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  1. Hey mate, yeah about 50-60k ish depending on the condition. But would really prefer a rolling shell of any kind. Do you have anything to offer?
  2. Want to buy a R32 GTR or even a Rolling Shell, Whatever condition, and can be Australia wide. Cheers
  3. Looking at buying an R32 GTR with decent amount of power. Can be whatever colour, just show me what you have and go from there. Cheers.
  4. Hey man im located in Melbourne , Victoria. Im just overseas at the moment and dont get back in another 2 weeks. If you could wait that long ill accept your offer
  5. Woops Sorry, thats what i meant. let me start again Work Meister's S1 Wheels for sale.
  6. Im selling my Work SSR SP1 Wheels, they are F: 18x9J 245/40R18 R: 18x10J 275/35R18. A few grazes on a few of them but you can hardly see them. Practicaly excellent condition. Price: $3,000
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