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  1. I nominate @acsplit for Pres & @Steve85 for an executive position if any of the previous committee are not interested in continuing the role.
  2. Asset prices for basically everything is on the rise globally. Collectibles included, like cars. So its not just a japanese thing or a covid thing.
  3. I don't know whats funnier, your posts or the dreamboats asking $30k+ for a 33GTST. Meanwhile, the elusive 33 4 dour auto finds itself in an exclusive dealership... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1995-nissan-skyline-gts-t-r33-auto/OAG-AD-19417871/?Cr=12
  4. I had a lot of issues with my Logitech G27 with Assetto Corsa, but I friend got me onto LUTGenerator to fix the issues. Haven't tried it yet. Its hard to find a decent racer (with decent UI) that supports VR. Project Cars2 runs like absolute garbage in VR.
  5. If you do some googling you will find a lot of americans discussing Eibach, Tein & (more recently) Swift Springs. I looked around some more and can't find any of those products, likely discontinued. Lowering springs for 350Z or V35 will probably fit the rear on Y34, but I can't confirm. The front is unique and I think only shared with the Y33. There is a "lowering perch" for the rear spring that you can find sometimes on yahoo auction or croooober second hand, but they're rare. Coilovers is the easiest option for lowering front and rear.
  6. That's really cool, thanks for sharing. its awful to play lol, but a cool relic.
  7. That's because anything with a GT badge is bought almost completely by speculators, who have sucked enough dealer caulk to be favoured on the delivery lists. SO many of their cars in europe get sold multiple times with delivery kms on them. Therefore, Porsche doesn't make the same money on parts and servicing as comparison to.... MB's AMG division or BMW's M, for example.
  8. I really think Vspec is just a joint where people store their GTR's and maybe use them once or twice, but advertise them for stonks. If it sells, great, another sucker. If it doesn't, oh well, its an asset to add to my collection of crumbling new apartment buildings.
  9. No, the world has gone desperate for more "driver orientated" cars. At a "reasonable" price tag. and is also "reasonably" practical. FYI straight piped 3 cyclinders sound nuts, so these could sound pretty good.
  10. Well it depends on what sort of work you want done and how much you're willing to spend...
  11. Surprised no one has brought it up yet considering the amount of turbo threads around. https://www.thedrive.com/news/36636/turbocharger-manufacturer-garrett-files-for-bankruptcy Not saying the company won't be bought out, maybe it will. Could be a very different company. Either way, (decent) performance turbo options just got a lot more limited. I would have thought Honeywell would have kept them going through hard times, seems like the opposite happened. Not going to be surprised if in a few years there's a sudden surge of demand for "period" correct GT and GTX turbo's to go with people's increasingly priced japanese resto-mod builds. I mean, somehow T88 & T66 turbos still have a market.
  12. I love everything about the exterior and interior EXCEPT for the front bar and headlights. and I'm less hopeful a bodykit can fix it. I'm a negative ninny, but the VR twin turbo is too much of a pain in the ass. Needs big real estate and nissan never have enough engine bay room. Just look at the Q50 red sport: 2x charge coolers, engine oil cooler, radiator, gearbox cooler. so much space just reserved for battery and those silly wall things, just to not have 3-way strut bars. I don't know how new euro's do it, but this is too shitty for me. My single turbo VQ is bad enough. As much as this car is appealing on paper, it's gonna be too heavy & complex for me. Nissan needs a 86 competitor IMO.
  13. Best of both worlds: get an old suzuki 4WD or something? Any 25+ yro 4WD is going to need decent work to get "nice", might as well stick japanese. Really surprised at the lack of traction with mech LSD and decent tyres... Usually its more to do with power delivery. I guess older japanese engines generally had mid-torque/top-end power, while modern cars are all about the low-down torque/mid-power. 160fwkw on the pulsar was fine, but also had big cams so not much off the line. Obviously 200+ can smoke tyres if you just mash the pedal.
  14. what are you gonna get instead? Just saw the megane came in GT wagon... didnt know that.
  15. you say that, but im wondering if stealerships would be a lot more desperate for sales at the moment. Plenty of superseded or discontinued models sitting in lots. French sporty cars getting a good wrap lately. Been looking at videos and forums on the new Alpine, people raving about it. Other than everyone's front windscreens cracking, everything else is praise.
  16. *v-spec performance has entered the chat* ... im guessing they still have a stockpile of crazy priced Geedeearrs in their stockpile Meanwhile, 77 new supras on carsales last time I checked. Almost all under 10,000kms. Seems nobody wants them.
  17. need new shares tips. oil is a dud for the moment, marijuana is a dud in Aus, im already in resources and just sold some stuff on iron ore highs, im in on afterpay incase it goes boom for some unknown reason, ive got some pharma stuff just idling. need something new. I'm assuming birds and leigh got houses and/or babies now so no more asx for them.
  18. I've used 5mm non-hub centred ones in the past just to clear brakes. As long as you do your best to centre them properly/evenly before you fully tighten the wheel nuts, ive not had an issue. If its not centre properly I get slightly shakey steering wheel at 100kmh. Switched to hub Gktech ones now and theyre not an issue. Good thing you picked up on it Prank
  19. I watched this: and it literally raves about driving and steering feel... because they haven't felt that in a new sports car in 15 years. Not to mention this model is basically 10 years old as well. They say its a dying breed as newer cars feel more and more disconnected from the road and driver. I guess newer cars only have launch control/traction/0-100kmh speeds to impress people anymore, made more difficult with electric cars stealing that limelight.
  20. im excited for PCI 4.0 and the HDD's and gfx cards that come with that. Hopefully we get some new CPUs/Mobos/gfx/HDDs that utelise it and dont cost a small fortune. will wait and see what 2021 brings, might be time to upgrade by then (VR is slowly getting better but more demanding).
  21. another successful SAU thread
  22. From what I can find, GDI servicing is an additional cost over a regular service? One of those telescopic cameras would be a good investment to check intakes when buying secondhand.
  23. After watching this, i dont think i could own a twin turbo infiniti: The twin everything, water to air rather than air to air intercooling. Maybe as a lease vehicle. Let us know how it all goes Paul.
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