Fit the titanium exhaust manifold studs to the head before I whack it back on. I must say it's a little bit of wank factor but they are bloody nicely made! The threads are so precise and you can give the nuts a good spin with your fingers and they do themselves up the whole way, noice! Apart from that just got a few things in order ready to bolt the head on next time I get a chance to do something. Modified my old R35 coil bracket (I think it was a Godzilla Motorsport one??) to suit the PRP plug boots. The PRP boots are shorter so had to shorten the legs that bolt to the head to get the height right. Farked if I can find one of my coils though.... 🤦‍♂️ He gone walkies somewhere... Still so much to do but slowly heading in the right direction! Too hot for dirtbike riding from now till April so hopefully can spend a bit more time working on it. I hope everyone else's projects are going well! 😁
  6. Get a Tiguan Allspace. It’s probably same length as X3 and as an added bonus it’s not a shitbox BMW…. We’ve got the Allspace and they feel quite a bit bigger in back seat and boot. We don’t need it for the 7 seats, just those two areas being bigger. New model out in Mid 2022. The new R-Line look amazing! #notbiased…..
  7. I wouldn't care how durable Ceracote is, it looks amazing so it's worth it just for that! I presume it's pretty much as hardy as powdercoat as it's used on guns, turbos, etc. Look forward to seeing the pics of what you get coated. Interested in a cost comparison to powdercoating too. For me, now that I have the powdercoat gun, oven, etc the powdercoating expense is just the cost of the powders which cost bugger all so it would have to offer some big benefits to sway me! A real show piece part I would get done however (bugger the cost!).
  8. Yeah they do. If you look at the bolt hole reliefs inside the sump in the 2nd picture and the edge running from the front of the sump to the back in the 3rd picture you can see where I've taken a fair bit off the inside of the sump to clearance it. They make no mention of the baffles in the instructions but that is what is holding up mine even though there shouldn't be any difference between my modified baffles and a normal set. If anything there's less to mine than normal ones. Without the baffles in the sump rail sits flush with the brace. Put the baffles in and she no go. I'll slowly keep hammering, grinding and current shit till it either sits flush or there's nothing left!
  9. Cheers mate. Yeah the PRP stuff is pretty! Put the front diff cover back on and refit the oil baffles but will need to do a bit of further modification to the baffles as they're hitting on the sump brace somewhere. I've already chopped a bit off the baffles but still hitting somewhere. I've put some black texta on the likely locations so I can hopefully see where the contact point is (texta rubbed off) and work out if I fix it with a hammer or a grinder.... Hammer is the preference as grinder means having to re-clean everything AGAIN. Feels good to be putting a little bit of time into it again even if only little bits here and there.
  10. Probably boring content sorry but to me it's exciting! 🤣 Block/sump brace in and bolted up. Oil pump and rear main plate on. She's starting to look like an engine again! Ignore the zinc bolts on the girdle, they're just there temporarily to hold some tension around the front and rear (where the sump bolts normally pass through the girdle and bolt direct to the block/oil pump/rear plate) while the sealant dries.
  11. Got the Pishtony's back in today. With the original gapless rings, not the new ones (don't wanna talk about it....). Happy to see it heading back in the right direction for a change! Rewiring the crank trigger now as it was annoying me how I did it previously. Hopefully get the oil pump, water pump, rear main housing, etc bolted back on over the weekend. I also found out what I'm very confident the issue was for the horrid noise I'd created the last time it was all back together (nearly 2 years ago ☹) which led to it all coming out again. It was the spigot bush.... 🤦‍♂️. I'd had to take out the gearbox when it was all back in the car and during that process I must have damaged it getting the box out or back in. It's broken a big chunk out of the back of the bush which I reckon was causing the dramas as the noise was happening as I starting releasing the clutch. It felt more like a diff/gearbox/driveline issue but if that's what it was, even though it's a $10 part that's added 2 years onto how long since I last drove the car, I'll be happy!
  12. Ha ha, you bloody troll! 🤣🤣 Is 18 years a world record? Maybe we should ring Guiness?
  13. I haven’t even caved into your demands for a Samsonas yet and you’ve already moved onto harassing me about a billet block! Gimme a break! 😂
  14. Got the new rings and checked all the clearances. In all honesty straight out of the box the ring clearances are on the upper end of the scale.... I'm not sure if when they honed the engine when I got the brace done they got a bit aggressive with the hone and took too much material out? It's shit but I'm not going to worry about it. I'm not binning a set of pistons that have only left the shed in a box, not the engine.... Better make sure my breather setup is on point.... Rechecked the main bearing clearances just to make sure the new bearings are all good and no random big clearances introduced. They were all pretty good. a bit tight on the front journal but pretty consistent overall, Got the crank back in and buttoned up after checking clearances ready to reassemble the pisons and whack them back in- Slowly, slowly. Progress is progress no matter how small! Off riding again this weekend so no more Skyline time for a few weeks.
  15. Looks well made and should be relatively straightforward to have it welded on.
  16. So what is everyone saying? It seems to me you guys are thinking the prices are overinflated and will come back down? One point I'll note is that Skyline pricing is not necessarily impacted by modifications in a negative way. Obviously there will be some extreme cases where someone will pay insane money for a low km unmodified example but for the most part the high prices are being paid for highly modified cars which in other brands/types of cars would be seen as sacrilegious and would devalue them. I'm not sure what I feel. I don't think they will go down. they may plateau for a while but I'm confident they will only ever keep heading north. They aren't building any more of them and for the most part 2000's cars are a long way from being considered classics so I think there will be a genuine desire for them for a long time yet.
  17. Managed to spend a bit of time on the motor on Melbourne Cup Day. My new piston rings hadn't turned up yet so cleaned up all the engine bolt ons (water pump, rear main housing, oil pump, etc, etc) so everything is ready to bolt straight back on during the reassembly process. Still have a few more bits to powdercoat but 90% of stuff is ready to go back on. Made up a piston ring installation tool to position rings at a set height and square to the bore for measure ring gaps. Used a couple of stainless plumbing wall plates total cost of about $14.... Tigged the two bits together. May have overcooked one hole.... Rings arrived yesterday so hopefully can get them gapped and ready to throw it back together. Got some new Plastigage to check clearances again with the new bearings. It's time to start doing a few nights in the shed to try and smash it out before Christmas. The missus will be thrilled....
  18. Rechecked my piston ring gaps over the weekend and because of being a bit too big I decided to whack a set of rings in it.... Not sure if they were too big from the start or whether giving it a hone opened them up a bit. Either way it's shit however you look at it.... Sent the turbo dump and wastegate pipe to the powdercoaters with my high temp powder. Their oven doesn't go hot enough to really bake the high temp properly but a few heat cycles on the car and they'll be well cooked! Very happy with how they came up. Caved in and followed the Insta-crew and got titanium turbo flange and exhaust manifold studs. You know, for the likes on 'Gram?
  19. Welcome! Raises an interesting topic, I can't actually remember what made me initially drawn to the Skylines. I don't recall if I ever saw one on the roads or whether it was in Zoom Magazine when I was drooling over Jap engines to put into something.
  20. Most stuff on here will relate to DOHC heads. What info specifically are you chasing?
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