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  1. sorry nick sold my 260rs over a year ago with the stereo in it.

  2. hey bud do you still have the 260rs, i would love to take the mrv-f545 amp off your hands, i'm desperately searching for a replacement for mine which died from a leak in my boot, after it was repaired from a rear ender.

    If you can help me out i would be soo grateful.


    0415 054 949


  3. Hey Adam, Reading through the thread on what you did, i would have to agree with Roo, to me it sounds like you have bent valves, as others have said with plugs out you should be able to turn the motor over with minimal force. By the time you try fault finding it would be quicker to just pull the head off.
  4. May consider part swap, cheap daily and cash my way.
  5. Ok i was apparently naughty and didnt list the actual details of the car on here, so here goes! Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech Version Has done 94,000kms. Has rego til July. The Nissan Stagea 260RS is a limited edition built by Autech, a company based in Japan that modifies standard Nissan vehicles to performance specifications. The running gear is taken from Nissan's famous R33GTR Skyline including the twin turbo RB26DETT 2.6litre motor, 5 speed manual with the ATESSA all wheel drive system, HICAS four wheel steering and ABS Brembo braking system. Engine has been fully rebuilt 4000km's ago including the following: -ACL Forged Pistons -ACL Rings -ACL Race Bearings -Strengthened Rods, linished, glass beaded and bronze bush eyes -Crank Shaft balanced and crack tested -Mild porting work performed on the head -Heavy duty valve springs -ACL head studs -Adjustable cam gears -Tomei Oil sump baffle kit -Tomei Rocker cover baffle kit -Tomei Oil head restrictor -Tomei Manifold Gaskets -Splitfire Coil Packs -1000cc Injectors -Custom fuel rail with twin entry points -10mm fuel lines front to back -Walbro in-tank pump -2 litre swirl pot -Twin Bosch 070 external fuel pumps in sealed enclosure -Malpassi rising rate fuel pressure regulator with gauge -Garrett GT2860rs-5 turbo's -HKS style exhaust manifolds -HKS style dump pipes -3 inch exhaust with twin X-force cannons -EMS8860 Race computer -Turbo smart E-boost2 controller -Custom made heavy duty Extreme Clutch solid ceramic with sprung centre Car is tuned to run on E85 fuel and made 370rwkw on 25psi and is currently running a "safe" tune on 22psi making 350rwkw. Car also has a full stereo system including: -Alpine CDA9851 MP3 CD player -Alpine Type R Splits custom mounted in front and rear doors -Alpine MRVF545 4 channel amp -Alpine MRDM500 Mono block amp -Earthquake Competition 12" Subwoofer The vehicle is also fitted with an upgrade alarm system working of the factory key. The car has R34 GTR wheels fitted running 245/40ZR18 tyres with 80% tread. Car comes with original cargo net and cargo retractable blind. This is an extremely quick wagon and is an absolute pleasure to drive. VERY regretful sale but other priorities means it needs to go sooner rather than later. MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER, YOU NEVER KNOW, I MIGHT SAY YES!! Feel free to contact me with any questions or queries over PM or on 0403 737 165
  6. Still for sale people, price drop to $35,990.00 No one got any mates looking for a super quick streeter? Spotters fee still on offer!
  7. Price drop to $35,990.00! No one got any mates looking for a super quick streeter?? Spotters fee still on offer!
  8. Hey guys, If anyone is interested i have a full dolphin style kit from blits bodykits sitting in my shed at the moment, its the full kit to suit a series one stag, front bar, rear bar, side skirts and the rear wing, its all brand new and never been fitted, I've had it for about 6 months now and haven't had the time to do anything with it, if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands then give me a yell on 0403 737 165 and make an offer! Im located on the north side of adelaide. I also have a standard issue rear wing sitting there aswell if anyone is keen on that. Cheers Ben
  9. Geez some of you guys have a short memory, i work for Tonkins! And yes we stock Viper alarms. We fit a heap and dont have any problems with them, and kahli, im not sure where you got your info from, but they wouldnt be easy to get around at all, especially with the siren screaming its head off! The best thing you can do is check with your insurance company in regard to what requirements they list, most list for an immobiliser and thats it, which any decent alarm will have inbuilt.
  10. Just thought i would mention, even though i thought it would have been obvious from the ad, but someone has asked.... The car is located in Adelaide.
  11. Nice to see another 260 in adelaide, could have saved yourself a trip and just bought mine though! lol! Although, mines not so stock! haha!
  12. Theres definitely alot more room in the e85 tuning, my series one 260RS has had major power gains since tuning on e85, the extra octane allows for alot more timing without pinging. On 98 pump fuel i was making 313rwkw on 19psi, and at that stage it started to pick up a bit of pinging, so we decided to retune on e85 to see the difference. After a retune and seeing the power potential, extra timing and extra boost saw the power leap to 370rwkw on 25psi. We have since done a safe tune on 22psi making 350rwkw. I do have a full forged build though!
  13. Hey guys, just as an incentive, im prepared to pay a $500 spotters fee to ayone that helps sell the car, so tell your mates about it!
  14. Just as an incentive, im prepared to pay a $500 spotters fee to anyone that helps sell the car, so tell your mates about it!
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