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  1. Has a sick little man, he's been up and down all night "bombating" as he puts it (and that explains it perfectly I think) hoping he recovers soon. Think I'll be heading to the laundromat to get through all this washing though 😷 he was so upset at the fact he was throwing up, crying he says to me "this has been the worst day today, I just want it to be a good day and feel well again" poor Christian!!

  2. HER R33 Qld Plates were on the vehicle for 12 months until I sold it 2 years ago and are now sitting in my cupboard collecting dust ;( Cost me $2495 feel free to make an offer $1800+ I want them gone!! Located Beaudesert Qld, pick up or post available. 0424883464
  3. Would like to know who the asshole was who rang at 4.38am this morning on the home phone and hung up!!

  4. Woke up an hour ago as if I had the weight of the whole world on my shoulders, now I can't get back to sleep ;(

  5. She's landed and at her new home in NZ!! Geeeez i miss her!!

  6. I have just descided that i am going to be uncontactable today... Mobile off, house phone off the hook, computer off... Bye ya'll see you when i crawl outta my dark hole :)

  7. Sometimes I just want off this ride and jump in the slow lane - today has not been a good day :(

  8. Missing Lou already, it's not the same without her ;( brought Mystique a big fluffy toy today to keep her company - she carried it round in her mouth as soon as I gave it to her. Have a good life Illusion - were going to miss you!!!

  9. Too excited about tomorrows auto spectacular, I can't sleep... I keep looking at HER R33 and doing more bits to her - I want HER to be just right :)

  10. Well I think it's time to sleep, I shall finish detailing the car tomorrow :) looking good so far!!!!

  11. Just entered HER R33 into her first show on sunday at QLD Autospectacular must admit im a little nervous but the first ones always the most dawnting right. Com check her out if you got nothing better to do.

  12. 3 status updates in an hour... I must be bored... Hold up, this makes 4 lol

  13. Find Skylineowners.com a lot friendlier to use though lol

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