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  1. Not wasting your time, incorrect facts might. the question was a clarification about your add. You have incorrectly interpreted the readings on the dash. As I suspected, the fuel consumption is not 7l/100k-s as per your ad but 13.5l/100ks. A massive difference.
  2. How many 's have you done since owning? Can you post a photo of the fuel consumption on the dash to confirm average 7l/100ks.
  3. K&N 33-2399 Drop-in Filter Infiniti G35 07-08 & G37 09+ Sedan V36, 08+ G37 & Q60 Coupe CV36 AwwDrop in K&N filters from my V36, also suits the above vehicles. Also lists other vehicles here http://www.knfilters.com/mobile/ $75 for two with cleaner and oil spray. There is probably only enough oil for one application but heaps of cleaner left. $12 extra if posted.
  4. V36 07 sedan very good cond. Offers considered $8200 offers considered by PM. This is a lot of quality car for the money. Or PM me for my number. This is my wife's car and has been maintained by Auto tech on the gold coast every 10000ks, recently I've started oil changes every 5000 between services as the car now has 180000ks. Standard, no mods apart from window tiny and nothing to spend One owner in AUS Tyres still with plenty of tread Non smoker Service history Premium model, all the features of a new car Qld reo till November Major service just completed 5000ks ago. Including replacing all wear parts on the front of the engine and timing chains, 4k spent. This car should run for another 100k with goods maintenance.
  5. Problem sorted. Bad batch(s) of fuel. Change supply and added some booster all good now.
  6. Apologies if this comes across rude but if money is an issue, why waste it on silly pods? You won't gain anything useable from it in power, and your car becomes susceptible to defects notices. I would suggest save it and spend it on something you are going to get benefit from. Like sway bars or similar. For the same money your talking about you can transform a car if you spend it smartly.
  7. I skimmed through most of this, so excuse me if I missed it.have you ruled out injectors? Removed and cleaned them. Perhaps a leaky injector, as in dripping instead of spraying.
  8. Hadn't got this on mine but on other cars usually switches to recalculate and turns the fan down a bit. Useless in qld.
  9. Ok so here is the video. Its defiantly an issue with temperature. It was about 24 in the garage this morning compared to the other video at over 30. Next time I'll turn on the ignition and wait a few seconds for the pump to prime and see if that makes a difference. I wonder if it is possible with this really hot weather that parking up in the extreme heat then the car cools and loses the remaining static line pressure? VID_20170105_055914.mp4
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