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  1. i need the brake servo or booster UNIT . if it comes complete with the brake master cylinder thats fine. i can take a pic but the part number is on a label AQ800- C2151 thanks for the replies and links
  2. need a brake servo for my NM35 .RS Four with hicas Unfortunately there are none being broken in the UK so my best bet is to try this forum. The part number stamped on the servo is AQ800 with THEN what looks like C2151. The label is not perfect so thats my best guess. Ive checked and think that any AQ800 servo will OK as AQ800 seems to be the body code although bbviously exactly the right number would be best It will need to be shipped to the uk . I will of course pay shipping etc Any help appreciated . Reply on thread , pm or email me on stagea,[email protected] Thanks
  3. Hi I need a brake assist servo for an NM35 stagea. Unfortunately none are being broken in the Uk. Is there any chance you have one and would ship to UK ? Obviously I will pay all costs Part number which is on a label on top of the unit - AQ800 C2151 although any prefix AQ800 may work Any help appreciated
  4. Is it helps you can use a 33GTR attessa ECU in a series 1 stagea. You do need a couple of changes to the pin outs but once worked out it wasnt difficult to do
  5. the wheels came back from Lepsoms who did an optical colour match (whatever that is ) on a set of original wheels .. A few pics of the wheels plus a recent pic of the car [/url]
  6. Head was stock , stage 1 tomei cams . greddy induction, mapped using fcon v pro gold . ran 1.5 bar through a profec b controller adustable cam pullies. tomei rods and pistons print out at the hubs
  7. Thanks for the input especially the dyno print out. And yes I certainly did read it thanks And based on that and also other advice over here I have decided that the 5s stay for sure Should be interesting to drive once it is back on the road. I will definately have to check piggaz's spec to see how it compares with mine And If I do ever want to chase numbers I can always have it mapped for E85.
  8. Im not chasing numbers infact the exact opposite which is why I dont want a t51 . The problem isnt that the -5s will be too big it is that they might be too small. As said earlier in the thread the 5s were fine on the car when it had a 26 with stage 1 cans and no head work The 28 is a step 2 HKS motor with stage 2 cams and a fully flowed head As for weight the car making a huge difference - with a that 26 set up it ran 30-130 in 13.2 seconds on a v box so I am sure they wont be too big, But all input appreciated
  9. Thanks for the replies I had looked the garret gtx 3582R and the precision range The 5s were fine on my 26 which had stage 1 cams and was tuned with an Fcon. Obviously they didnt spool up by 3000rpm but I wouldnt have called them laggy for a turbos putting out 575. My issue is that it will run out of steam too easily with a step 2 tuned RB28
  10. It seems that we are often behind on tuning RBs in the uk so I thought I would get some advice from here. I am putting a step two 2.8 hks engine in my stagea . It has stage 2 cams and a flowed head and all other relevant oil mods etc, Previously the car had a rb26 with 2860-5s and was runing around 575 . This is before I killed it......... which is another story The turbos are supposed to max out at somewhere between 600-650 ( sorry its bhp not kw over here) I am tempted to use the 5s as it should about as responsive as you could get plus of course I have the turbos, pipework and induction already. If I am going to change I am drawn towards the single route and would welcome any suggestions. some info The engine has run a t51kai and produced silly power which I dont want or need . It has been refreshed and the rest of the car will cope with the power I am looking at . 700 bhp atf would be nice and is achieveable but I am not sure how much different it would spool up to keeping the 5s as said before any suggestions appreciated (as long as they are sensible)
  11. Ive decided to get the wheels redone as they let the rest of the car down. does anyone know the correct paint name or code as mine are the wrong colour. Had the car requested for a photoshoot a while back
  12. Not a standing quarter but I recorded 30-130 mph in 13.24 seconds at marham airfield in the uk over the weekemd that is using a v box.
  13. "guilty" as above I now have the skylab fusion working on my series 1 . I know the guy who makes the fusion in the UK and we spent quite a while working out how to get it to work. To get the best of the system the cars handling needs to be better than standard , for example an lsd really helps ( a GTR one will Fit) Mine also has a manual conversion and an RB26 but the fusion will work on any series one stagea The fusion has much faster g sensors ( digital I think) and this includes lateral sensors which the S1 doesnt have. Not surprisingly the stagea attessa ecu isnt able to deal with lateral sensor inputs as it doesnt have them. A GTR does so we looked at using a GTR attessa ECU. The ECUs can be swopped - the pin out are the same although the wiring is different. With a GTR attessa and the fusion it all works and the results are really impressive. It doesnt understeer !!! It is a bit more complicated than a simple plug and play but certainly not beyond anyone as long as they understand basic wiring diagrams and can use a soldering iron. I can do a thread about the conversion if people want to read it
  14. Hopefully I can shed some light on this I believe the problem is that the s1 stagea ecu does not have the capability of producing a torque gauge output. A friend of mine makes the skylab TSC and had just produced an updated version called fusion. It has a much faster G sensors and allows adjustment to both the front/rear split and the lateral sensor readings . We recently looked into fitting this to my series one stagea .which meant looking at the stagea and GTr wiring diagrams After some thought we concluded that the unit would not work unless a GTR ecu was fitted The ecu plugs are the same although the colours and spacing of the wires are different which is why there is no output for the torque gauge. I imagine that s2 stageas should be as 34GTT. As for fitting the fusion unit here was an amount of rewiring but nothing serious The unit has been fitted and it all works including the adjustable lateral sensor system.and has definitely improved the handling , Im not sure what improvement there would be to a standard(ish) stagea as mine is far from standard The suspension set up is Nismo S Tune suspension , Whiteline arbs , GTR LSD , Whiteline subframe and diff bushes . Polybushed GTR hubs and lower arms All other arms are adjustable and are polybushed. Custom rear strut brace , Tyres 245 40 18 toyo 888s .
  15. I dont know if the speeds are any different but the GTR system does a lot more. The new G sensor if much faster than the standard one so Im told this speeds up the response and I now have lateral sensors that work. The system is using the fully functioning GTR ECU with the added ability to bias the f/r split and the way it reacts to under/oversteer
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