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  1. rims

    Might need to up your budget mate. Good luck
  2. I knew a good one but he has since gone to the US and I haven't found a replacement. What do you need?
  3. Don't be logical. Plus there's quite a lot more to a turbo than the engine and gearbox.
  4. Nor many I know of. I know of one guy but it seems fairly quite up there, club wise anyway.
  5. ^ most reasonable option. Be aware that they generally apply passenger restrictions and night driving restrictions on any exemptions they give.
  6. Also interested in upholstery recommendations. You might have more luck on the FB group as not many people frequent here unfortunately.
  7. I believe it's 350mm but I could be wrong. Otherwise bang on the money.
  9. I plan to come to a few this year, just need to find the time.
  10. Tang
  11. Might get some more responses if you ask on the SAUQLD facebook page mate, this place is basically dead.
  12. Thing
  13. Motorboat
  14. Don't hold your breath, admins almost never close sales threads.
  15. Hallo