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  1. Haltech I/O Expander and Can Hub Mini are pending.
  2. Some pics. Ducting, Sway bar, oem map sensor, Haltech O2 sensor, Haltech I/O Expander Box A, oem cas bracket, Haltech Can Hub Mini, Injectors, Ruzic II 4WD Controller, Mint series 2 textured stereo/shifter surround. More to come.
  3. Yes they are both the series 2 grey textured finish ones. PM sent.
  4. Do you have the front diff to match the rear? How much for the both of them?
  5. I still have both. Which one were you after, the mint or cracked one?
  6. Also have: Haltech I/O 12 Channel Box A only, no lead (used) $300 Haltech Can Hub Mini with 2 cables (used) $100 Haltech O2 sensor with new weld on bung, still in good condition (used) $100 R32 GTR OEM map sensor (used) $50 R32 GTR OEM Alternator (used) $100 R32 GTR OES CAS Bracket (used) $50
  7. I cant send you a PM.
  8. Hi Guys, Doing a bit of a garage clean out and have a few things for sale. Will probably add stuff as i go along and find more, but here is what i have at the moment: Bosch Motorsport top feed 1000cc injectors. Used only for 5000kms with 98 $500 R32 GTR OEM BOV return pipe (used) $150 R32 GTR OEM front sway bar (used) $100 R32 GTR OEM aircon ducting (used). Every bit of plastic ducting from under the carpet and dash, except the one that goes to the drivers side vent $50 R32 GTR OEM Twin Turbo pipe (used) $100 R32 GTR OEM coil packs (used) $50 Ruzic II 4WD controller (used) $500 R32 carbon boot lid with carbon N1 lip and genuine R35 GTR badge. Boot lid has crazing all through the clear/resin, N1 lip is perfect, so is the badge. $500 R32 GTR series 2 textured center console surround in mint condition with lighter (used) $500 R32 GTR series 2 textured center console surround with a crack at the very bottom next to gear boot, and one broken tab at the very top $100 Sparco Sprint V fixed back seats. Pair, no rails. Very little use, some marks from storage but no tears. $500 Open to offers within reason. Items are located just south of Wollongong. Willing to post smaller items at buyers expense, larger items like ducting, seats and boot lid prefer pick up. There will be more to come as I get through everything. I will upload pics when I get a chance.
  9. And you were in before me.... damn it!!! lol
  10. What is the dash cluster surround like? Are all the switch mounting tabs in good condition?
  11. That looks awesome!! Still want you to sell it to me when you are finished lol
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