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  1. Want a carbon fibre bonnet located in melb inbox!
  2. Something easy without tolerances have a free day but carnt think of anything either car or bike related
  3. Dosent matter if its plastic or fibreglass or any colour
  4. Need a gtr 32 bumper and reo located in melbourne don't mind going for abit of a drive to pickup bumper can be fibre glass or plastic wj pay good money
  5. just thought ild add a few photos ill do a big update with good photos this weekend as ive removed most of the interiror an going to start on the sound detening then give it all a goood clean an paint it, im also chasing one of them rims to make a set an if you need any interior let me know i have most interior isept the dash an door cards !
  6. im just going to cut the whole for it as im decided on making it into a full track car an not regitering it!
  7. can i do a reverse flow on my gtr intercooler? ill just make up some piping to go underneath an back to the standard holes that will work wont it? an does it matter if the intercooler is 3'' inlets an the piping im using is 2'5'' so ill just us rubber addaptors will that make it lose power?
  8. hey every one thought ild make a build thread im rather new to this forum, im 15 an have recently purchased a r32 gtst 1990 manuel its been in a little accident so it needs a little bit of work but its a good start an will keep me occupied the car has been sitting in the guys garage for 4 years. heres a few mods the car already has r33 turbo nearly new got put on just before the crash 3'' turbo back hks coil overs hks turbo timer blitz boost controller walbro fuel pump(recently fitted as old one was gummed up as i put new /used injectors in 55mm aluminium radiator reprogrammed ecu an heaps of other things just carnt think of them bit tired from school. i brought a gtr radiator support that im going to be welding on shorting ive also got a gtr intercooler for it aswell ill post some pics now of before the car was crashed an now, ill post some more when im on my good computer an have alot more pictures of it, the plan is to put it back to gtr front end with a cf hood an all gtr other parts, im doing the timing belt an water pump at the moment so its ready to go once i get it registered im going to do some track days at winton with it an phillipisland as i race my 250gp bike there an want to take this for a spin around there. this might take a while to complete as im still going to school an only work part time at a engineering shop an buy an resell stuff on ebay an i have to pay for my bike racing as well what is quite dear especially when you have to put a new piston in your bike every 6 hours(1race meet) but it will get there
  9. hmmm yeah im 15 so i want to use it as a track car but then register so i can drive on my ls as i carnt drive it in victoria on my ps so it will become a full track car at that stage i might just cut it as i have the proper GTR brackets aswell
  10. hey just got a gtr intercooler really cheap an i want to put it on my gtst any one done this?? any pictures or help in advance would be great cheers.
  11. thanks i done the cas thing an i can hear them an i got plenty of spark i got new injectors comming cheers
  12. an it wouldnt be the fuel filter would it if theres plenty of fuel comming out of the return line i got a new one here ill chuck on anyway
  13. okay ill do that will they fire even no there blocked or brocken/stuffed
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