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  1. G'day Gents and Ladies, Seeing if anyone on here could point me in the right direction for a R32 GTST workshop manual. I have a copy of the GTST Engine manual and a copy of the 32 GTR workshop manual but I've struggled to find anything on the GTST. I'm currently rebuilding the R200 in the skyline and would like to check some specs with the workshop manual. Cheers in advance
  2. Yeah anything over 1bar the throttle would cut my power along with trying to do foot on brakes haha. Inside the throttle body is two sensors (hall effect?) and a motor on the LH side. Might get some pics for you some time. Ah nice might have to give them a call and line one up, sounds like it will be within my budget . Do you have any more information on Kinkstaah's Auto? Maybe a build thread? I've heard the RE4R03B is quite a strong transmission.
  3. The R34 center literally dropped in for me - Just had to swap the pinion and crow into the Gloria center and shim the diff correctly. Worked out real well. Half shafts just popped in too. Initially I thought it had normal cable throttle but under closer inspect inside it looked like the cable only opens the throttle butterfly just off idle and then a throttle drive motor does the rest. Throttle feels delayed and keeps cutting power when I turn the boost up. Might be part of the TCS system. Hoping when I piggy back another ECU I can change the throttle body and keep the standard ECU happy. How much did the shift kit cost you if you don't mind me asking? Have you looked in to programming the Auto ECU at all either? Want to bump the shift RPM up. Assume yours is the RE4R03B? Have a couple ideas there but one step at a time haha.
  4. I'm trying to keep to some sort of budget so was just trying to weigh up my options. Biggest problem will be the triggers for the ECU. (without making a custom chopper plate or putting a VQ25 flexplate behind the VQ30. If that's possible.) I've managed to track down a Y34 wiring diagram that was in Japanese that I have converted to English - Im hoping l'll be able to get the Y33 ECU to run the engine without too many troubles. The idea of fly by wire Nissan have incorporated in the Y34 is horrible. To answer your questions - We have mocked up the GTX35R to fit on the standard T3 manifold with modifications to the engine mount, worst case it will be tucked down near the gearbox but this will require a scavenge pump. Will be hanging the waste gate off the rear housing. The automatic trans is current internally stock, just running a large PWR cooler with its own Fan and Penrite oil. Have been researching shift kits but still not confident on what will work. The diff is from a R34 GTST - Shimmed LSD I've been on Zeitakuvip but there wasn't much technical information, was hoping some of the VQ25 boys might have more insight.
  5. So I know this is a topic that would have been covered somewhere on the forum but I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. From what I can understand it Nistune and Uprev do not support the Y34 ECU (Grey Connector). New to the VQ30DET platform and I'm looking at putting a GTX35R on the Gloria. Current mods are Inter-cooler, Turbo back Exhaust and a boost controller. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone on here may be able to help me out with. 1 - Is it possible to piggy back a stand alone ECU in while retaining the standard ECU to control the Auto? 2 - Will I have to retain the standard laggy throttle setup? (Early fly by wire?) 3 - Does Link or Haltech support the Cam / Crank angle sensor setup on the VQ30DET 4 - Would it be worth Piggy backing the Y33 ECU with a nistune to run the Ignition and Injection Any help would be much appreciated. Jacob
  6. New to the forum and new to owning a Y34 Gloria. Just looking for the English workshop manual. Hear this is the place to get it - Jmchauvier@hotmail.com Jacob
  7. New to the forum and new to owning a Y34 Gloria. Just looking for the English workshop manual. Hear this is the place to get it - Jmchauvier@hotmail.com Jacob
  8. You would actually find that a breathing system is more important on a engine that runs E85. The fumes from E85 actually contain moisture and if your breathing systems isn't correctly set up it will mix with the oil. I don't run a drain from the back of my head but ive got a line going from the rear turbo drain back up too my catch can equalizing the crank case pressure.
  9. Its had the earth's redone and the module replaced. Think i might be time to trace the wiring harness
  10. Has anyone had issues with a weak spark? Started it this morning with a spark tester on it and it looked very weak and was misfiring when accelerating till it warmed up...
  11. The ecu was tuned by rick at cmr. I believe the cold start map.is fine because it's a intimitant problem. One minute it starts fine and then it won't start at all the next. We were going to tune for more power but its only got standard coils and a standard cooler letting it down. It's got me f**ked. Have put a standard ecu in and it's had the same issue. Got me f**ked.
  12. Hi Guys, Just seeing if anyone has had a similar issue.... Ive had this car for about 6 months and have had on going starting issues. Ill put a list of mods done so you can get a basic idea. -GT3582r -External Gate -Haltech plug and play platinum -Sard 1000CC injectors -300l/hr fuel pump The issue is it wont start at all when cold some times and if it does/when it does it misfires quite bad till its warm. Ive used a snapon Spark tester and it has spark and definably has fuel as it smells soooo fuely. It will also make a massive backfire if i keep cranking it when it doesn't start. The timing is 100%. The car made 290Kw on 15psi with no issues. Ive tried replacing the CAS - ECU - Plugs - and Ignition module. Im stuck for idea's. Only thing i haven't replaced is the coils but i'm sure that wouldn't cause it to not start completely. Any help would be amazing.... Cheers Jacob
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