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  1. yeh was supposed to do the nieces wedding on the weekend with both skylines,but corona virus put an end to that.
  2. my gold gtr fuel cap,which was on the car when it arrived.i've since seen one on line sell for $300
  3. https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/nissan-japan/skyline/bnr32/3885-rb26dett/engine/276/27650
  4. cat back r33 n1 2.5 inch twin exhaust,de-cat included, new/used for only 30 minutes,no soot.$500 plus postage. close to the qld border. also Apexi gt spec front pipe $150.
  5. just renewed with shannons $321 for the gtst in Ballina nsw
  6. u can activate the pump by i think shorting out the small plug under the dash which is done to bleed the system,i'll have to drag the manual out ?
  7. Doe's it have a colour or maybe some foto's,a price ?
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