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  1. Well that answers my question :) Thank you for that. Yeah i know i should have bought a pair of yours, but $850 is still stupid money for a pair of shafts even though it is cheaper. But i gotta wear it now and fork out some coin.
  2. Hi Guys, I'd like to know if there is any difference between the 31 spline half shafts out of an R200 R33 GTR non V-spec diff and the 31 spline half shafts out of an R230 300ZX TT diff. Are they the same length? Are they the same width? Are they interchangeable? Reason I ask is I have an R200 R32 GTR 30 spline diff that in putting a Quaife LSD into and it needs 31 spline half shafts. I dont like the idea of paying $1000 for a pair of half shafts for a GTR diff if i can get the same shafts out of 300ZX for $250.
  3. The boot lid is still for sale. Just waiting on a quote to send it to SoCal.
  4. Well JACKA87 is supposed to be picking it up this friday. If he doesn't pick it up, I'll look into the shipping costs, but i know it wont be cheap and the total cost will be up around that 1k figure im pretty sure.
  5. With the size of this thing shipping it to the states would not be worth while. You would be better off sourcing one locally.
  6. Haltech I/O Expander and Can Hub Mini sold.
  7. Haltech I/O Expander and Can Hub Mini are pending.
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